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Are you aware that the average mattress has more than 10,000 dust mites? Also, average adults shed about 500 gms of skin per year and 300ml of sweat each night! It sure sounds disgusting, but it’s all the more reason for you to stick to a strict futon cleaning schedule.

Cleaning your futon mattress extends its life and will positively affect your health. Most of us fear adopting random cleaning methods on our expensive and fragile futon mattresses. If you share the same worries, we have a few tried and tested ways to help you out.

In this piece, we’ll cover a step-by-step guide to clean, disinfect, maintain, and get rid of stains from a futon mattress. Without further delay, let’s help you scrub and shine your precious night companion!

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How to Wash a Futon Mattress?

Dead skin, pet hair, dust, mold, hair strands, dust mites are just a handful of things that your mattress tolerates every day. If you have kids and pets at home, spills and food remains will be a usual scenario.

A mattress that undergoes so many things also deserves an intensive care routine. Sometimes, you need to offer more than just regular maintenance to your mattress. Heres’s a deep cleaning method to clean a futon mattress.

A Comprehensive Guide for Cleaning The Futon Mattress – Foam Globes (1)

Step 1: Vacuuming the Futon

Start the washing process by plugging in a vacuum. Use a high-quality and robust vacuum cleaner that can make up all the underlying dirt and debris from the mattress. Don’t forget to flip the mattress and vacuum the bottom section as well.

Also, don’t miss out on the corners while you are vacuuming. If the situation calls for it, you can also use an upholstery brush. Alternatively, you can change the nozzle of the vacuum to reach the cracks and crevices.

Step 2: Deodorize With Baking Soda

The dust is not the only foul element on your mattress; you also have to get rid of the odor. Mildew growth and moisture in your futon can contribute to a smelly mattress. Without proper treatment, the moisture can emit nasty small frequently.

It is essential to include deodorizing step in the cleaning process. To remove the moisture and avoid odor, sprinkle a bit of baking soda over the entire mattress. Let the baking soda settle for at least an hour. Post one hour, you can use a vacuum to clean the baking soda.

Step 3: Removing Stains with Mild Detergent

When you regularly clean the mattress, you may not be paying attention to the stubborn stains. However, during washing, you can use a laundry detergent to get rid of those spots. Mix some detergent with lukewarm water and blot it out with a washcloth.

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Refrain from using a lot of moisture. Excessive moisture can cause mildew growth. With this mix, you can remove most of the stains. We highly recommend patch testing the solution before applying it all over. If the solution causes discoloration, you must not proceed.

Step 4: Let the Futon Mattress Dry Completely

After performing all the above steps, you must leave your mattress to dry. Let the mattress air dry for a couple of hours before reusing it. It might also take a full day for the mattress to dry up, so plan your cleaning schedule accordingly.

The drying time also depends on the weather. You can leave the doors and window ajar to allow some sunshine and air to enter the room. To speed up the drying process, use a ceiling fan or hairdryer.

Step 5: Take Care of the Frame Too

When you are deep cleaning the futon, you should also attend to the bed frame. Slide away the mattress from the frame and clean it with a commercial cleaning solution. If you own a metal bed frame, abstain from applying any chemicals.

The best way to clean a metal bed frame is by using a damp washcloth. Just like the mattress, you should also patch test the cleaning solution on the bed frame. It’s is essential to clean the structure along with the mattress.

After all, you can have a clean mattress on a filth-filled frame.

Using Household Cleaners for Futon Mattress

A Comprehensive Guide for Cleaning The Futon Mattress – Foam Globes (2)

There are a few people who love to go the natural way of cleaning everything. After all, home cleaning solutions are cost-effective and highly-efficient. This section will shed light on the three most useful ingredients that you can find at your home.

Rubbing Alcohol

Whether it is a red wine spill or a tomato ketchup mark, you can handle the stain like a pro using rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol works as a wizard on the futon mattress. Mix equal quantities of rubbing alcohol and water to make a stain-fighting cleaning agent.

