Best Mattress for Co Sleeping, 6 Top-Rated Options for bed sharing (2023)

If you are looking for a mattress for yourself, it is simple, but when sharing it, especially if you are having a baby, you must consider many factors to ensure calm. A mattress that is at least moderately firm, the high-quality sprung mattress is most favorite.

We have combined the best mattress for co-sleeping to ease your worries.

Top 6 Mattresses for Co-Sleeping

Saatva Zenhaven Latex Mattress- Back Pain Relief- Cool Comfort- Breathable Organic CottonBIG Winter Savings Event | 15% off orders $1k+

What Type of Mattress Can Be Used For Bed-Sharing?

Saatva Classic Mattress - Award Winning

Best Mattress for Co Sleeping, 6 Top-Rated Options for bed sharing (4)


- Luxurious & #1 America's best-selling innerspring
- 40K + ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews
- FREE White Glove Delivery service



Trial period

365 nights



BIG Winter Savings Event | 15% off orders $1k+

Feel the luxurious hotel mattress sensation for yourself

Saatva Classic is a comfortable innerspring hybrid mattress with a gently plush surface that welcomes all types of sleepers.

The Saatva Classic is divided into five tiers. The pure cotton Euro pillow top with Lumbar Zone Quilting gives the sensation of being in a high-end hotel. It provides additional back support to sleep soundly in different positions.

The Saatva Classic hybrid innerspring mattress has sustainable environment foams and a strong twin steel coil support network. It is the most popular because it provides possible spinal help while decreasing back and achy joints.

To protect it from dirt and allergens, the Saatva Classic has undergone antimicrobial treatment, which prevents bacteria and mold from growing. There will be no more itchy or allergic sleep.

Its responsive innerspring sensation with soft comfort layers delivers the appropriate bouncing and confirms to every region of your body.

The Lumbar Zone Active Spinal Wire from Saatva is situated below, and it aids in maintaining your spine in a stable position as you sleep. This second layer includes high-density memory foam to begin the substantial stress reduction.

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The mattress coverings are permeable, allowing you to sleep cool by uniformly regulating temperature. The luxury firm mattress will provide you with a sleep experience comparable to that of high-end hotels. There is ideal uplifting and a modest amount of additional padding to reduce pressure. It offers extremely strong support while effectively fitting your body.

In a nutshellThe Saatva Classic mattress is ideal for recreating the great hotel feeling at home. The mattress provides a lifetime warranty for proper maintenance. It offers high-pressure and fantastic back support.

Saatva Zenhaven Latex Mattress



Trial period

365 nights


Natural Latex

BIG Winter Savings Event | 15% off orders $1k+

Flippable mattress with different firmness options

If you’ve been contemplating which nice bed to purchase, you should consider Zenhaven’s flippable latex mattress. This bed has a changeable firmness level for convenience, luscious latex layering, and environment-friendly ingredients that are gentle on the spine and the planet.

The Zenhaven is a positionable mattress with varied firmness options on either side. It combines distinct firmness that merges well with your sleeping needs.

The Luxury Plush side seamlessly molds to your body to ease pressure areas. It is ideal for side, back, and combo sleepers. On the other hand, its gentle, firm side is firmer, providing stomach and back sleepers with more buoyant, pressure-free comfort.

The natural latex construction provides bounce and suppleness, making the Zenhaven a popular mattress for couples. This bounce will keep you from feeling “trapped” in your mattress and stimulate movement instead of absorbing it.

The Zenhaven is naturally cool due to its latex construction. The mix of natural Talalay latex, permeable cotton cover, and New Zealand wool allows this mattress to control the body’s temperature and avoid overheating at night.

The mattress’s covering is knitted with organic cotton and tufted with 100% organic lumber zone quilted, providing a comfortable and breathable feel. This combination of natural wool and cotton materials with anti-microbial treatment prevents bacteria attacks and mold granting additional padding and coziness.

