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    Have you ever given your headboards a second thought? They are wonderful. They protect your walls, support your head, keep your pillows in place and enhance the look of your room!

    Headboards were originally designed to act as an insulating layer. The wall would radiate the cold of the outside environment, and the headboard would keep you warm. However, these days they have taken a decorative role. A headboard of your choice can define the appearance of your bedroom and make it look classy or modern.

    Today, you will stumble upon various headboards that come in several designs and sizes. And you must choose the right size to match your mattress and your room. Our headboard sizes chart will help you make an informed decision while buying your bedding. That’s not all. This blog will also take you through the different types of headboards, helping you understand which is the perfect fit for you.

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    Headboard Sizes Chart

    If you want to know how to choose a headboard, check out the headboard sizes chart first to achieve a sense of clarity and to check which headboard fits your frame.

    (Video) Standard Bed Sizes in india [DeepakVerma]
    Bed SizeHeadboard widthMattress dimensionsRecommended Room Size ( in ft)Recommended Room Size (in inches)
    Twin41 inches approximately38 by 74 inches7 feet by 10 feet84 inches by 120 inches
    Full56 inches approximately54 by 75 inches10 feet by 10 feet120 inches by 120 inches
    Queen62 inches approximately60 by 80 inches10 feet by 10 feet120 inches by 120 inches
    King80 inches approximately76 by 80 inches10 feet by 12 feet144 inches by 144 inches
    California King74 inches approximately72 by 84 inches12 feet by 12 feet144 inches by 144 inches

    If you are confused about the size of the mattress to buy, check out our mattress size chart .

    Headboard Heights

    The height of a headboard starts from 14 inches above your mattress. And king headboards can go as high as 56 inches.

    When it comes to measuring the headboard height; you don’t measure it from the ground. Instead, it is measured from the level of your mattress.

    Your headboard looks more in sync with the mattress when its height is less than the length of your bed. If it is higher, it can overwhelm your room. However, tall headboards look good in large and spacious bedrooms.

    Headboard Widths

    The simple rule of headboards is that the headboard's width should be compatible with your mattress size. The table above lists the standard mattress sizes and the headboard dimensions suitable for each.

    You can buy a headboard that is slightly wider than the mattress. Leaving a space of two inches on each side as this trick is known to make your bed look better. Keep this extra space in mind so that you don’t end up cluttering your room.

    Extra-wide headboards might look magnificent in a large bedroom. However, they will only add to the congestion in small spaces. So, make sure you consider your room size while buying a headboard. Take a look at the different types of headboards below;

    Twin Size Headboard Dimensions

    The standard twin headboard dimensions are 41 inches or 104 cm wide. If purchasing a headboard, it is essential to consider the width and dimensions of both your mattress and the room so that it smoothly fits while enhancing the aesthetics of the bedroom environment. And since both twin and twin XL mattresses share the same width, a twin headboard will easily fit them both. Generally, twin headboards are not significantly oversized, so they don’t overshadow the bed. The ideal room size for a twin is 10 by 10 ft.

    Full-Size Headboard Dimensions

    Generally, a full headboard measures 56 inches or 142 cm. They are usually shorter in size so that the whole look complements your bed and the room. At the same time, a larger headboard can overpower the room's balance. The suggested room size for a full-size headboard is 10 by 10 ft.

    Queen Size Headboard Dimensions

    A standard queen headboard size is 62 inches or 157 cm, and the suggested room size is 10 by 10 ft. If you already own a full headboard, the good news is that you can use the same thing for your queen bed. You will just have about six inches of extra headboard space, which won’t be noticeable after setting your bed with pillows and sheets.

    King Size Headboard Dimensions

    (Video) BEST and WORST Beds according to Feng Shui | Julie Khuu

    A king-size headboard should be about 80 inches or 203 cm, and the recommended room size is 12 by 12 ft. A king mattress and a headboard are always suitable in a master bedroom due to the ample space. Otherwise, your room will look overcrowded.

    California King Size Headboard Dimensions

    You will need the largest headboard size for a Cal king mattress, and it approximately measures 74 inches or 188 cm. Therefore, you must also check if you have the necessary wall space available before purchasing a cal king headboard. The suggested room size for these extra-wide headboards is 12 by 12 ft.