Pour and completely cover the stains with this solution. Let the solution do its work for at least 10 to 15 minutes. After the time is over, blot the excess moisture using paper towels.

Hydrogen Peroxide

If you notice and old and dry stains on your mattress, hydrogen peroxide will be your go-to cleaning buddy. You can easily remove dried stains with the help of some hydrogen peroxide and water paste.

This cleaning agent will loosen the grip of the stain on your mattress. After applying this solution, you can quickly suck the dirt with the vacuum cleaner. To prepare the paste, take a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with one water cup.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is an age-old ingredient and cleaning hack that even modern homeowners swear by. This kitchen liquid can abstain from the growth of mildew and mold. The strong acidic effect of the vinegar neutralizes the mold and get rid of spots and stains.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the intense fragrance of the vinegar. That vinegar smell will disappear eventually. To prepare the solution, you have to mix one part of vinegar with four parts of water.

Cleaning The Suede Futon Mattress

A Comprehensive Guide for Cleaning The Futon Mattress – Foam Globes (3)

A suede futon mattress is a tad tricker than other futon mattress materials. This material is water-resistant and stain-resistant. However, they are still prone to dust, damage, and spills. That’s precisely why we’ve also listed a detailed cleaning guide for suede futon mattresses.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Cleaning Solution

Most of the suede futon mattresses come with a code tag. This code tag indicates the best type of cleaning solution for the bed. If the label reads “W,” then you should pick a water-based cleaning agent.

The letter “S” denotes the use of a solvent-based cleaning solution. If the tag says “W-S,” then you may use both types of cleaners. If you spot an “X” on the label, refrain from using any solution. That specific letter restricts the usage of any cleaner.

Step 2: Vacuum the Futon

Vacuuming your suede futon is the second step in the cleaning process. Vacuuming will help you to get rid of food crumbs and dust. This step makes the cleaning process more manageable.

Step 3: Apply the Cleaning Solution

Next, fill the spray bottle with the apt cleaning agent. You can use alcohol as a solvent-based cleaner. For water-based cleaning, the best ingredients are soap and water. Spray over the mattress, especially on the stains and spots.

Step 4: Blot up The Excess Cleaner

Once you’ve finished cleaning the stains and the dirt thoroughly, you should blot up the remaining moisture. This step will ensure the prevention of mold growth.

Step 5: Allow the Futon to Dry

The cleaning process is now over, and it’s to time to let the mattress dry. The suede futon mattress will take about 20 to 30 minutes to completely dry. With the cleaning process nearing the end, you will also get rid of any prevalent stink in the mattress.

Disinfecting Your Futons

The cleaning process doesn’t mandatorily get rid of the bacteria and contaminants. A couple of disinfecting sessions for the futon mattress is the right decision.

Step 1: Protecting Yourself

The first and most crucial step of disinfecting is protecting yourself. You can either disinfect the futon in an open place or leave the windows open. You must not avoid using safety equipment to prevent inhalation of harmful and strong disinfectants.

Always wear a safety mask and hand gloves when beginning with the disinfecting process.

Step 2: Mixing the Bleach Solution

Mix one gallon of water and 1 ½ cups of bleach. Many professionals use a Lysol spray, commercial disinfectant, and even vodka instead of the bleach solution. However, the bleach is effective and cheaper than other options.

Step 3: Spray the Bleach Solution

Pour the solution into the spray bottle for a convenient application. Next, spray the solution throughout the mattress. Don’t forget the opposite sides and the corner during the process. After spraying the bleach, let it rest for a couple of minutes.

For deeper cleaning and disinfecting, you can also run a steam cleaner. It is an eco-friendly method to fight germs and bacteria. Then, use paper towels or a clean rag to wipe the surface of the mattress.