Its soft, firm comfort layer comprises firmer, more supporting 5 –zone natural latex that will assist stomach sleepers in achieving spinal neutral postural stability. It is similar to the other layers in this latex bed and encourages ventilation throughout the mattress.

In a nutshellWith its natural cooling properties, the mattress is great for hot sleepers. It is among the top mattresses in the marketplace for eco-conscious buyers seeking an organic mattress constructed of natural materials.

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Amerisleep AS5

Best Mattress for Co Sleeping, 6 Top-Rated Options for bed sharing (6)


- Luxurious mattress
- Pressure Relieving (great for back pain & circulation)
- 20-year warranty

Exclusive Offer of the week : $450 Off any mattress

The enhanced version for restored sleeping

The AS5 mattress from Amerisleep is known for its ergonomic properties and is one of the company’s most durable and intriguing mattresses. This mattress is the epitome of peaceful, breathable slumber, with meticulous attention to detail that increases blood flow and appropriate body alignment.

The layer of Bio-Pur memory foam is another wonderful attribute. This is a huge advancement above the traditional foam. Its open, broad cellular structure enhances air flow and reduces heat accumulation. Its quick response keeps you from being entangled and relieves stress and pressure in the bones.

The top layer is a soft, well-ventilated layer that promotes rest. This keeps the top cool to the touch, reducing irritation and discomfort.

Every step of its production is so much more contemporary and cutting-edge than traditional methods that the difference in comfort and quality is immediately noticeable. It provides the elegance you’ll appreciate a rejuvenating sleep with increased pressure reduction that is fully environmental.

The HIVE transitional layer is responsible for targeted body care, which involves examining the alignment of each body part to ensure it is in the proper posture. Additional padding for your head and shoulders and additional support for your spine, hip, and thighs. Its five zones promote a night of healthy sleep and a healthy lifestyle.

The bottom layer of bio-core is exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting. It clings to you and your blissful slumber for an extended period.

In a nutshellIts medium-firm firmness serves every posture and sleeper. The mattress is supportive of body curves. It is an excellent choice for combo sleepers. Considering its capabilities, it is undoubtedly the most crucial purchase in the Amerisleep line and generates excellent outcomes for all its consumers.

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

Best Mattress for Co Sleeping, 6 Top-Rated Options for bed sharing (7)


- Recommended by orthopedic & chiropractors
- High-end mattress
- Organic latex

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EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT : Enjoy $1250 off all bedroom mattresses

Better comfort to relieve pressure spots

The Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress is handcrafted from the highest quality organic latex, cotton, and wool. All three materials have received GOTS and GOLS certifications.

Many orthopedics recommend it for pressure treatment due to its comfort, relaxing pressure relief, and great support.

It has six layers to increase your convenience.

The top layer blends with chemical-free organic cotton. Its circular knit fabric pattern relieves your hips and shoulder joints and combines with the second layer of opulent organic wool.

The third layer includes an organic cotton panel for unzipping the mattress and preventing the wool from sliding.

The fourth layer is the Talalay latex comfort layers, which provide pressure point support and improve oxygenation.

Organic latex makes up the fifth and sixth layers. With the assistance of a comfort layer, the sixth layer provides lower back support.

It comes in two firmness levels, so pick the one that perfectly matches your body, firm or moderately firm.

It also boasts cutting-edge adequate ventilation with up to 12 European Air Vents that work continuously throughout the night to take heat from your skin and give a cool, comfy environment.

The mattress features gorgeous linen patterned trim woven by the finest mills, which provides a refined aesthetic, a texture-rich finish, and exceptional durability.

Plush bed classic waterproof mattress protector is another option for waterproofing and breathability. Due to its sustainability and biodegradability, this mattress is entirely eco-friendly.

In a nutshellPlush bed mattresses contain only certified organic substances to deliver the best sleep possible. Orthopedic and chiropractors highly suggest it for its luxury tailored comfort, calming pressure reduction, and outstanding support.

The WinkBed - #1 Innerspring


Varied firmness to choose

The winked is a flawlessly designed innerspring mattress with high techniques to provide comfort from the bottom to the top of your whole body. It has five hybrid layers combined with exceptional contouring foams for lasting comfort.

