10 Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers (2022)

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Hot sleepers, rejoice. These cooling blankets will help you stay cool and comfortable in the heat of the night.

For those of you who toss off even lightweight comforters in the middle of the night because you’re sweating, a cooling blanket just may be the answer. In fact, you may want to pair it with cooling sheets and cooling pillows.

“Scientific studies show that we sleep better when it’s cooler,” says Dr. Smita Patel, DO, FAASM. “Instead of cooling down the entire house, though, a cooling blanket is more economically friendly. Also, many people don’t like to sleep with the air conditioning on because it can create a dry, uncomfortable environment to breathe in. A cooling blanket, especially when paired with a cooling mattress and a cooling mattress pad, is a great option all year round for hot sleepers and those experiencing night sweats. There are even cooling weighted blankets for those who like weighted blankets.”

According to Dr. Patel, cooling blankets work by absorbing the heat from your body while you sleep, then releasing it rather than trapping it and turning your bed into a sauna. Fabrics like cotton, linen, bamboo, and eucalyptus will wick moisture away, as will special technology like Outlast®, which was originally designed for NASA, and 37.5®, which has been proven to enhance athletes’ performance by keeping their core temperature at an ideal 37.5 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 37.5 percent.

How we chose the best cooling blankets

To determine the best cooling blankets, we read what the experts had to say and scoured thousands of user reviews to see which ones were actually helping hot sleepers sleep better. Here are our choices for the best cooling blankets.

The best cooling blankets to shop

Best overall cooling blanket: Sleep Number True Temp Blanket

10 Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers (1)via sleepnumber.com

Sleep Number has always used technology to help people sleep better and their popular True Temp Blanket is powered by 37.5®. For hot sleepers, that means, “No more sweating,” according to five-star reviewer Njk1974. Another five-star reviewer, Bionicbonniec, calls it “by far the most comfortable blanket we have ever owned!” and Teedoll says it “Fixed my hot flashes.”

Why we love it:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification ensures there are no harmful substances

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Best value cooling blanket: DANGTOP Cooling Blanket

10 Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers (2)via amazon.com

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This value-priced Amazon’s Choice cooling blanket has more than 2,631 five-star reviews praising the fact that it actually works. “How can being wrapped in a blanket make you cooler?” asks reviewer Michael J Lajkowicz. “This unbelievable piece of bedding is the answer that I’ve been looking for almost all of my life. When I sleep, I always need to use a blanket to get comfortable. Usually, about 2:00 am I have to toss said blanket because of excessive sweating. Add two hours and I have to reacquire the blanket once again. This cooling blanket streamlines the process as it dissipates all of the heat.” Made of 100% bamboo fabric, it feels cool to the touch and has a high heat capacity to keep hot sleepers comfortable all night.

Why we love it:

  • For the quality, you can’t beat the price
  • It’s available in eight colors/patterns
  • Machine washable

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Best bamboo cooling blanket: Cozy Earth Bamboo Blanket

10 Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers (3)via cozyearth.com

Made from a 100% premium bamboo fabric shell, this softie from Oprah’s favorite bedding company lets you sleep two to three degrees cooler by sleeping with at least 50% less humidity. Five-star reviewer K.M. says, “The breathability does keep the temperature cooler and I am sleeping better.” Another five-star reviewer, Alexandra M, says, “Best sleep ever, comfortable and keeps me cool. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night hot.”

Why we love it:

  • 100-night free trial
  • Machine washable
  • Ten-year warranty

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Best linen cooling blanket: Brooklinen Linen Quilt

10 Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers (4)via brooklinen.com

Linen is a naturally cooling fabric, making it a great choice for a good night’s sleep. This quilt from Brooklinen, the company renowned for its linen bedding, is stonewashed so it’s especially soft. Five-star reviewer Summer B. raves, “Southern Girl no longer sweating thanks to the Linen Quilt!” Paola E. also gives it five stars, agreeing it’s “actually cooling for hot sleepers.”

