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7 startups to watch in 2017

Hiiiii there friends!

Long time no speak! This is my first week back at school, so I am back on the blogging game as well. Hope all of you are enjoying this February's fairly temperate winter climate and fairly contentious political climate! I know I'm not!

I missed the window for the New Year's resolution blog posts, so that's one cliché avoided. But it's safe to assume that SOME of you decided to swear off Netflix. I did too last year (because let's be honest, we all know someone whose Netflix we can mooch off of. Stop paying for it, you weirdo) and in its place, I decided to spend my money on ~other subscription services~ that make my life easier! and better! and I'm sharing those with you today! as well as some other startups that make me a happy camper.

I will also be having a giveaway so read until the end, folks! Or just skip around and skim if that's more your speed.

I'll be sharing discount codes because I never try anything without a discount code. Maybe some of you reading are as cheap as I am, so I am including this out of courtesy.

starting out with the subscription services....

1 - Dollar Shave Club

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We'll start out with the obvious one. I've been getting the "Executive" razor refills for a couple of months and I love it. It saves that whole crisis you have at Duane Reade when you have to ask for the razors from behind the counter, then subsequently realize that you are about to pay $25 for mini sharp edges to get rid of bodily hair that's supposed to grow there but society tells you is unacceptable. Now I avoid that whole bonanza by having razor heads shipped to me every other month for $9. It's nice! I recommend! There are also options to receive cheaper razor heads, but I picked the nicest one because I'm not about that 2 blade life. And if you are, why?! I'm dying to know!

Here's a link, I can't tell if it does anything but I get $5 if you use it. So if you wanna sign up, sign up here! Or don't if you enjoy the drugstore experience, to each their own!

2 - LOLA

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Another thing that sucks to buy: tampons. What I have also learned from research is that tampon companies are not required to disclose what the actual tampon is made of. So yes, it may be white, but it's probably not cotton and might have carcinogens in it, we just don't know! Thanks FDA, your fastidious care for women's health constantly inspires me!

Anyway, I switched to LOLA. You can order period stuff to your door at a set interval, and you can also customize how many light, medium, or heavy tampons you need in a box. The packaging is also not hot pink and a bit more discreet. It kinda just looks like you're storing monogrammed napkins under the sink just in case distinguished guests come over.

They also have pads and liners now, as well as non-applicator tampons if you're brave and are willing to go that far for the environment. Maybe one day I'll get there, says the Ethics and Sustainability minor writing this sentence.

Get $5 off with the code ENEFF2! They are comparably priced to the tampons in New York to begin with, but I'm not sure how the rest of country measures up!

3 - Cleanly (also an app)

This is the last of the non-sexy startups, I promise. Cleanly is a laundry service app where they pick up your dry cleaning or laundry from you and drop it off again at your apartment/home. You don't even have to leave your couch. It's GREAT.

I had a coupon code, so I sent my dry cleaning off to them and they did a fantastic job. A major perk of Cleanly is that you can take pictures of problem spots on the garments that you're sending and the dry cleaner will pay special attention to them. You can also select washing preferences, tell them which items to hang dry, etc. if you are doing standard laundry.

It also didn't cost any more than my dry cleaner back home in Raleigh which is pretty miraculous. And unlike my dry cleaner at home in Raleigh, they did not ruin all of the buttons on my favorite Reformation shirt that I splurged on. Therefore, Cleanly is an A+ company in my eyes.

They also give you these 3 nice purple bags, one for each type of laundry, for when you order from them again. Or if you're cheap and intend to reuse the bags over and over for your own purposes. We've all been there.

You can get $10 off with the code EMILYNE11. Go forth and actually do your dry cleaning instead of spraying body spray on everything and calling it a day, like I do far too often.

4 - Girlfriend Collective

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You've seen these ads because of Facebook targeting, I guarantee it. It said "free leggings for the cost of shipping! from the makers of lululemon!" and you thought, "ugh. why would I pay for the cost of shipping. *scroll away*"

I did the same thing like 8 times until I finally decided that $20 was okay, GREAT for a pair of leggings. That's like Target price for Lululemon quality (which I hear is good, I don't own any). A steal.

The trick to these is that you have to wait about 2 months to get them. YEAH, TWO MONTHS. I KNOW. IT'S A LONG &@*#$* TIME. But it's a $20 investment into your future happiness.

I got them in December and they were totally worth the wait. They are so comfortable, flattering, and go with anything. You can also read about their sourcing, engineering, and labor practices on their website, which makes a world of a difference.

The communication about my order was also top notch. They came in the time frame that I was told and they fit perfectly (I got a size small).

This is just a promotional thing that ends FEB 3RD at 11:59, so order before then to receive pure bliss in around, idk, 2-3 months probably. Being patient sucks, but otherwise you'll have missed out and will have to pay over $100 for these bad boys and that is just not the amount of digits that you wanna say you spent on leggings.