    Tall Headboards

    A tall headboard can be as high as 56 inches. It goes well with a king or Californian king bed and looks best in a room with high ceilings. A tall headboard might not fit in a room with a low ceiling. It might also look out of place.

    Tall headboards add to your bed height and prevent your head from banging against the wall. So, there’s nothing to worry about if you doze off while reading your favorite book on the bed because your headboard will offer all the protection you need.

    Short or Low Headboards

    Low headboards are short in height, ranging from 10 to 12 inches above your bed. They are best for children’s beds. You can also use them with twin and full-sized beds.

    Most modern-day apartments have tiny rooms, and a large headboard might clutter your space. Low-profile headboards can make your bedroom look spacious.

    Headboards should, however, match the size of your bed. Make sure it doesn’t look too small for your bed.

    Adjustable Headboards

    Adjustable headboards are a great option if you are unsure about headboard dimensions. They come with metallic legs that you can pull up or down, allowing you to adjust the headboard height.

    Suppose you are buying a new mattress or bed frame. Will you buy a new headboard? Having an adjustable headboard will save you precious money. You only need to increase or decrease its height to match your new bed. It will also come in handy when you shift to a new house. That’s because you can increase its height if your new room is more spacious.

    Sadly, not all headboards are adjustable. But you can increase or decrease the height of your headboard even if it is non-adjustable. How? You can make your mattress thinner to make the headboard look taller. Alternatively, you can lift your headboard from the floor and pin it at a higher level to increase its height.

    Go through our guide to know the ideal bed height for you.

    Types of Headboards

    Headboards are made of different materials like wood and metal. Their thickness varies depending on the material. When you buy a headboard for your bed, you must make sure it matches the size of your bed. Moreover, it should go well with your room decor and not appear odd.

    Wooden Headboard

    Wooden headboards are the most popular because of their classy and majestic look. They can be a perfect fit in any room, whether it has traditional or modern decor.

    You can get wooden boards made of pine, oak, or maple. Plywood boards are cheaper but not durable. Wooden headboards are polished to give them a shiny look. At times, they are also painted in shades of black or grey for a simple and low-profile appearance.

    You can use them with all bed types. However, they are most appropriate for poster bed frames for their regal looks.

    Upholstered Headboards

    If you are looking for a package of comfort and style, upholstered headboards are the best option. They are made of soft and cozy fabrics like velvet or linen to let you rest your head while sitting up in bed.

    You will get spoiled with choice as they come in several eye-catching and attractive colors and designs. Some might have beads and buttons engraved on them to give a more cheerful look. While others come in simple printed designs. The price of upholstered headboards depends on the materials used in the fabric.

    If you are someone who works from the comfort of your bed, this is the perfect headboard for you because of the support it provides. Upholstered come in a variety of headboard types.

    • Free Standing - These headboards are standalone, and you can attach them to the wall or bed frame. The thickness of your headboard here is also decent.
    • Straight - Straight headboards come in a rectangular shape. They might have different floral patterns printed on the fabric covering them.
    • Tufted - If you buy a tufted headboard for the bed, it will have beads and buttons sewn on the upholstery. That gives it an elegant look.
    • Wood-framed - These upholstered headboards have a fabric in between and a wooden border on the perimeter. It adds a decorative touch.

    Upholstered headboards are also suitable for children’s bedrooms due to their bright colors and eye-catching designs.

    Metal Headboard

    Metal headboards are made of brass, aluminum, stainless steel, or wrought iron. They are pretty popular these days for their simple design. Moreover, they are rust-free and durable.

    You cannot have too many decorations on them as it would lead to chipping. Metal headboards are perfect for small bedrooms due to their minimalistic look. You can also opt for them if you want your room to be sweet and simple.

    Storage Headboard

    Storage headboards come with shelves and drawers to accommodate your essentials like clocks, books, etc. You can also keep decorative items on the shelves.

    Made of wood, these are oversized headboards. So, you need a spacious room to accommodate them. A storage headboard will look out of place in small bedrooms and give a cluttered look to your room.