Why we love it:

  • Machine washable
  • 365-day return/exchange policy

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Best cotton cooling blanket: Pottery Barn SleepSmart™ Temperature Regulating Basketweave Blanket

10 Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers (5)via potterybarn.com

This pretty woven blanket is made of 80% cotton mixed with 20% of the innovative 37.5® performance yarns that keep your body at a comfortable temperature all night long. It’s soft and lightweight and can be paired with other bedding in Pottery Barn’s new SleepSmart line.

Why we love it:

  • Machine washable
  • SleepSmart products can be used together for even better sleeping

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Best eucalyptus cooling blanket: Buffy Breeze Comforter

10 Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers (6)via buffy.co

This soft, temperature-regulating comforter is woven from and filled with Buffy’s signature eucalyptus fabric—sustainably-sourced lyocell—to keep you cool and dry all night. Five-star reviewer Arianne S. writes that she bought it for her husband, who always sleeps hot: “He loves it, even more than I could have anticipated! It keeps him the perfect temperature (cool) and it is so soft and so beautiful, I don’t even hate that he refuses to put a duvet cover on it.” Jessie B. says, “The light and comfortable comforter helps me sleep through the night without getting sweaty!”

Why we love it:

  • Plant-based fibers are biodegradable and compostable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Seven-night free trial

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Best lightweight cooling blanket: Slumber Cloud Lightweight Comforter

10 Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers (7)via slumbercloud.com

Thanks to its patented, NASA-approved ClimaDry by Outlast® technology, this lightweight comforter provides a down-like feel while regulating heat and moisture as you sleep. Verified buyer Jenna A, who struggles with night sweats and being a hot sleeper, gives its five stars, calling it “Awesome! Awesome!” Stephen S. also gives it five stars, saying, “Great and lightweight. Helps me keep cooler than other comforters I’ve tried.”

Why we love it:

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  • Hypoallergenic
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified Technology

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Best sustainable cooling blanket: Casper Down Alternative Duvet

10 Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers (8)via casper.com

With its breathable and sustainably sourced Tencel lyocell shell, this duvet is perfect for those who want the feel of down without the down. Good for the planet as well as for hot sleepers, it’s filled with recycled polyester made from water bottles so it’s a win-win.

Why we love it:

  • Free returns within 30 days
  • Machine washable
  • One year limited warranty

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Best cooling duvet cover: Bed Threads 100% Flax Linen Duvet Cover

10 Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers (9)via bedthreads.com

For those who want the flexibility of changing the look of their bedding on a whim, a duvet cover is a great option. This one, from Bed Threads, is made of their signature 100% French Flax Linen, which is cooling and breathable—and soft!—and it comes in 20 gorgeous colors and prints. Five-star reviewer Valeria calls it “wonderful and luxurious,” and writes, “I bought the rust queen duvet, and though it was a bit out of budget for me, I really don’t regret it one bit. The quality of this duvet is SO superior and it feels so luxurious [that] I kind of feel like I got a bargain for it! It’s so soft and well-made, and the color is beautiful.”

Why we love it:

  • The color options are stunning
  • Machine washable, and the linen gets softer with every wash
  • Flax linen is a sustainable fabric

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Best cooling throw blanket: Elegear Cooling Throw Blanket

10 Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers (10)via amazon.com

“It is no exaggeration to state that this blanket has changed my life for the (much) better,” writes five-star reviewer Eric R vonBorstel. More than 12,000 other five-star reviewers apparently feel the same way, with many agreeing with five-star reviewer Madison Price, who calls it “as blissful as the cold side of your pillow.” Indeed, one side of this throw is made of Japanese Q-Max 0.4 Arc-Chill Cooling Fibers, which absorb body heat and reduce skin temperature instantly. The other side is made of 100 percent cotton in case you do want a little more warmth.

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Why we love it:

  • It also comes in larger sizes for your bed
  • Machine washable

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What is the best cooling blanket for adults? ›

Our Verdict. The Slumber Cloud cooling blanket takes the top spot for the balance of quality, cooling, and price. It's cool to the touch and wicks away moisture all night long. If you're on a smaller budget, the Dangtop cooling blanket is a good option made of smooth bamboo that's drapey and moisture wicking.

