Focal Aria K2 936 Floorstanding Speaker Review (2023)

Focal Aria K2 936 Floorstanding Speaker Introduction

Focal’sAria loudspeaker line has been around for some years now and has receivedpraise from reviewers and owners alike. Sadly, it wasn’t a loudspeaker seriesthat we had close contact with in the form of a review when it was launched.However, when Focal recently revamped the Arias in the limited-edition K2series, we decided not to miss out on another opportunity to see what Ariaspeakers could do and asked Focal to send us a pair. The changes that thelimited-edition K2 version of the Arias makes are mostly cosmetic, but thedrivers are entirely different with one of the changes being the replacement ofthe regular Aria’s Flax cones with Focal’s K2 Aramid Fibre Sandwich cones thatlook to be a bit more advanced. That brings us to the subject of today’s review,the Focal Aria K2 936. These 3-way floor-standing speakers are the big guns of theAria K2 series and feature three 6.5” bass drivers, a 6.5” midrange driver, andan inverted dome tweeter all set inside of a hefty-sized enclosure with threeports. This model is surely the one that will most fully express what the AriaK2 series is capable of.

Focal Aria K2 936 Speaker Review Discussion


Inmy opinion, the Aria K2 936 speakers look very nice, but they won’t be foreveryone. In many instances, loudspeakers seem to draw on automobiles for stylingcues, and it seems to me that these speakers do that a bit more than most. TheAria K2 936 has a gloss grey finish that Focal calls “Ash Grey.” This is acolor that I am seeing becoming popular in automobiles, a grey sometimes called“gunmetal grey,” “concrete,” “stone grey,” etc. As a limited-edition model, theAria K2 936 speakers only come in this color. The front and back baffle comesin a leatherette finish, a material that looks and feels a lot like realleather but is actually a vinyl imitation. One thing I like about thisleatherette material is that it does not catch fingerprints like gloss orsmooth satin finishes. The speaker is topped with a glass surface with “Focal”printed underneath the glass at the front edge.

Theenclosure has a subtle curvature on the side panels that is imitated in shapeby a plinth-type base. The base is made from an aluminum alloy, but it lookslike iron. It is a bit more rounded and also gives the speakers a slightbackward lean. It uses spiked feet that can be adjusted in height using anincluded tool.

Thestand-out feature of the Aria K2 936 is the bright yellow cones. They serve asquite the contrast with the black/grey surfaces elsewhere on the speaker. Withthe grilles on, the Aria K2 936 is handsome with a reserved manner. The grilleshave a rounded shape that continues the front baffle’s curvature. Without thegrilles, the speakers do draw a bit of attention to themselves thanks to thecones, but I like the extra flash that they add. Trim rings surround thedrivers and the grilles use magnetic grille guides, so the front baffle has aclean look. The yellow cones with the black dust caps remind me of older BMWswith round headlights. I would not be surprised if BMW enthusiasts weresubconsciously drawn to these speakers without realizing that styling cue. Withthe grilles on, the Aria K2 936 speakers could fit in just about any interiordecor due to the muted styling, even despite the somewhat large enclosure, butI think the ungrilled speakers will be a hit or miss for most people, and Idon’t think anyone will be on the fence about that aesthetic.

Design Analysis

Theoverall design of the Aria K2 936 speakers is not radically different thantraditional tower speakers, and they differentiate themselves mostly in thedetails. The basic design is a three-way tower with three 6.5” bass drivers, amidrange, and a dome tweeter. While that is hardly a revolutionary design, itcan be a very good one if executed correctly, and the proper execution lieslargely in the details. Now, let’s dive into the details and start at the topwith the tweeter.