Step 4: Leave the Mattress to Dry

The last and the unskippable step in the process is drying. You can keep the mattress outdoor. Allowing the mattress to soak sunlight is one of the best and fastest ways of drying.

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How to Remov Urine and Bloodstains from the Futon Mattress

With pets and kids, regular cleaning is not sufficient. Also, some types of stains require a more aggressive cleaning approach. A typical and stubborn stain is urine. Senior citizens with an incontinence problem, kids, and even pets may accidentally wet the bed.

The futon mattress will also deal with unconventional bloodstains. Here’s a way that can blow away most of the stubborn stains in a futon mattress.

Removing Wet Stains

This wet stain removal process is effective on urine and a handful of other spills.

Step 1: Blot the Wet Area

Use paper towels to blot the urine or the liquid spills. The more urine the paper towels soak up, the less damage your mattress is going to face.

Step 2: Sprinkle Some Baking Soda on the Stain

Sprinkle the affected portion with some baking soda. Baking soda will not only remove the stain, but it will also eliminate the urine stink.

Step 3: Spray White Vinegar on the Stained Area

The next step is to pour vinegar with our without water on the stain. You can make use of a spray bottle to effectively spread the vinegar. Though vinegar has a foul odor, it will vanish after some time.

Let the vinegar do its job on the stain for the next five minutes.

Step 4: Blot the Excess Moisture

Like the other cleaning procedures, this process also involves blotting the excess moisture. It would help if you aimed to dry the spot as much as you can in this step.

Step 5: Add a Bit of Baking Soda Again

There is a likelihood that the stain and the odor might slightly be there. Because of this, you may have to re-sprinkle some baking soda again.

Step 6: Give the Mattress Some Time to Dry

The final step is to let the mattress dry. Depending on the weather, your mattress might even take a whole day to dry up. Try to pick a warm and sunny day to dry your mattress outdoors. Leaving the bed to soak up some sunshine will also get rid of bacteria and moisture build-up.

Removing Dry Stains

If the stain is old and dry, it’ll be much tougher to eliminate. To remove dry stains, you can follow this effective solution method.

Step 1: Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Mix 2 drops of dishwashing cleaner, 33% hydrogen peroxide, and three tablespoons of baking soda. Remember, this solution is only for the stains and not the whole mattress.

Step 2: Dab the Solution on the Stain

You can use a cotton or a washcloth to dab the solution on the stain. Move the washcloth in slow circular motions. It’s not ideal for saturating the stain with an excessive solution. Applying more solution means a longer drying time.

Step 3: Mix Laundry Powder with Water and Use

Mix 3 tablespoons of laundry powder with one tablespoon of water. Spread this mixture on the stained portion and leave it for about half an hour.

Step 4: Take Off the Paste

Once the paste dries up after 30 minutes, scrape it off using a brush or a spoon.

(Video) How To Clean Your Pillow - It's Easy!

Step 5: Vacuum the Mattress

Quickly and roughly vacuum the whole mattress, including the stained area. This step will suck away any remaining paste or powder.

What to Do To Keep the Futon Mattress Clean?

You cannot apply baking soda, vinegar, detergents on your futon daily. There are a handful of simple ways that you can adopt to steer away dirt and dust.

Airing out The Mattress

Many people forget to remove the futon from the frame occasionally. This process enhances the air circulation in the mattress. Airing out the mattress should be a part of your mattress care routine.

Try to take out the mattress and soak it in the sun at least once a month. You’ll be surprised to see the benefits and the fresh smell!

Avoid Placing the Mattress on Floor

At all costs, you should restrict yourself from placing your mattress on the floor. You may not be aware, but the floors can quickly transfer the dirt to your futon. You can also buy a futon frame to protect the mattress.

If you have no other choice but to place the futon on the floor, make sure to spread something underneath it.

Rotating It Regularly

Rotating the mattress is one brilliant idea. It is an excellent way to keep your mattress in good shape. Since most of us sleep on one side, it can lead to deterioration of the mattress.