Is there a cooling blanket that works? ›

Best Cooling Blankets to Try

All-weather use: The True Temp Blanket employs 37.5 Technology and comes in king and queen sizes. It's 80-percent cotton and 20-percent polyester and not only keeps you cool in the summer, it also keeps you warm in the winter.

What is the best fabric for a cooling blanket? ›

The best cooling blanket is made with a lightweight material. Common options to keep in mind are linen, woven cotton, polyester, Tencel, or bamboo.

How do you sleep when it's super hot? ›

Tips for Keeping Cool at Night
  1. Draw the Curtains. Closing the curtains or shades will help keep both light and heat out of your sleeping space. ...
  2. Drink Cool or Iced Water. ...
  3. Use Comfortable Clothing and Bedding. ...
  4. Avoid Exercise Before Bed. ...
  5. Avoid Sharing a Bed. ...
  6. Sleep on the Floor. ...
  7. Be Careful With Alcohol and Food. ...
  8. References.
12 Oct 2022

What can I put on my bed to keep cool? ›

Mattress pads and cooling mattress toppers are an inexpensive fix and one of the most effective ways to cool down your foam mattress. Adding a layer of natural material, such as wool, to your mattress can foster air circulation between your skin and the bed.

What can I put on my bed to make it cool? ›

How Do I Make My “Hot” Mattress Sleep Cooler?
  1. Use a slatted foundation for your mattress so air can flow.
  2. Invest in luxury bedding made from natural materials such as cotton.
  3. Choose a breathable pillow and accompanying pillowcase.
  4. Add a cooling mattress topper made with gel memory foam on top of your mattress.
26 Oct 2022

Do bamboo cooling blankets really work? ›

Similar to linen, bamboo is a great choice for cooling bedding because of its natural ability to absorb moisture. Luxome's cooling blanket is made with 100 percent bamboo viscose, and the material is also Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified. And thanks to its sateen weave, the blanket feels silky smooth on your skin.

Which side of a cooling blanket do you use? ›

You will use the cotton side on your body. It is perfect for one person. It will fit either a twin-sized or full-sized bed. This is perfect for traveling with and camping!

Should you use a sheet with a cooling blanket? ›

A: The more smooth side is cooling side. You can feel that the cooling side is much more cooler than the cotton side. Besides, if you add a bedsheet, you can still feel cool, but the cool feeling may not keep longer, Therefore, for better cooling performance, we suggest use our blanket individually.

What is the difference between a weighted blanket and a cooling blanket? ›

Typical materials used in cooling weighted blankets include glass beads, lyocell and viscose, cotton, and wool, all of which are known for their temperature neutrality. Weighted blankets use glass beads, pellets, or other materials to create a heavy and comforting feel.

What is the best fabric for extreme heat? ›

What Are The 9 Best Summer Fabrics?
  1. Cotton. Cotton is one of the best fabrics for summer and hot weather. ...
  2. Linen. Linen is another top choice for a breathable fabric to wear in hot weather conditions. ...
  3. Rayon. ...
  4. Denim/Chambray. ...
  5. Polyester. ...
  6. Nylon. ...
  7. Silk. ...
  8. Micromodal.
21 Aug 2019

How do you keep a cooling blanket cold? ›

Cooling weighted blankets usually come with several covers for the weighted portion. You typically get to choose between a warm material, such as fleece, and a cooler material, such as bamboo or microfiber. To keep cool, just throw on the lighter cover.

What is the best cooling blanket for hot flashes? ›

The Best Cooling Blankets at a Glance
  • Best Cooling Weighted Blanket: Syrinx Cooling Weighted Blanket.
  • Best Hypoallergenic Cooling Blanket: Elegear Cooling Blanket.
  • Most Lightweight Cooling Blanket: Laghcat Cooling Blanket.
  • Best Bamboo Cooling Blanket: Dangtop Cooling Blanket.
21 Jul 2022

How can I make my sleep cooler at night? ›

Ways to Sleep Cooler
  1. Lower Your Room Temperature. 1/12. One of the most obvious ways to sleep cooler is to lower your thermostat. ...
  2. Get Some Air Flowing. 2/12. ...
  3. Try Breathable Sleepwear. 3/12. ...
  4. Change Your Light Bulbs. 4/12. ...
  5. Change Your Bedding. 5/12. ...
  6. Get a Checkup. 6/12. ...
  7. Adjust Your Meds. 7/12. ...
  8. Take a Shower. 8/12.
16 Aug 2021

How does the hush cooling blanket work? ›

Hush blankets use glass bead fill, which tends to regulate temperatures better than plastic pellet fill. The minky duvet cover may trap heat and feel too warm for sleepers who run hot and those who use the blanket in higher temperatures. However, this cover can be removed for greater breathability.