    Final Word

    If you are confused with the different headboard styles, you can bring home the bed frame with a built-in headboard from Nectar Sleep. That will save you time, money, and effort as you will not have to buy a headboard separately, and it is a perfect match for your mattress. You can check out our bed frame buying guide to buy the ideal bed frame for your room.

    (Video) Headboard Ideas for Queen-Size Beds | Interior Design

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    1. Nicolle Monico, Scot Thomas, M.D., Night Sweats and Alcohol: Why Alcohol Makes You Hot

    (Video) Headboard Feng Shui: How to Choose the Right One for Your Space

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    Should your headboard be the same size as your bed? ›

    There are no specific standards for headboard heights, though the general rule is to ensure the headboard is shorter than the length of your bed. Most twin, full, queen, king, and Cal king headboards are designed with this in mind.

    How much wider Should a headboard be than the bed? ›

    Standard headboard width is 0-3″ wider than the bedframe. Extra wide headboards can be up to twice as wide as your bed – perhaps even wider if you are doing a full headboard wall! A good rule of thumb is to extend the headboard to take in at least the extra width of your nightstands or bedside tables.

    How do I know if a headboard will fit my bed? ›

    Your headboard should be the width of your frame or 3 to 4 inches wider. This is why you can't really mix sizes, so for example, a twin headboard should be used with a twin platform bed. Frame-mounted headboards are used with all types of beds, such as platform beds, four-poster beds, sleigh beds, or bunk beds.

    How high should a headboard be above the mattress? ›

    How High Should A Headboard Be Above The Mattress? The height of the headboard above the mattress is a case of personal preference in most cases, but standard heights tend to vary from around 14” above the top of the mattress to 29” or more. The wider the bed, the higher the headboard typically is.

    Does a headboard make a room look smaller? ›

    Make the room look bigger

    But because the headboard is typically against a wall, it doesn't add bulk to the look. Instead, it can create the illusion that the walls stretch further away from the bed, especially if the floors around the bed are kept cleared of clutter.

    How wide should a headboard be for a queen size bed? ›

    Queen-size headboard dimensions

    Queen headboards range from 60 inches wide to 63 inches wide on average and have an average height of 48 inches. The size of the queen headboard one chooses often depends more on your stylistic preferences than room or sleep space considerations.

    What is the standard headboard width? ›

    Headboard Sizes Chart
    Bed SizeHeadboard widthRecommended Room Size (in inches)
    Full56 inches approximately120 inches by 120 inches
    Queen62 inches approximately120 inches by 120 inches
    King80 inches approximately144 inches by 144 inches
    California King74 inches approximately144 inches by 144 inches
    1 more row
    Jun 5, 2022

    Are headboards outdated? ›

    Short answer is: no, headboards are far from outdated. They've got a long lifespan and will have a place in our homes for years to come. From a stylistic perspective, it all comes down to the look and feel you want to have in your room and choosing a headboard that compliments your vision.

    How is a headboard supposed to fit? ›

    The bottom of the headboard should sit at the top of the mattress. If you want to adjust the height of your headboard, just loosen the bolts and lift the headboard up to the height you want it.

    Is it better to have a headboard or no headboard? ›

    There's no requirement that you have a headboard for your bed. However, headboards can provide extra support, prevent wall damage, and elevate your bedroom decor. So, do you need a headboard? Today, many headboards serve more of a decorative role than a functional one.

    Should my headboard touch the floor? ›

    No, a headboard should not touch the floor. If it does, it will be difficult to clean and may damage the floor over time. In addition, a headboard that is too low will not offer the right level of support. Make sure to measure the height of your bed frame before you purchase a headboard.

    How high is too high for a headboard? ›

    Your headboard should be 60-80cm above the mattress or just enough for you to rest your back against without touching the wall. It is important to note that headboards tend to sit higher on larger beds – for example, a queen headboard is usually taller than a single headboard.

    Is it better to have your bed lower or higher? ›

    A bed that is too low can block the flow of chi, and a bed that is too high can create a buildup of energy and cause restlessness in the night. According to feng shui experts, the best bet is a medium-height bed with a clear and open space underneath.

    How do you know if your bed is too high? ›

    Finding the right bed height for your height

    Preferably your feet should be flat against the floor and your knees in line with your hips. However, if your knees are above your hips, the bed may be too low for you. If your knees are below your hips, or your feet can't reach the floor, the bed is too high.