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The product is handcrafted and embraces and displays the excellence that the company wishes to express to buyers. It is available in various firmness options, luxury firm, softer, and firmer. Even heavier sleepers can enjoy the wink bed mattress.

The cover is made from environment-friendly eucalyptus-derived Tencel that stays breezy and cold the whole night, with moisture-wicking properties that permit a sweet-free sleep.

Its second layer comes with a gel-infused foam that gives your sensitive body areas, such as hips and muscles tendons, and even your lumbar region, with requisite support.

The mattress remarkably absorbs motion transfer through its stabilizing gel foam layers. It is great for couples to sleep without being disturbed by each other’s movements.

There are individually wrapped pocketed coils underneath the mattress layer, ensuring tailored back support with numerous support zones pampering back in high-risk regions.

The mattress is breathable, hot sleepers, and for those who prefer deep support for their back and sensitive spine, the mattress layers will give an ache-free sleep.

The wink bed mattress has multiple sizes, such as queen, twin, twin xl, full, king, and cal king. It’s a home for every bed frame you have in your room. Select the best that corresponds with your needs.

In a nutshell Wink Bed is a high-quality product that is an excellent investment in your sleep. They are top-standard and are made using long-lasting materials such as high-density foams and robust coils. The mattress has a pillow top sensation while also being supportive.

Puffy Royal Mattress

Best Mattress for Co Sleeping, 6 Top-Rated Options for bed sharing (9)


- Works With Any Bed Frame
- Reflexive Memory Foam
- Suitable for all sleep positions

$750 off every mattress + 15% off all accessories

A hybrid that both supports and alleviates discomfort

Puffy hybrid royal mattress mattresses are comfortable and cozy as possible. You should consider if you want to experience complete relaxation and pain relief.

The Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress’s ultra-plush texture relaxes to conform to your body’s unique curves for unrivaled sturdiness and support. It comprises luxury memory foam and includes contour-adapting coils in the base.

Puffy’s superior pressure release significantly decreases back and hip discomfort while reducing stress on the muscles and tendons, offering overall back pain relief with continual use.

The mattress’s seven-layered construction makes it full and plush, helping you to drift off into a deep, peaceful slumber.

The layers are as follows:

  1. Allergen-free cloud cover: for sensitive sleepers, it maintains the mattress clean and comfortable.
  2. Infused cooling foam: Sucks away the heat for sweat-free sleep and luxurious relaxation like you’ve never felt before.
  3. 1.5 inches of Reflexive memory foam for enhanced responsiveness and body sculpting.
  4. 2″ of cloud comfort foam keeps it dry and airy.
  5. 5-It fifth layer is Cloud air technology Foam refers to catering to each body part separately to refresh every area of your body.
  6. A firm core foam provides weight support with 7 inches of heavy-duty coils. The coils limit motion transmission and provide edge support, allowing you to sleep in a larger area.
  7. Base grip covers Hold your mattress on the surface to keep it from sliding around.

This revolutionary seven-layer sleep technology is intended to give full-body zonal support, superior conditioning, and body-adaptive conforming. Delicate memory foam is paired with strategically positioned coils for a cloud-like sensation.

In a nutshellThis puffy hybrid, medium firmness or ultra-plush, is a treat for restful nights and healthy sleep. It offers a lifetime warranty for secure repairs

How do you sleep comfortably when co-sleeping?

If you are looking for a comfortable sleep, you might want to add a co-sleeper that can attach to the bed and give you a perfect place to sleep. You can try a back pillow or building a little barrier in between to avoid rolling over the baby.

What is the best mattress for partner disturbances?

Foam mattresses or memory foam mattresses are a common pick by couples. Memory foam mattresses have a reputation for their motion isolation feature to absorb motion and avoid any partner disturbances.

Do pediatricians recommend co-sleeping?