Why do hospitals use cooling blankets? ›

Why is a cooling blanket used? A cooling blanket is used to decrease a patient's body temperature when it is dangerously high. Typically, the cooling blanket is used only after other measures to lower the patient's body temperature have been unsuccessful. Cooling blankets may be placed over or under the patient.

Does hush blanket keep you cool? ›

Adaptable to All Seasons

Hush weighted blankets offers two types of covers. The Iced 2.0 cover is cool to the touch and ideal for hot sleepers, especially during Summer. The classic cover is perfect for Winter.

Can you wash a cooling blanket? ›

Cooling bamboo blanket has a better cooling effect when used with fans or air conditioners, which can quickly reduce the body temperature by about 2-4 degrees, even one degree makes a big difference when sleeping. 【Easy wash and care】: Machine wash on a delicate cycle (A laundry bag comes with the blanket.

Is it better to put ice in front or behind a fan? ›

According to the GHI, placing a bucket of ice in front of a fan as a homemade AC unit is just as effective. 'As the air passes over the ice it will be chilled and will circulate refreshingly cold air around the room,' they explain.

Where do you put a cold to cool down? ›

Ice packs against the neck, under the arms, and in the groin area, where large blood vessels lie close to the skin surface, will help quickly cool down a victim of heatstroke.

Who should not use a weighted blanket? ›

A weighted blanket may be unsuitable for people with certain medical conditions, including chronic respiratory or circulatory issues, asthma, low blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and claustrophobia.

Do you get too hot with weighted blankets? ›

Do weighted blankets make you sleep hot? They do not have to. Weighted blankets are heavy, so they can trap heat and moisture, making a person sleep hot. However, some weighted blankets are breathable and have a heat-wicking material to keep the body cool during sleep.

What weighted blanket is best for cooling? ›

Materials like cotton, bamboo, and Tencel, also known as lyocell, are the best options to keep you cool. Weighted blankets made with these materials are more breathable, moisture-wicking, and cool to the touch.

What is the coolest most breathable fabric? ›

Breathable Fabrics
  • Cotton.
  • Nylon and Polyester.
  • Rayon.
  • Linen.
  • Silk.
  • Merino Wool.

What material can resist the most heat? ›

Researchers have discovered that tantalum carbide and hafnium carbide materials can withstand scorching temperatures of nearly 4000 degrees Celsius. These materials may enable spacecraft to withstand the extreme heat generated from leaving and re-entering the atmosphere.

What fabrics are heat proof? ›

Types of Heat Resistant Fabrics

Typical coatings include neoprene, silicone, ceramic, and refractory. These coatings are popular as additional resistant properties are also provided, including abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance. They are also extremely durable, enabling their use in extreme environments.

What materials can keep you cold? ›

5 best materials to wear in summer
  • Summer cotton fabric. The number one for summer, there's nothing like a soft cotton T-shirt, a flowing cotton skirt or light chambray denim to keep you feeling fresh and cool. ...
  • Cool linen. ...
  • Flowing silk. ...
  • Bamboo and lyocell. ...
  • Stylish wool.
23 Jun 2022

How do I get instant relief from hot flashes? ›

Lifestyle changes to improve hot flashes
  1. Dress in layers that can be removed at the start of a hot flash.
  2. Carry a portable fan to use when a hot flash strikes.
  3. Avoid alcohol, spicy foods, and caffeine. ...
  4. If you smoke, try to quit, not only for hot flashes, but for your overall health.
  5. Try to maintain a healthy weight.
30 Sept 2021

How do I sleep at night with hot flashes? ›

These include:
  1. establishing a calming routine before bedtime to reduce stress.
  2. exercising during the day to decrease stress and help you get restful sleep at night.
  3. wearing loose, light clothing while sleeping to stay cool.
  4. dressing in layers so you can remove them and add them according to your body temperature.