Focaluses their usual inverted dome shape for the tweeter. Focal claims that theinverted dome shape helps to narrow directivity versus normal convex dometweeters. It also enables the use of a smaller diameter voice coil fixeddirectly to the dome, and this should make the moving assembly lighter and morerigid. The tweeter dome itself is made from an aluminum/magnesium alloy whichshould be stiff enough to maintain its shape up to a very high frequency butlight enough to deliver good sensitivity. Focal touts the tweeter’s suspensionusing a material called “Poron,” an open-cell polyurethane microcellular foamthat Focal says has better dimensional stability (and therefore lowerdistortion) and no degradation over time. The tweeter is mounted in a shallowwaveguide that is intended to maximize horizontal directivity while minimizingdiffraction.

Themidrange driver and bass drivers use the eponymous “K2” cone which is composedof a very light foam layer between a layer of Aramid fibers and a layer offiberglass. This cone composition should help to tame break-up modes out to arelatively high frequency. Break-up modes are how the cone bends out of shapewhen it moves at frequencies that are too high for it to maintain a uniformshape. This is a serious problem in loudspeaker design because when the conestarts to deform, it can produce some very ugly sounds and ruin the fidelity ofthe sound. As cones become larger, the frequencies at which break-up modesoccur become lower, and the Aria K2 936 has a relatively large midrange 6.5”cone along with a high crossover frequency of 3.1kHz, so it will be veryimportant that measures are taken to keep break-up modes out of audible bandsbefore the tweeter takes over.

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Witha large midrange cone, the K2 936 should have pretty good sensitivity anddynamic range in the midrange’s frequency band. Add to that the three 6.5” bassdrivers, which have a combined area slightly greater than an 11” cone, and thisspeaker should not be lacking in dynamics, especially in such a good-sizedenclosure. The enclosure itself has three ports. There are two front-firingports and a larger-diameter down-firing one. All three ports are flared on bothends. The down-firing port has a 3 ¾” depth with a 2 ½” diameter, and thefront-firing ports have a 6” depth with a 2” diameter. I would have guessedthat the difference in ratio between the shape of these ports means that theywill have different resonant frequencies with the down-firing port having ahigher resonant frequency than the front-firing ports, but Focal says that thedown-firing port actually has a lower tuning frequency than the front-firingports.

Thebass drivers are crossed over to the midrange at 260Hz, and the midrangecrosses over to the tweeter at 3.1kHz, and that gives the midrange a fairlywide bandwidth, although Focal does not disclose the slopes of the filters.This keeps the phase rotation of crossover filters out of much of the vocalrange, and that could help to keep a natural sound in singing and speech.Interestingly, Focal does not include the option to bi-amp or bi-wire thedriver sections. As regular readers of our reviews will know, this isn’t a badthing, because it avoids the potential mistakes that many users make whentrying to take advantage of that ability. It can often cause more problems thanthe benefits it can bring. I like the high-torque binding posts that Focaluses. They make it very easy to get a tight fit on a bare wire connection.

Theweighty aluminum base does a good job of planting the speaker to the floor, andthese would not be very easy to tip over despite their height. As was mentionedbefore, they are slightly angled back, but the spiked feet can be adjusted byan included spanner to change the angle. That adjustability also means thatthey can be changed so all four feet can rest evenly on an irregular floorsurface. There are rubber pads on the bottom of the base, so the base can reston the floor without the spiked feet if the user doesn’t want to use the feet.There are also spiked feet covers in case the user wants to use the feet butwants something softer than bare metal spikes. The grille is held on bymagnetic grille guides and wraps an acoustically transparent fabric over aplastic frame with a hexagonal mesh over the entire area. This grille actuallywould protect the speakers from a physical impact, but it probably causes somediffraction and wouldn’t do the speaker any favors as far as performance goes,but any acoustic disadvantages brought on by the grille would likely beminor.

Listening Sessions

In my 24’ by 13’(approximately) listening room, I set up the speakers with a few feet ofstand-off distances between the back wall and sidewall and equal distancebetween speakers and listening position. I angled the speakers to face mylistening position directly. The listening distance from the speakers was about9 feet. No equalization was used and no subwoofers were used.