5 - Christy Dawn

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I'm trying to be more sustainable in my life and give money to companies that care for their employees and about the environment.

I stumbled across Christy Dawn last summer and have purchased 2 dresses from her company since! She creates beautiful, vintage-inspired dresses in California out of deadstock materials. (Quick definition for ya: deadstock is leftover fabric discarded by other companies.)

Because of this, each dress is produced in a limited quantity, so you're guaranteed to look different than the next person on the street. All of the dresses are handmade in LA and Christy pays all of her workers a living wage! Impeccable!

Their NY pop-up over the summer was to die for, but currently, you can purchase the collection online at or in store if you live in California.

They are fairly pricy, so I've been pouncing whenever they have a sale. I have a Bergen and Piper, and my eye is on a Leah for next time. I just want to walk the Hudson River during summer in one of her dresses with a cute dog and ice cream, you know?

Here's $30 off for you!

6 - AWAY

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Luggage should be an exciting purchase. It means that you're about to embark on some wonderful adventure, enrich yourself culturally, and take about 1000 photos for Instagram.

But right now most luggage options are pretty weak. My last piece of luggage I picked out after dejectedly perusing a TJ Maxx. Those flourescent lights are just not the pinnacle of encouragement.

And then came AWAY.

A direct-to-consumer lifetime-warranty luggage brand with enough snazzy features to make you want to toss your wallet at them! I did! Not literally!

Their Carry-On style is the most highly-touted. It has a combination lock so no one can get into it, as well as a phone charger built right in. The inside of the bag is engineered so more stuff can fit, and the bag itself is quite light, so you don't nervous sweat when the nice lady at the JetBlue counter is about to weigh your bag and you definitely think it's over 50 pounds.

I grabbed the Large style in Hammam Blue, which is out of stock, but I'm told that they are restocking new colors soon! You can also get the bags custom monogrammed (not in a tacky way! in a cute handmade way!), which I wish I did! I've gotten a bunch of compliments on it and it's a dream to travel with. The wheels roll really nicely too, which is a high priority. My mom got one for Christmas after receiving numerous comments about her wheels squeaking every four seconds on her carry-on (which she received when she graduated college!). I can attest, she got some serious stares in airports.

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I know I mentioned that it has a lifetime warranty, but, IT HAS A LIFETIME WARRANTY. You can't possibly mess this one up.

Here's a $20 off code. You can also visit their store at 39 1/2 Crosby St! They have good tea!

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7: Care/Of (and giveaway!)

Okay, this is my latest favorite. No bias at all.

Gonna preface and say that I suck at supplements. I'm supposed to take B12 every day since I'm a vegetarian, so after awhile of my doctor telling me to, I grabbed some gummy vitamins.

Over the summer, my body started to feel like it was "falling asleep" (or what some people call "pins and needles") all the time. One night I had a complete breakdown because I thought I had cancer. I was taking my vitamin! I was doing everything right! Why was my body doing this!!!!!

My parents read the label and realized that there was no Vitamin D in the gummy vitamins at all. I developed a deficiency in that, too!!!!

Basically, I'm a mess.

I read about Care/Of on Man Repeller and am so glad I found it. It's a health startup that is all based around YOU and making vitamins fun. I can attest that it actually does succeed in making vitamins fun.

First, you take a lil quiz. They ask you what health concerns are most important to you, where you live, how stressed you are, basically everything you could possibly need help with. Then they recommend which vitamins/minerals/supplements you should take! And if you choose to order, they ship it to your door every month in cute packaging!

They have ample information on each vitamin and where it is sourced from.

This is what my pack has:

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  • Astaxanthin - for healthy skin and heart health!
  • B12 - because I'm a vegetarian!
  • Vitamin D - because I live in the Northeast and we don't get enough sunlight!
  • Fish Oil - because I don't eat fish!

They package your daily supplements into packs for each day of the month. The packets say your name on them and make you feel REALLY special. They also look kinda like tea bags and come in a very cute column shape, which looks quite nice on my bookshelf.

They ALSO are fairly affordable, depending on what's in your pack. I calculated out the price difference if I went to the store and bought those supplements each month, and it was only a $9 difference. I think the $9 is made up for in the cute packaging and effort it takes me to wander around GMC (which I just recently discovered is different from GNC). Worth it in my book.


You made it!

Care/Of was kind enough to gift me 5 FREE MONTHS of Care/Of to give away! That's five of you who are getting a free month of the service! Test it out and let me know if you love it!

All you have to do is comment on my latest Instagram photo (as of Feb 2nd, 2017) saying that you want to enter the giveaway and you shall be entered. I'll pull 5 random names and contact you next week!

All the best in this new-ish year !!!!!!!!


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