How can I cool down hot flashes fast? ›

Dress in layers so that you can remove clothing when you feel warm. Open windows or use a fan or air conditioner. Lower the room temperature, if you can. If you feel a hot flash coming on, sip a cold drink.

Is a quilt or comforter better for hot sleepers? ›

A quilt is not better than a comforter, but it is better for different types of sleepers. Quilts are a better match for hot sleepers, those who like to sleep under numerous layers of bedding, and those who want to give their bedroom a different look.

What kind of blanket is best for night sweats? ›

Not only that, wool fibers can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture, drawing it away from your body and desorbing it into the air around. So not only does wool produce a comforter that keeps you cool, it cleverly helps to reduce that clammy feeling that plagues night sweat sufferers.

What type of bedding is best for hot weather? ›

Linen and cotton are both ideal fabrics for sleeping in the heat. They are woven from natural fibers (cotton is cotton, while linen is woven from the flax plant) that breathe remarkably well, which is key for staying cool. In the summer you may want a percale weave.

What kind of blanket does not make you sweat? ›

Cooling blankets pull heat and moisture away from your body. Some cooling blankets use a tech called Outlast, which was developed with NASA as a way to regulate the extreme temperatures astronauts encounter. Another technology is called 37.5, so named for the ideal celsius and humidity for the human body.

What type of bedding is the coolest? ›

What type of sheets sleep the coolest? In general, sheets made from linen, bamboo, and Tencel offer the coolest, most breathable feel. Cotton sheets that feature a percale weave are also known for being exceptionally lightweight and airy, perfect for hot sleepers.

What kind of comforter will keep you cool? ›

Wool has natural temperature regulating properties, so it's a great option for sweaty sleepers. Amazon reviewers love that this comforter has the ability to keep one sleeping partner warm while cooling the other.

Is down or down alternative better for hot sleepers? ›

If you tend to sweat or “sleep hot,” down is the better choice. Because of its ability to trap air, down bedding also requires less fiber material to offer warmth and fluffiness, which makes the bedding material lighter than down alternative.

What is the coolest fabric for sleeping? ›

Supima cotton is the softest, coolest fabric for pajamas. The lightweight feel of these pajamas is extra breathable and the material itself feels cool and smooth like a second skin.

Which side of a cooling blanket do you use? ›

You will use the cotton side on your body. It is perfect for one person. It will fit either a twin-sized or full-sized bed. This is perfect for traveling with and camping!

How can I stay cool at night with night sweats? ›

Bring an ice pack or cold water bottle to bed with you. Open your windows and keep the thermostat set on the lower side. In summer, run the air conditioning or fans.

What material is good for hot weather? ›

Cotton. There's a reason your summer wardrobe consists of so many cotton dresses, shirts and flared skirts. Cotton is a natural fibre which allows air to circulate and move freely through the fabric, ensuring airflow that dries out damp areas of the body.

What material helps with night sweats? ›

Material: Most of the sleep experts we spoke to agreed that sheets made of natural fibers, like cotton and linen, are your best bet for sweaty sleepers because they're the most breathable (and therefore cooling).

How do you not get hot under blankets? ›

Place a dry towel or sheet can be placed underneath your body and use the damp sheet as a blanket, helping you stay cool. Turn on your ceiling fan to feel even cooler as the circulating air wicks moisture away from your body.

What is the best cooling blanket for hot flashes? ›

The Best Cooling Blankets at a Glance
  • Best Cooling Weighted Blanket: Syrinx Cooling Weighted Blanket.
  • Best Hypoallergenic Cooling Blanket: Elegear Cooling Blanket.
  • Most Lightweight Cooling Blanket: Laghcat Cooling Blanket.
  • Best Bamboo Cooling Blanket: Dangtop Cooling Blanket.
21 Jul 2022


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