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Desert Safari in Dubai (2)

Gear up for an epic safari on the Dubai golden dunes.

What’s a vacation without an adrenaline pumping adventure? Well, there’s no dearth of adventure in Dubai for sure. Indulge in an exhilarating session of Dubai desert safari and experience thrill up, close and personal with an eclectic mix of premium hospitality and entertainment. A

desert safari in Dubai

is so popular amongst tourists that it is famously said that no trip to this city is complete without enjoying the compelling desert beauty . It makes your Dubai trip memorable with its adrenaline rush of 4x4 dune bashing car ride, bird watching, and falcon feeding, along with an evening full of dance, bonfire, entertainment, and great food.

An ideal way to relax and unwind, with Dubai desert safari you get amazing enjoyment options. From staying under the starry blanket and spending the night at the desert to enjoying the early morning safari clubbed with hot air balloon ride, you get to select the best of desert safaris in Dubai and enjoy an off-road trip that stays with you for a lifetime.


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Best-Selling Dubai Desert Safari Tours

Desert Safari in Dubai (5)

Evening Desert Safari

Breathtaking sunset views, exceptional campsite, and incredible landscape make this Dubai desert safari an experience of a lifetime.
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Duration : 6 Hours

Includes : 4x4 Dune Bashing, Camel Riding, BBQ Dinner

Desert Safari in Dubai (6)

Morning Desert Safari

Enjoy the beauty of desert landscape at its best, We bring this exciting package with camel riding, quad biking and sand boarding upon request.
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Duration : 3 Hours

Includes : 4x4 Dune Bashing, Sand Boarding upon request

Desert Safari in Dubai (7)

Overnight Safari

Enjoy the thrill of overnight desert safari Dubai adventure tour with belly dancing show & BBQ delicious dinner in under the stars.
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Duration : 16 Hours

Includes : Dune Bashing, Shisha facility, BBQ Dinner

Desert Safari in Dubai (8)

Sunrise Safari Dubai

Experience genuine desert adventure when you hit some of the challenging terrains of Dubai’s desert in a 4X4 vehicle.
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Duration : 3 Hours

Includes : 4x4 Dune Bashing, Camel Ride, Fire Show

Desert Safari in Dubai (9)

Dinner in Desert

Get ready for a memorable culinary experience amidst a mind blowing desert terrain rich in heritage and natural splendors.
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Duration : 5 Hours

Includes : BBQ Dinner, Camel Ride, Belly Dance Show

Desert Safari in Dubai (10)

Premium Desert Safari

For a truly unique and lavish desert experience in Dubai, UAE, our premium desert safari trip is second to none.
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Duration : 3 Hours

Includes : 4x4 Dune Bashing, BBQ Dinner, Camel Ride

The Impeccable Range of Safaris

Best Desert Safari is brought to you by Rayna with a mission to utilize our hardcore expertise in helping people find only the unsurpassed experiences that the serene yet vast desert has to offer. As the name itself suggests, we offer a superior and memorable desert safari experience in Dubai with a wider range of packages that would be unsurpassed according to your needs.

From a standard Desert Safari experience to the overnight deluxe safari, we’ve got you covered with a plethora of packages. A person who loves to comprehensively discover the splendid desert landscape of Dubai would love to be here and we’ve got just the right amount of adventure to be enjoyed while you stay in Dubai. This package lets you enjoy a dune bash in a 4X4 vehicle, henna designing, falcon show, shisha smoking as well as the most memorable desert sightings.

With the overnight package, you could make the most of spending your entire night right under the stars that encapsulate the gorgeous desert trail. A BBQ meal with traditional live experience is there to keep you entertained and enthused. At any time do you wish to relax, you can always go inside one of our air-conditioned tents that include comfy sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. For our tourists who think it ends here, it doesn’t. The views of sunrise right after that starry night is what would take your breath away. Make sure you capture the scenic views while you also enjoy a freshly brewed Arabic coffee with some hearty Arabian breakfast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A desert safari Dubai takes you on an unforgettable journey to the depths of the desert where you can explore the vast expanses of red Arabian sands and pamper yourself with the legendary Emirati hospitality in its ultimate form.

It is a guided expedition that takes you into the stunning desert landscape of the region. You can soak yourself with the incomparable beauty of the desert and also indulge in exciting desert activities such as dune bashing, camel, riding, quad biking, sandboarding, etc. At our campsite, you can experience traditional Bedouin inspired activities such as falconry, henna painting, shisha smoking, dressing in traditional Arabian attire, and more. Depending on the package that you have selected, you will also get to satiate your tastebuds with a scrumptious BBQ dinner and enjoy cultural performances such as Belly dancing and Tanura dance show.

We are a subsidiary of Rayna Tours and Travels, who have a decade long experience in planning several memorable desert safari excursions. Within a short span of time, we have grown into a fully-fledged desert safari company providing unforgettable desert safari tours to individuals, families, and corporates among others. Our dedicated and hard-working team of professionals ensure that we provide our customers an unparalleled desert experience replete with delectable dining options, outstanding amenities, and high-end vehicles such as Hummer, Land Cruiser, and the likes. Combine this with great Arabian hospitality and culture and captivating cultural performances, and you have a truly spectacular desert safari experience.

We plan desert safari expeditions in various locations across UAE. You can sign up for personalized desert safari excursions curated specially for you to various locations including Ras Al Khaimah, Al Khateem (located on Abu Dhabi-Al Ain road), Lahbab Desert (located on Dubai-Hatta road), and Al Awir in Dubai. Most of these places are located at an approximately 45-50 min drive from Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

There is no specific dress code and you can dress up casually. But it is advisable that you wear loose, comfortable clothing as the weather can be quite warm in the desert.

You can carry a light jacket or shawl to cover yourself if the weather gets a little chilly. Also, wear comfortable walking shoes, and carry essentials such as sunscreens, hats, sunglasses, etc.

It completely depends on the package you have chosen. Our Morning safari lasts for 3-4 hours, while our evening safari lasts for around 6-7 hours. The overnight safari is the longest and usually goes on for 15-16 hours.

No, dinner is not included in all desert safaris. It is mostly available in the Evening Safari, Dinner in Desert, and Overnight Desert Safari (includes dinner and breakfast). Alcohol is not included in most desert safari tours. However, you can select our exclusive safari with Alcohol Free Flow package. You can also buy it on-site during the trip by paying extra charges.

Combo Packages

Desert Safari in Dubai (11)

Hatta Safari - Desert Safari

Duration : 6 hours

This package comprising Hatta Mountain tour and Desert Safari tours will ensure that your quest for adventure and fun is well catered to.

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Desert Safari in Dubai (12)

Dubai Frame and Desert Safari

Duration : 6 hours

Experience the Dubai like never before with our best selling combo package : Dubai frame and Dubai Desert Safari.!

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Desert Safari in Dubai (13)

City Tour with Desert Safari

Duration : 4 hours

Enjoy the mystifying charm of desert and explore some of the most interesting attractions of Dubai in one day!

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Desert Safari in Dubai (14)

Desert Safari - Dhow Cruise

Duration : 6 hours

Book our combo package to enjoy both of our best-selling packages: Amazing desert safari and dhow cruise in a single day.

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