Pediatrics aren’t I’m favor of co-sleeping. It increases the risk to the baby’s life. It is always safest for the baby to sleep in a crib or bassinet next to the parent’s bed.

Our recommendation

Co-sleeping is fruitful for having a nice relationship with your child and always being closer to your family. The proper selection of mattresses can make your sleep peaceful even if you have to share your bed.

When purchasing a mattress, you must consider firmness and any potential chemicals. We recommend something like the Saatva Zenhaven mattress or puffy royal hybrid mattress that comes in different firmness levels.

Best Mattress for Co Sleeping FAQs

Is memory foam safe for co-sleeping?

For co-sleeping, a firm mattress is better for ideal support and great sleep. Thus a memory foam mattress will not do the job. A hybrid mattress is way more supportive, and the Saatva Classic is the one to achieve the perfect harmony best for the parent and baby.

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How do I know if my bed is too soft for co-sleeping?

You can check the softness of the bed by pressing the edges and center of the mattress. If the mattress springs back, then the mattress is firm enough for the baby.

What age can you safely bed share?

The prevailing consensus is that co-sleeping is harmless starting at the age of 1. As a child grows, they become less dangerous since they can maneuver, turn over, and untether themselves more easily.


How firm should Cosleeping mattress be? ›

How to choose a safe mattress for bed sharing with baby. Most importantly for baby's safety, you need to have a firm mattress if you choose to bed share. You want to make sure your little one doesn't sink into the mattress, making it more difficult to breathe.

How do I make my mattress firm for bed sharing? ›

Tips to Make Your Mattress Firmer
  1. Check Your Sleep Trial Period. ...
  2. Use a Mattress Topper. ...
  3. Flip or Rotate Your Mattress. ...
  4. Place Your Mattress on a Firmer Base. ...
  5. Consider Using a Bunkie Board. ...
  6. Put Your Mattress on the Floor. ...
  7. Replace the Layers in Your Mattress. ...
  8. Find the Right Room Temperature.
Feb 1, 2023

What is the number one mattress brand in America? ›

Best Overall: Helix Midnight. Best for Couples: Saatva Classic. Most Luxurious: The WinkBed. Best Extra-Firm: Brooklyn Bedding Plank.

What firmness of mattress do most hotels use? ›

Typically, the mattresses used in hotel rooms are medium-firm. This is because medium-firm mattresses can accommodate all three sleep positions. Back, side, and stomach sleepers will feel supported with proper spine, neck, and hip alignment.

Is a higher Sleep Number firmer or softer? ›

We recommend sleeping at your Sleep Number® setting for two to five nights. If you're not comfortable after that, try adjusting your setting by 5 or 10. Increasing your setting—for example, from 35 to 40—will provide a firmer mattress. Decreasing your setting—for example, from 35 to 30—will provide a softer mattress.

Is memory foam safe for cosleeping? ›

Memory Foam Is Too Soft For Safe Bedsharing

But “firm” is relative when it comes to memory foam. You see, being firm defeats the purpose! Memory foam mattresses need to be soft enough to conform to the curves of each person's unique body.

What mattress do most hospitals use? ›

Foam mattresses are the most common hospital bed mattresses on the market. With so many benefits, it is most likely that this will be one of the best options for your loved one or patient. Foam mattresses provide patients with the best of both worlds: comfort and therapeutic support.

Is it better to sleep on a hard or soft mattress? ›

Body weight

Generally speaking, heavier people prefer firmer mattresses. Soft foams may sink in too much for comfort and adequate support. Conversely, lighter sleepers may sink in less and find firm beds to be uncomfortably hard, so they generally prefer soft to medium firm options.

What is the highest rated queen mattress? ›

The Best Queen Mattresses For Anyone And Everyone
  • Best Queen Mattress Overall: Nectar Premier Copper.
  • Best Affordable Queen Mattress: Leesa Studio.
  • Best Hybrid Queen Mattress: Helix Midnight Luxe.
  • Best Cooling Queen Mattress: Saatva Classic.
  • Best Memory Foam Queen Mattress: Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt.
Feb 14, 2023


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