    What is the current trend in headboards? ›

    'Headboards are once again becoming popular, with big, bold shapes in bright colors and patterned fabrics being a go-to choice. It's all about creating a focal point and making a real statement and an upholstered headboard will really allow you to show off your personality, whilst being comfortable and practical too. '

    Are headboards in Style 2022? ›

    Headboards are taking center stage when it comes to bedroom design. In fact, they might even upstage the bed. This is one of the 2022 bedroom trends going above what's expected by supersizing the head of the bed.

    Is a high or low headboard better in a small room? ›

    However, just because a room is small, that doesn't mean the ceiling is low; if the ceiling is tall in a small room, you want to mitigate the poor proportions, and using taller furniture – or even a tall headboard – can do this. That said, if your room has a low ceiling, a low bed is your best choice.

    What is a queen vs full headboard? ›

    Queen headboard and or footboard usually measures 60 inches wide while full size mattresses and bed frames only measures 54 inches wide. Although 6 inches may seem like a lot, it really isn't when you split the difference between each side. People have been fitting headboards to frames this way for years.

    What is the difference between queen and king headboard? ›

    The king headboard is considerably wider than a queen size mattress and bed frame which measures a significant 16 inches narrower. By using a king headboard with a queen mattress and bed frame it would leave 8 inches of king size headboard exposed on each side of the mattress and would be very unattractive.

    Is a queen headboard too big for a full? ›

    If you are still wondering if you can make your queen size headboard fit your full-size mattress, then yes, because there are no rules here. You can decorate your bedroom the way you want to, and a slightly larger headboard will just add boho vibes to the room.

    How do you measure headboard size? ›

    Measuring the Headboard Height

    The traditional size for a singe bed is 67 cms in height. A double or king size headboard is 75 cms - 100 cms. Either way, first measure from the top of the mattress upward to the height you want. Then, measure the depth of the mattress.

    Do all headboards fit the same? ›

    As long as you have a standard bed frame, you should have no problem attaching your headboard to it. Also, don't forget to make sure your headboard is the same bed size as your bed frame.

    What is the difference between a headboard and a bed frame? ›

    Support: The headboard supports your neck and back and can also be used to attach a headboard cover or fabric. A full bed frame is a metal frame that supports the entire weight of the bed. It includes rails that the mattress rests on and usually has space underneath the bed.

    What are the 2022 bedroom trends? ›

    6 Top Bedroom Design Trends for 2022, According to a New Report
    • Designing for Comfort.
    • Sustainable Bedding.
    • Bold Bedroom Colors.
    • Statement Patterns.
    • Splurging on Quality.
    • Focus on Guest Rooms.
    Jun 7, 2022

    What are the bedroom trends 2023? ›

    Insider asked interior designers which bedroom-decor trends will be in and out this year. Natural elements, wavy decor, and color drenching are in style. All-white bedding and cottage-core-inspired looks are on their way out, however.

    What bedding is in style 2022? ›

    Minimal, casual bedding is expected to rise in popularity.

    "We'll see more casual bedding without as many frills and fewer bold allover patterns on bedding," Welling said. "Think solid-colored duvets with a washed-cotton look, textured throw blankets, and a couple of bold accent pillows."

    What is the main purpose of a headboard? ›

    A headboard gives support to your bed, but most importantly it protects your wall against abrasion. As well as a headboard's practical uses, a headboard can also give your bedroom a very personal touch.

    What do you call a bed with no headboard? ›

    Think of a platform bed as both a bed base and bed frame, whereas a box spring is just a bed base. This extra sturdy bed frame embodies a less-is-more mentality for your sleep. Simple and sleek, most types of platform beds come without a headboard or footboard—perfect for tiny city apartments or minimalism devotees.

    Why you don't need a headboard? ›

    While we love a beautiful headboard as much as the next home decorator, it's no longer a necessity to create a finished bedroom. Not only does decorating without a headboard allow you to be more creative and think outside the box, but it can also free up space and give you more room to work within a small space.