Music Listening

The Focal K2 936’s faithfully reproduced the vocalist with such enormous range andenergy.

Anyonelooking for an exquisite vocal recording can rely on the Korean jazz vocalistYoun Sun Nah’s albums, and that is what I did to get a sense of the Aria K2936’s capability in this regard. Her 2010 release “Same Girl” mainly covers adiverse spread of songs from the likes of Rogers & Hammerstein, Metallica,Sergio Mendes, and Randy Newman, but she also performs a couple of her owncompositions. Her covers of these other artists are anything but a simplerehash; she very much makes them her own She has the range and control over hervoice to competently take her singing into any emotional territory, and her rawtalent has earned her a whole slew of international awards and accolades aswell as a host of albums from top European jazz labels. I streamed thisfinely-produced album from Qobuz at a 24-bit/88.4kHz resolution.

Thefirst track is a minimal cover of “My Favorite Things” that only has Sun Nah’ssinging accompanied by a kalimba, and the K2 936 rendered her voice with nearlyclinical precision. Her voice was anchored dead center in the soundstage, somuch so that I think this track could serve as a center image check test muchlike a monoaural white noise. Subsequent tracks brought in a full jazz band,and through the K2 936s, I could hear that the individual instruments were largelyrecorded in the near field. Sun Nah’s wild singing in the track “Breakfast inBaghdad” proved to be a superlative demonstration of not just her talent butalso the K2 936’s ability to failthfully reproduce a vocalist of such enormous range andenergy. It’s hard to believe that the same person sings the track “Song of NoRegrets,” a sorrowful tune that exudes dejection. Her masterful rendition of“Enter the Sandman” proved that she could be the next Grace Slick if shewanted. Throughout all of these tracks, the K2 936 speakers gave a revealingaccount of her voice but not through sibilance or any excess treble that Icould discern. It was simply the aural detail that can be had from awell-crafted recording and a correctly balanced audio system. Accompanyinginstruments were also relayed with the same neutral, realistic presentation asSun Nah’s voice. A gorgeous acoustic guitar on “La Chanson d’helene” was givena close examination in its solo on the K2 936 speakers, and that was very mucha worthwhile exit track for this terrific album.

Acclaimedneoclassical composer Max Richter released a brilliant album a decade ago withhis ‘recompositions’ of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” These recompositions werelike a remix of the famous “Four Season” that retained basic melodies or insome cases the echo of a melody from the original works but places them intonew song structures. Richter has recently returned to this idea again in the2022 release “The New Four Seasons” which applies the same ideas but takes themin different directions. While some people have complained that this is abutchery of Vivaldi’s music, the original “Four Seasons” are such a well-knownand over-used staple of classic repertoire that these rearrangements are thebest thing to happen to these familiar concertos in a long time. “The New FourSeasons” is meticulously produced and released by Deutsche Grammophon, and Istreamed it from Qobuz in a 24-bit-96kHz resolution.

the details of the higher pitched strings were meticulously reproduced on the K2 936s without becoming overly sharp.

Onthe first track, violins and violas danced on top of slow-building piano andwoodwind foundation, and the contrast between these sections was beautifullyarticulated by the K2 936. The details of the higher-pitched strings weremeticulously reproduced without becoming overly sharp. These strings do sound abit different than traditional orchestral strings, and the reason for that isRichter opted to use period stringed instruments even though these compositionsare quite modern (or at least have been modernized). The result is a moreforward string section that glides over the more bass-weighted conventionalorchestral sections. At times Richter also brings in a classic Moog synthesizerto add a touch of futurism to the sound pallet. Richter also clashes old withnew with his prominent use of a harpsichord in some tracks, and its uniquesound was reproduced with a striking lucidity on the K2 936 speakers. Throughthe acoustic cues heard on these speakers, the album could very clearly beheard to be performed on a soundstage rather than a symphonic hall. Theperformance wasn’t as spread out in sound as would be heard in a normalsymphonic hall, and the performers occupied a more defined position with lessreverberant ambiance than would be heard in a symphonic hall. This gave thealbum a sound similar to that of an orchestral score for a movie rather thanattending a live performance. Perhaps that is just as well since the vastmajority of orchestral music is heard as scores for film, television, and videogames these days, and so neoclassical music would more properly reflect the wayin which orchestral music is heard by modern listeners. This isn’t to say thatis a bad thing; it is simply different, and it can still sound great,especially if heard on really good speakers like the K2 936s.

