7 Top Hot Springs near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (2023)

This region of northwestern Idaho is known for its water sports, but the hot springs near Coeur d’Alene are another draw to the area. While there aren’t geothermal pools in the immediate parts of town, several are perfect distances away for a day trip.

The state border that Idaho shares with Montana isn’t too far out from town, making many of the Big Sky State’s famous springs accessible. This part of the country gets frigid winter weather, which means that some primitive hot springs might require hiking through snow. Having snowshoes or water shoes in the car is always a good idea since you can count on running into dampness in one form or another around the mineral waters.

Here are the closest hot springs to Coeur d’Alene in order of proximity.

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort – (MT) 113 mi | 1 hr 50 min

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Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort is situated in Paradise, Montana, tucked away in a magnificent gorge on the Clark Fork River. They offer seven pools, a massage room, a full-service restaurant, a bar, a gift and coffee shop, and many rentals. Standard and upscale overnight choices are available for couples, families, or groups. Guests can also use the property just for the day, but this retreat is so enjoyable that there’s no wrong way to experience it.

Quinn’s has five natural flow-through pools with temperatures ranging from 100-106℉ and a plunge pool that’s 55℉. Two of them are family-friendly indoor pools that are kept around 90-100℉ and salt treated to keep them clean. Guests at the hotel can use the pools from 7 am to 11 pm and have access to early check-in and late check-out, which is handy to get even more time for soaking.

Visitors that want to come for a day-use session need to make reservations ahead of time, which can be done by calling the property or booking on their website.

Alameda’s Hot Springs – (MT) 146 mi | 2 hr 30 min

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The Big Sky State’s Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat is a classic hot spring spa-motel from the 1930s, located in a town appropriately named Hot Springs. They have four outdoor hot spring pools at the foot of the Cabinet Mountains, halfway between Kalispell and Missoula.

Their lovely yet distinct accommodations are equipped with private hot mineral tubs, kitchens, living areas, bedrooms, and a sun terrace facing south. The outdoor tubs are only for guests to the motel, and there is also a sauna, outdoor shower, and restroom on-site.

The water at this resort is from one of Montana’s many primary springs and also qualifies as artisan water. It is loaded with minerals like magnesium, iron, bicarbonates, and many more, providing guests with the ultimate opportunity for relaxation. Reservations to stay at the motel can be made online, and the property is pet-friendly, welcoming furry friends to stay with you at no extra charge.

Symes Hot Springs Hotel – (ID) 146 mi | 2 hr 30 min

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The vintage have been open since 1928 and is renowned for its magical healing waters in a historical setting. Even though the property has had fresh coats of paint and new carpets installed over the years, the vibe and decor inside will make you feel like you’re in a time capsule.

At the hotel, there are a few modern conveniences like WiFi internet, a jacuzzi suite, a coffee shop, and a restaurant that serves alcohol, along with musical performances on the weekends. Lodging options include standard hotel rooms, cabins, apartments, and campsites for RVs and tents.

The three outdoor mineral pools are open year-round, and soaking in them is included in the nightly price, but add-on spa services are available. Visitors may also use the pools for the day without staying at the hotel and can even purchase multiple sessions with a punch card.

The largest swimming pool holds a temperature of 95℉, while the two smaller hot pools range between 101-107℉. The whole facility is open from 7 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday and 7 am to 10 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Wild Horse Hot Springs – (ID) 148 mi | 2 hr 30 min

Wild Horse Hot Springs is a relaxing hot spring resort that offers both day-use and overnight lodging for guests. 14 naturally-fed mineral pools are filled with high-temperature waters and are cleaned daily without any chemical solutions. Despite the source being around 128℉, the pools themselves hover around a comfy 95-100℉ range.

All pools at this property are communal, so certain times might be crowded, but the staff asks guests to limit their soaks to two-hour sessions.

There are nine themed dry cabins and three TiPi tents to book for overnight stays. Additionally, visitors may bring their own tents for dry camping or utilize one of the RV hookups for camper vehicles. Military, locals, and birthday discounts are offered to guests who fall into those categories. Pets are allowed to stay on the property but are not permitted in the soaking areas.

Lolo Hot Springs – (ID) 164 mi | 3 hr

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The Lolo Hot Springs Resort is located on 125 acres of private land in the Lolo National Forest and is 37 miles southwest of Missoula, MT. Casino gaming machines, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, a frisbee golf course, fishing, and hunting are a few of the top amenities at the resort.

Additionally, cabin rentals, RV site rentals, tents, and campsites are available for overnight stays. The year-round complex also features indoor and outdoor hot springs and mineral geothermal pools, depending on the season. Both the deluxe and budget accommodations include two admissions to the hot springs.

The hot springs pools on this property are large to accommodate several guests at once and range from 102-106℉. These waters are the perfect spot to enjoy some fresh Montana air and indulge in self-care simultaneously. After a day of skiing or snowmobiling, the hot soaking pools are the ideal way to unwind at the end of the day.

Jerry Johnson Hot Springs – (ID) 192 mi | 3 hr 30 min

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Jerry Johnson Hot Springs is a rustic retreat in Central Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest. This is a free option near Warms Springs Creek with three hot springs sources amid a cedar woodland. Pools with rock walls, clear sandy bottoms, and silt bases are some of the top features of this natural soaking area.

The first of three waterfall pools is concealed until late summertime, whereas the other two are open for bathing all year.

Getting to the springs involves a short, scenic 1.3-mile hike that’s easy enough for all skill levels. The area receives a lot of foot traffic, so going in the early morning hours on weekdays is the best chance for fewer crowds. The springs are technically clothing-optional, but since many children use the pools, most people wear swim attire.

Bring shoes or sandals that are easily removed or dry quickly since spending time near the water areas can get footwear wet unexpectedly. Always check road conditions before heading to Jerry Johnson Hot Springs, as winter and spring runoff can bring some harsh weather.

Visitors interested in camping near the springs should check out the Jerry Johnson Campground, which is one of the closest.

Weir Creek Hot Springs – (ID) 202 mi | 3 hr 45 min

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Weir Creek Hot Springs is located in Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest. The hot springs are rudimentary ponds with rock walls and gravel bottoms and feature breathtaking views of cedars and granite cliffs. There is no fee to soak, and these geothermal pools are clothing-optional.

Depending on the season, the temperature of Weir Creek Hot Springs fluctuates from 105 to 100℉. The primary hot pool is roughly 10 × 10 feet and can easily accommodate around eight to ten people. The secondary pool is no longer in use, but visitors can enjoy the creek-side soaking area with pristine waters and a stunning view. In order to reach the bathing area, it’s a short, easy hike from the parking lot.

Keep in mind that college kids heavily traffic this area, so try to go early in the morning if possible. Bring your own water and towel, and wear shoes that can get wet for the best experience. The springs are open all year long, which means that in the winter, there’s a chance of having to trek through the snow.

Whether you’re visiting in warm or cold months, these hot springs closest to Coeur D’alene will warm and soothe your muscles in a significant way. These steamy waters complement the majestic scenery around the Mountain West, so don’t forget to add these to your next trip. Here’s a look at other Idaho hot springs too.

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