Sleeping in the same position for a long time will cause the bed to sag. This trick can save the appearance of your mattress. Also, flipping will help you to spot dirt and stains quickly.

Investing In a Washable Cover

A washable cover is one of the best accessories for your futon mattress. Covers are the best way to prevent the futon from attracting stains and dust. Additionally, you have to wash the cover regularly to keep things spick and span.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Steam Clean My Futon Mattress?

Steam cleaning is a perfect and easy way to keep up with your cleaning routine. Steam cleaning is a non-toxic method. The high temperature of the steam cleaner also chases away dust mites, bacteria, and mold.

Can Cleaning Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are one of the worst scenarios for any mattress. Unfortunately, cleaning will not affect a bed bug infestation.

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of The Bad Odor From My Futon Mattress?

To get rid of all that stink, you can use baking soda and vinegar solutions. These ingredients are natural and will not leave behind any smell.

To Sum Up

A futon mattress, or any other mattress, is one of the precious pieces of furnishing in the bedroom. The bed enhances the bedroom decor and also offers a restful golden sleep. Your futon mattress can easily attract dirt and dust because you use it every single day.

Though you have some fantastic cleaning tricks up your sleeve, you should have an immediate response to stains. Hopefully, these simple cleaning methods will help you get rid of dirt and disinfect correctly.

With so many cleaning strategies, your mattress will be clean as a whistle!

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How do you clean a foam futon? ›

Your futon mattress needs sunlight to help remove excess moisture from the fibers, while vacuuming removes dirt, dust, or skin cells from your mattress. The last dry method involves sprinkling baking soda over your mattress and leaving it for about an hour, then vacuuming it clean.

How do you clean a futon mattress cover? ›

Generally most washable futon covers should be washed either by hand, or in a washing machine on gentle, and with cold water using a mild detergent. You can also hand wash futon covers in the sink using Woolite, or another gentle detergent.

Can futon mattress be dry cleaned? ›

When it comes to cleaning, futon mattresses can be dry cleaned as well as washed. All you need for washing is some warm water and some laundry detergent. A sponge or absorbent piece of fabric can be used to blot out day to day spills and leaks.

How do you get lumps out of a futon mattress? ›

To fix a sagging futon mattress, first try adding a board or plywood underneath your futon, then flip and rotate your futon mattress, clean and air out your futon mattress, try adding pillows underneath the mattress, and add another layer to your futon.

What is the best way to clean foam? ›

When cleaning any type of foam material, we therefore recommend the use of a reuseable spray bottle in which your cleaning agent can be mixed with water (if needing to be diluted). Two popular items used in the foam cleaning are rubbing alcohol and white vinegar, in addition to a microfibre cloth.

What is the best way to clean a foam mattress? ›

If you're unsure, check the care guide, contact the manufacturer or get in touch!
  1. Check the care instructions. ...
  2. Wash your mattress cover. ...
  3. Clean stains with laundry detergent and water. ...
  4. Try not to let stains dry. ...
  5. Vacuum regularly. ...
  6. Let your mattress air-dry. ...
  7. Sprinkle baking soda to keep it fresh.

How do you clean a mattress cover without removing it? ›

Gently dab and spot clean the area with a mild detergent. Hand-wash the top part of the cover. Air dry to avoid shrinkage that may incur with heat. Wait until the mattress protector is fully dry before putting it back on your mattress.

How do you get old urine stains out of a mattress cover? ›

Create a solution using 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda, and 2 to 4 drops of dish soap or liquid laundry detergent. Using a spray bottle, apply the solution generously to any stained areas, allowing the mixture to soak in. Wait for the mixture to dry.

How do you clean a futon with baking soda? ›

The baking soda method is an effective and natural solution. Simply sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface of the futon and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. The baking soda will absorb any odors and leave your futon smelling fresh. Vacuum up the baking soda before using the futon again.