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the K2 936 could stomp out the fatter basslines and beats withsubwoofer-like authority.

Forsomething on the more eccentric and wholly artificial side of music (and I donot use the word artificial in any pejorative way), I queued up an album fromDeath’s Dynamic Shroud entitled, “I’ll Try Living Like This.” While Death’sDynamic Shroud is associated with the genre of Vaporwave, their music is fartoo inventive to be pigeonholed into any one genre. This music is like pouringpop music through a blender gone haywire, and while madness emerges from theend, there is still a method to it that makes it eminently listenable. It isn’tmusic for everyone, but those who can appreciate its melodic mutilation oftraditional R&B and pop music may want to give it a spin on a high-fidelitysystem to see what it can sound like with content on the very opposite side ofrealism.

Thesoundstage, insofar as such a thing exists in music like this, is like normalstudio pop music caught in a whirlwind of bizarre samples. On a pair ofheadphones, it sounds like listening in the eye of the storm, but the K2 936speakers presented it in front of me, like being seated in the front row at anIMAX theater. It was still a dizzying experience but more graspable than beingthrown into pop music chaos. There is some thick bass in “I’ll Try Living LikeThis,” and the K2 936 could stomp out the fatter basslines and beats withsubwoofer-like authority. There is no doubt that these speakers had some reallow-frequency muscle. Track 5 overlays a low-fi library instrumental piece withvocals taken from the mind of someone dying from an overdose of LSD, and I hadto laugh at the end result when reproduced from these high-fidelity Focalloudspeakers. Every digital studio plug-in effect imaginable is deployed onthis album, usually simultaneously, and on the K2 936s, it was like being a kidat a candy store. The K2 936s were able to keep the many layers of soundelements distinct, and as strange as the music could get at times, the soundsdidn’t become mired in a confused mess. A lesser speaker might not have beenable to differentiate the low-fi sampled elements from some of the heavilyprocessed synth sounds. “I’ll Try Living Like This” was a lot of fun to hear onthe K2 936 speakers. It shows that while hi-fi speakers can reproducetraditional acoustic recordings with realism, they can also make the strangertypes of music shine thanks to the clarity, tonal balance, and dynamic rangethat benefits all music.

Keepingon the experimental side of music but from a very different angle, one album Ilistened to with the Aria K2 936 speakers was the original soundtrack for themovie “Hereditary.” 2018’s Hereditary was one of the most starkly horrificmovies to come out in recent years, and the music played a larger part thanmost people realize in achieving this effect. The score was created by ColinStetson who decided to avoid the usual tropes of the genre and didn’t use anystraining strings or synthesizer drones. Instead, he relied largely onwoodwinds and brass but used them in an unusual fashion to create a trulyunique orchestral score. The result is unnerving and striking, and this albumcertainly doesn’t need the accompanying movie to create a sense of unease.Anyone looking to see how new sounds can be made from traditional instrumentsshould give this album a listen.

the K2 936 speakers were ableto provide precise imaging as well as an expansive, enveloping sound when itwas called for.

