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What – ecoFinish is a fiberglass and gunite pool surface alternative by Ask the Pool Guy.ecoFinish and the aquaBrite finish line is a great way to refinish gunite or fiberglass pools. ecoFinish provides a great pool finish that was developed a decade ago to address the lack of options available to refinish fiberglass pools, and as a great alternative finish for gunite swimming pools. Ask the Pool Guy has been applying ecoFinish to sun ledges, slides, the interior of grottos and spas since bringing the product on board a number of years ago, releasing it first in the Michigan market on the new construction side of the business. Because of it’s popularity and many benefits, we’ve decided to make it available in the renovation and service market here in Michigan as well.

Who – Ask the Pool Guy is an ecoFinish Certified Installer, servicing pools in Michigan. Ideal clients are homeowners who have a fiberglass pool or gunite pool or a liner pool with fiberglass steps or a fiberglass spa who needs it to be refinished and have a budget of $10,000+.

Where – We are located in Brighton, Michigan. We service ecoFinish in southeastern Michigan.

When – Ideally June, July, or August.

Why – Because ecoFinish will bring new life to your fiberglass or gunite pool, it is so comfortable for your skin, and the water chemistry does not break down the finish.

How does it work? – The ecoFinish products are thermal plastic coatings which are applied pneumatically, heated as it comes through the application gun melted, and flashes onto the pool surface. It dries almost instantly and creates a smooth and long lasting finish which is waterproof, impervious to chipping, scaling and staining.

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How do I get started? – If you are interested in learning more about if ecoFinish is right for your pool, please send an email with a few photos of your pool, as well as your contact information to and our team will be happy to discuss if ecoFinish is right for you!

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ecoFinish Manufacturer

Our team has had an evolution with ecoFinish. Since first being introduced to it, we’ve tried it on our own projects with success and some learning along the way. We share parts of our journey with ecoFinish and the company that manufactures it so you can learn more about it, from our perspective.

Al, of Ask the Pool Guy and Legendary Escapes {pool construction} is an installer of ecoFinish. He shares his thoughts and insights about the product and the company because he is truly excited about this product, and the people behind it.

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Our Introduction to ecoFinish

Article originally posted March 7, 2014 from Karen’s perspective

Last night we left the bright lights and constant activity of Atlantic City to travel to Warminster, a quiet, nothing to do, little town in Pennsylvania. Arriving in Warminster, we tried to find something fun the four of us could do; part of the experience of the entire trip was to team build, furthering Mark and my increasing participation in decision making, but the only thing we could find was a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts. Which we made, then returned to the motel to discuss the upcoming season, and the reason why we were in Warminster: an exploratory visit to the ecoFinish headquarters.

EcoFinish is a company that has come up with one of the most exciting new products in the pool industry. By trial and error over the last six years, they have come up with a new pool finish, Aquabright, that is “a thermal plastic coating that is applied pneumatically. I viewed it as something similar to powder coating machine parts, but I don’t know enough about either process to explain the unique differences.

Anyway, we were in town to be shown the installation process and judge for ourselves the quality of the product; asking ourselves if we thought the process and finish were something we wanted to invest in. The finish can be applied as an alternative to plaster/hydrazzo/pebble finishes on gunite; it is a wonderful resurfacing finish for stained and aged fiberglass pools and spas; and it is a viable repair surface for cracked fiberglass steps and slides. We like our hybrid pool design, so we wouldn’t use the finish for our pools, but as a sideline repair service for everything fiberglass, there is a huge need. P.S. We also went to this demonstration looking for what other creative uses we could use this process for.

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Our day was divided into four sections: a discussion of the installation process, a hands-on demonstration, a history of the company, and then an outside tour of local pools with the applied finish. It was an interesting day. The actual installation process is not hard, but it is exacting. Patience is needed to insure the tedious steps are completed to ensure the successful adhesion of the heated plastic coating. The fun part of the day was getting to use the gun that sprays the coating. It’s like a flame thrower when you first start it up, but then you tone the flame down so you can slowly wave the gun back and forth, creating layers of heated plastic that hardens quickly into durable surface. After listening to the history of the company, we were able to go out and view existing pool and spa surfaces. We were able to see them underwater and touch them to see if there was any chipping or chalking.

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The surfaces looked impressive underwater. I really liked how it blended with the tile line. I think the finish is a cool looking surface, a viable surface worth investing in. It would also be fun to see what else the Aquabrite finish could be used for. On the way home, Al and Mark were talking about spraying their boots to waterproof them.

Stay tuned as we discover more about EcoFinish and the possibilities!

That was then, this is now

ecoFinish is an amazing product. There is a key to it being installed correctly – it needs to be done by an installer that is approved by ecoFinish and who knows what they are doing. Prep of the pool surface is critical, as well as following the ecoFinish protocol to achieve a chemical bond AND a mechanical bond.

Visit our YouTube videos for hours and hours of thoughts, opinions, questions, answers and facts about ecoFinish and it’s uses.

For all the pool knowledge you’re looking for, check out Ask the Pool Guy HQ. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about swimming pools, all in one place. Ask the Pool Guy is passionate about sharing the vast knowledge he has acquired throughout his decades in the pool industry, and he wants to make sure everyone has an enjoyable pool experience. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here, you can contact him or a capable member of his team! Visit our Ask the Pool Guy Website:

Legendary Escapes is the home of the hybrid swimming pool. Al, the designer and builder, and his team are passionate about creating unique, one-of-a-kind pools. They are constantly innovating and coming up with new ways to better serve their clients. No two Legendary Escapes pools are alike, and they are unlike any pool you’ll find elsewhere. Our website showcases our projects, as well as providing helpful information if you’re a current pool owner or considering building a custom swimming pool in Michigan or a looking for a custom pool build anywhere in the United States. To learn more about the construction arm of Ask the Pool Guy, check out the Legendary Escapes website:

Ask the Pool Guy and Legendary Escapes are striving to share the knowledge! We don’t think homeowners in SE Michigan should be the only people who have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hybrid swimming pool; so we’re working with builders across the country to bring hybrid pools to you. We’re happy to work with local builders, wherever “local” might be, to design and build beautiful custom hybrid swimming pools all over the country.

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