Does steaming a mattress clean it? ›

Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly way to eliminate dirt, bacteria, dust mites, and more. The vapor molecules penetrate the pores of the surface. Steam cleaning a mattress is about using this technology to remove allergens and dust mites. This helps you sleep better since your bed is clean, fresh and free from bacteria.

How do you dry a mattress after cleaning it? ›

After cleaning, you can sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the wet mattress surface and allow it to soak up the excess moisture. Then vacuum the baking soda off the mattress to dry it. You can also put the mattress under a fan indoors or out in the sun to allow it to dry completely.

Why does my mattress have a lump in the middle? ›

Your mattress could be bulging in the middle due to uneven weight distribution on the sleep surface. This is especially true in queen- and king-size mattresses as you and your partner likely sleep on the left and right sides of the bed every night while no consistent weight is placed on the middle part of the mattress.

How do you get rid of bed bugs in a futon? ›

Place anything that can be washed in your washing machine. Wash the items with a high temperature and tumble dry on high heat . This will kill the development of any existing or future bed bugs.

Does washing memory foam ruin it? ›

Typically, memory foam will need to be hand-washed, as machine washing can cause it to break apart. However, memory foam commonly has hypoallergenic properties that stave off the presence of mildew, dust mites, and other allergens and it does not need to be deep cleaned as often as other types of pillow fill.

Can you use hydrogen peroxide on a foam mattress? ›

Can I use hydrogen peroxide to remove stains? You can, but it might cause discoloration to your memory foam item. While it's an effective stain remover, hydrogen peroxide and memory foam don't play nice. If you're staring down a stubborn stain that just won't go away, try a dedicated stain remover.

How do you clean a foam mattress with vinegar and baking soda? ›

Just spray a mixture of two parts water, one part vinegar, and a splash of laundry detergent onto your mattress as a cleaning solution. Once you've blotted away any remaining cleaning solution, you can sprinkle baking soda on top of the mattress to cancel out any odors.

How long do you leave baking soda on a memory foam mattress? ›

Sprinkle baking soda over your mattress, and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Re-vacuum your mattress.

How do you clean a thick memory foam mattress? ›

How to Deep Clean and Wash Memory Foam
  1. Step 1: Vacuum. Vacuum your mattress with a brush attachment to remove dust and dirt.
  2. Step 2: Move the Mattress to Your Tub. ...
  3. Step 3: Spray It with a Cleaning Solution. ...
  4. Step 4: Rinse. ...
  5. Step 5: Spray It with a Second Cleaning Solution. ...
  6. Step 6: Rinse Again. ...
  7. Step 7: Dry the Mattress.

How do you clean a memory foam mattress without baking soda? ›

Take a spray bottle, add white vinegar, shake it well, and close it with a cap. Sprinkle the vinegar solution all over the mattress and let it dry. Vinegar is the natural ingredient that helps to clean mattress stains.

Can you use distilled vinegar to clean a mattress? ›

Home remedies for cleaning a dirty mattress

Items such as baking soda and vinegar can be used as all-natural cleaning agents for your dirty mattress. Distilled white vinegar can be used to pull stains out, while baking soda will soak up the vinegar and eliminate odors.

Does vinegar remove mattress stains? ›

Mix a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the stain and blot with a clean cloth, repeat until the stain has disappeared. Sprinkle baking soda over the patch and hoover it up an hour later, before letting your mattress air dry.

Should you spray vinegar on your mattress? ›

Water with Vinegar

Mixing it with water makes an organic deodorizer, so you don't have to buy chemical sprays that may irritate your allergies. Mix equal portions of water and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle. Lightly spray the solution over your mattress. Avoid making it too wet and let it air dry completely.

How do you clean a mattress that has been peed on without vinegar? ›

If you don't have vinegar available, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can be a great swap for getting pee out of a mattress. You'll want to make a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and liquid detergent: 1 part baking soda. 5 parts hydrogen peroxide.