The“Hereditary” score pushed woodwind instruments into their lowest octaves; infact, the woodwinds provide much of the bass here, and the Aria K2 936 speakerswere able to vividly express this unusual texture. Stetson, who is mainly knownas an alto and bass saxophone player, unsurprisingly does use quite a bit ofsaxophone in the music, but that would come as a surprise to anyone who didn’talready know that since nothing in this music sounds anything like a normalsaxophone. Much of this music is made from different types of clarinets, butagain, one would never guess from just hearing the music. Stetson makes thesetraditional instruments sound utterly alien, and the K2 936 could evocativelycommunicate this effect. Some tracks are underlined by a pulsating deep basssound, and the speakers reproduced the bass with an almost visceral potency.Some instruments held a strong center image in the soundstage while others weremixed to span outward to cover a broad swath, and the K2 936 speakers were ableto provide precise imaging as well as an expansive, enveloping sound when itwas called for. Much like the movie that it scores, the “Hereditary” soundtrackis not a pleasant experience but is still enjoyable due to the artistry involved.Such artistry is most fully expressed on a good sound system, and the Aria K2936 speakers proved to be a very worthy part of such a sound system.

Movie Watching

Ithas been a long time since I have been as excited to watch a television show aswhen HBO’s “We Own This City” had been announced. One of my all-time favoritetelevision shows was “The Wire,” and this show looked to be something of asuccessor to “The Wire,” since it was about Baltimore law enforcement and wasmade by the same creative team. As far as tests of dialogue intelligibility go,it looked to be a very good one since the showrunners insist on authenticBaltimore accents and slang, and it can sometimes be a bit tricky for anon-native to follow. And being an HBO production, the sound mix should be ofthe highest production quality that a television show can have. Now that allsix episodes are available at the same time I had the Aria K2 936 speakers, Ifigured now would be a good time to binge this show.

“WeOwn This City” met my high expectations of it, and the K2 936 speakers turnedout to be a great choice for experiencing this show. It is crucially importantthat the sound system be very good in dialogue intelligibility for this show,and the K2 936s were very good indeed. Every single F-bomb was beautifullylucid, and I had no trouble understanding anything that was said. The music waslargely diegetic with bar music or car stereos playing in the background withthe exception of the opening titles and end credits. The sound mix was cleanand down to Earth, and the effects noises were mostly just sounds from routinecity life except for moments of police action such as household raids orpeeling tires of patrol cars. Certainly one could get by with a lesser soundsystem for following this drama, but a good sound system like the Aria K2 936speakers makes it so much more immersive. “We Own This City” turned out to be aterrific show, and anyone looking for something engrossing to binge on ought tocheck it out.

The Focal Aria K2 936 speakers proved tobe a good fit with movie action.

Fora sound mix more on the fantastical side, I watched the Netflix production“Gunpowder Milkshake,” an over-the-top action movie about a ruthless ladyassassin who decides to protect a child that ended up in the crosshairs of anorganized crime syndicate. I had not yet seen this movie, but it looked like ithas action scenes so excessive that they become comical. I had heard by word ofmouth that “Gunpowder Milkshake” is heavily stylized and wildly violent, so Ithought it could be a good choice for demonstrating what the Aria K2 936speakers could do with a more traditional Hollywood fare.

Onething was clear after having seen “Gunpowder Milkshake,” and that was the AriaK2 936 speakers were not light on bass. The audio was as stylized as the video,so the action scenes had a much heavier emphasis on bass than was realistic,and this was not lost on the K2 936 speakers. Every gunshot had a meaty thumpas did every punch, kick, and body slam. A car chase in an underground parkinggarage also evidenced the dynamic range of the speakers with a fair amount oftire squeals, revving motors, and collisions that echoed in the reverberantacoustics of the facility. In some moments, classic pop music was played overthe action scenes which did mute their dynamics a bit, but it was still fun towatch the bloodbath set to some golden oldies. The original music was atraditional orchestral score that didn’t really attempt to do more than set themood of the scenes, but it still sounded full on the K2 936s. The movie wasn’tmuch more than a justification for John Wick-styled violence with a feminineangle, but that was all that it promised to be, and indeed, that was what itdelivered. Action movie fans should check it out if they haven’t already doneso, and they should do it with speakers that won’t compress the dynamics orcompromise the clarity of the sound. The Focal Aria K2 936 speakers proved tobe a good fit with this movie.

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Chips666 posts on August 19, 2022 04:26

mtrot, post: 1567432, member: 57542
Also, the question has to be asked, does this K2 version offer any significant measurements or sound quality improvement over the original Aria 936? It seems like I remember reading one review that suggested the answer is, no.

Looking at the measurements, both done by Stereophile, i think with a proper double blind test there wont be a audible difference Enjoy…5740257402574035740357402

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mtrycrafts posts on August 13, 2022 17:00

I am shocked. No bi-wire posts?

gene posts on August 13, 2022 16:30


luis1090 posts on August 11, 2022 23:08

TLS Guy, post: 1567564, member: 29650
I agree, but people do. But the other issue is that most people now want to go to 20 Hz. So if people are bound and determined to roll speakers off at 60 or 80 Hz to cross to a sub, then what's the point of a low F3, might as well make the speaker more efficient, and make sure it has good power handling above 80 Hz or so. The fact is that most of the frequencies people perceive as bass are actually above sub range. In my view, a lot, and probably most speakers, are deficient in actually powerfully delivering that power range between 80 Hz and certainly 1.5KHz and even 3 to 4 KHz. The worst offenders are so often three ways, with totally inadequate mid range speakers in terms of power handling. There are actually few mids that can handle this range as single units, and most should be used in pairs.

Again, you might be right but I assuming here that the typical customer for these are stereo “audiophiles” with an audio room full of high-end stuff like McIntosh amps, stupid expensive cables(snake oil) and maybe a power conditioner more expensive than a house down payment like one of those Audioquest Niagara. This type of customer will first drop dead before “damaging” their perfect sound with a subwoofer. I believe a typical audiophile will be perfectly happy with his main speaker reaching down to the 40hz range. I seriously doubt that someone will buy these speakers to pair with a fridge size subwoofer to play Jay-Z or Bass Mekanik or…well you get the picture. Regarding efficiency with class D amplifiers becoming mainstream power and I mean big power is available without the need to break the piggy bank. Regarding your perception of inadequate midrange drivers; once again you might be right and maybe you like something like Tekton Design speakers, they use Pro-Audio drivers like Eminence for midrange and mid-bass and are extremely efficient. A friend of mine owns a set of big Teckton tower speakers and I believe he told me those are like 99db/w with two 6" inch midrange drivers each and ironically I remember the voices in particular were very real like a live performance. I listened just a couple of tunes but came away impressed, those are different for sure and probably not for everybody but to me they sounded right.

audiogod66 posts on August 08, 2022 00:25

mtrot, post: 1567782, member: 57542
Yes, right before covid, there were nice used sets of 936 available for $2700 and I saw a set of 926 for around $1800. It's astounding how much people are asking for them now, which I refuse to pay. Just can't do it.

I can get Focal Aria 926 Gloss Black with Gia11 footers11 for $2k as of the weekend they hadn't been sold. Only trouble for anyone in Australia is the guy through the packaging away ,anyway in Sydney for those keen

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While they produce great highs, mids, and mid bass but don't expect lows below 60Hz. Pair these with a 10" sub (or two in my case - had it both ways) and they sound amazing. Pros: Fantastic highs, mids, and mid lows. Extremely clean.

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The higher the sensitivity rating, the louder your speaker is. An average speaker comes with a sensitivity of around 87 dB to 88 dB. A speaker with a sensitivity rating over 90 dB is considered excellent.

What country makes the best speakers? ›

There is an eternal debate about audio systems on the electronic music scene. High quality loudspeakers are built all around the world, like D&B in Germany, Dynaudio in Denmark, Fostex in Japan, Clearsound in Bulgaria but 3 countries definitely dominate the world big sound market: UK, USA and France.


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