Can you spray Lysol on memory foam? ›

According to Lysol's website, you can spray their disinfectant spray directly on your mattress. Take care not to oversaturate the area, which can cause long drying times. If you're spraying Lysol directly onto your mattress, make sure it is completely dry before reapplying your mattress protector and sheets.

Can you clean a mattress with just baking soda? ›

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer which makes it perfect for cleaning a mattress. It's also relatively mild, which means you can use it on fabrics safely without fear of damage. Combining baking soda with vinegar is a well-known cleaning tip for shifting difficult stains.

What is the danger of urine in a mattress? ›

Urine contains bacteria, so if its left long enough it can develop mould. Urine contains urea, uric acid and other compounds that can be a risk. That smell of ammonia that gets trapped inside your mattress is caused by bacteria eating away at the residue of the urine.

How do you clean a pee foam mattress that has been peed on? ›

It's really important to make sure that you blot, rather than rub; the latter can just push the urine deeper into the mattress, making it even harder to clean. If you have any bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) in your kitchen, sprinkle a little over the affected area, as it can help to soak up any remaining moisture.

Can a urine stained mattress make you sick? ›

Mites, bedbugs, and bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments, especially mattresses that have become wet from urine. Bacteria can thrive in a urine-soaked bed creating a home for bacteria to live and breed. A study done by Amerisleep shows that the average sheets and bed carry more bacteria than a toilet seat.

What should not be cleaned with baking soda? ›

Things You Should Never Clean With Baking Soda
  • 1) Antique silver. Although baking soda can pretty quickly remove tarnish from silverware, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea to use it. ...
  • 2) Marble. ...
  • 3) Ceramic cooktop. ...
  • 4) Aluminum. ...
  • 5) Gold-plated items.
Mar 12, 2021

Can you use vinegar and baking soda on furniture? ›

Take a teaspoon of washing-up liquid, white vinegar, baking soda and warm water and mix together into a lather (the mixture should froth up as the baking soda and vinegar react with one another). Then, apply directly to any stains or smudges that you can spot on your fabric sofa.

How long does it take a mattress to dry after steam cleaning? ›

Leave the mattress for about four hours to dry. Steam cleaning a mattress does not leave behind water, but it's possible there's still a bit of moisture left deep inside from the initial spill. It's best if your mattress can dry in a warm spot out in the sun.

How long does a mattress take to dry after cleaning? ›

How long does it take a mattress to dry? It may take your mattress anywhere between 24-48 hours to completely dry after it has been soaked with water, depending on the material it is made from and how saturated it is.

How do you dry a mattress after steam cleaning? ›

Let It Dry:

Once the entire bed has been steamed, allow it to dry for at least three hours. To speed up the drying process, open the windows, set up a fan or two to blow directly at the bed or, if you have a clean space outside and the weather's nice, you can even move your mattress outside to dry in direct sunlight.

How do you deep clean a foam couch cushion? ›

If your whole foam cushion needs to be washed, and the cover can be machine washed, remove the cover and toss it in the wash. Fill a bathtub with soap and warm water so you can submerge the cushion. Work the soapy water into the cushion. You may need to repeat this with a tub of clean water a few times.

Can high density foam be washed? ›

You can't put foam pads in a washing machine or dryer since the spinning and agitation are too much for the delicate structure of the foam. And the foam material used in these toppers can be damaged by bleach and other harsh chemicals used for many cleaning products.

Can foam be steam cleaned? ›

This will help dry the foam and also keep moisture from getting trapped and creating mold and allergens. Steam clean it. Use a steam cleaner to extract deep stains. Depending on the size of the memory foam, you can use a handheld steamer or a full-size steaming machine.

How do you deep clean a foam pillow? ›

Sprinkle the entire pillow with baking soda, covering it well. Allow the baking soda to sit on the surface for at least an hour and then vacuum it away using the upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum. This will help absorb odors and remove any dust mites or pet hair that might be on the pillow.


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