    Why you shouldn't put your bed on the floor? ›

    Keeping a mattress on the floor can result in unwanted moisture issues, which can lead to mold and mildew. To counter this, it's wise to periodically prop your mattress up against the wall to allow it to air out. Whenever you move your bed, be sure to check for signs of moisture, excessive dust, and bugs.

    Why you shouldn't put your bed against the wall? ›

    When you have the left or right side of your bed placed against a wall, it creates difficult feng shui. Having open space on both left and right sides of the bed allows qi (energy) to flow evenly around you. If there is a wall on one side of your bed, your qi isn't being nurtured from both sides.

    What is the benefit of floor standing headboard? ›

    The main reason is stability. By fixing directly to the divan base, standing headboards increase the structural integrity of the bed. This means that a new floor standing headboard is sturdier than a strutted headboard and can give new life to an older divan bed.

    Does a tall headboard make the room look bigger? ›

    A tall headboard in a small bedroom will instantly draw your eye upwards, thus making the room appear bigger. If you are not keen on a headboard that is too tall, you can always add a piece of artwork above it as it will achieve the same eye-drawing effect, perhaps even more so!

    Should your headboard be against the window? ›

    Most people avoid the bed under the window at all costs. Further, feng shui rules warn against it as too much energy flows out of the room causing restless sleep. Even traditional designers discourage the positioning of a bed in front of the windows.

    What is the best direction to face a bed? ›

    According to ancient traditions like vastu shastra, the best direction to sleep in is toward the south. This theory is also supported by some recent research . This means that when you lie in bed, your head is pointed south , and your feet are pointed north.

    How high should a bed be for an elderly person? ›

    Ideal Bed Height for Elderly People

    But a rough ballpark figure for safe bed height is between 18” to 23”; approximately the same height as a chair.

    Why are modern beds so low? ›

    Today, low beds are used in modern interior design to soften areas and feel more dynamic. The eye is drawn upwards by dropping a bed down, and because there is more space to see, the impression of a larger area is guaranteed.

    What are the benefits of low bed? ›

    A lower bed is minimalist in appearance and delivers a timeless style. Because it's so low to the ground, it makes the room seem more spacious. Typically, a low bed is less bulky and, of course, allows for easy assembly. Another aesthetically pleasing benefit to a lower bed is that you don't need a bed skirt.

    Why are platform beds so low? ›

    Platform beds typically have slats, so they don't require a boxspring. This is partly why they are lower to the ground. Sometimes the mattress sits level to the edge of the bed, and it can also be more sunken in to the frame.

    How high should bed be off floor? ›

    While 16″ to 24″ inches is generally a standard bed height, it is pretty simple for people to find out exactly what height will work for them. Basically, they should sit down on the edge of the bed and make sure that their legs are at close to a 90-degree angle.

    How wide should a headboard be for a queen-size bed? ›

    Queen-size headboard dimensions

    Queen headboards range from 60 inches wide to 63 inches wide on average and have an average height of 48 inches. The size of the queen headboard one chooses often depends more on your stylistic preferences than room or sleep space considerations.

    Can you use a queen-size headboard on a full size bed? ›

    In order to use a headboard properly, the mattress must first fit the bed frame that supports the headboard. Sadly, a full mattress won't fit a queen bed frame, as it will be too small. Your options are to find the same headboard in a full size or buy a queen mattress and bed frame to fit the queen-size headboard.

    Can you use a queen-size headboard on a king size bed? ›

    When you love your current headboard or don't want to shell out any more money, you can easily use your queen headboard with your king bed. Beds can look awkward when the headboard is narrower than the bed itself, however.

    How much wider is a king headboard than a queen? ›

    Headboard Size and Dimension Chart
    Headboard SizesWidth Dimensions (IN)Tall Dimensions (IN)
    California King76 inches58 inches
    King80 inches58 inches
    Queen64 inches58 inches
    Full XL58 inches58 inches
    5 more rows
    Dec 29, 2020

    Is the headboard supposed to touch the ground? ›

    No, a headboard should not touch the floor. If it does, it will be difficult to clean and may damage the floor over time. In addition, a headboard that is too low will not offer the right level of support. Make sure to measure the height of your bed frame before you purchase a headboard.

    How much bigger is a queen than a full? ›

    Full- and queen-size mattresses are two of the most commonly bought mattress sizes on the market. A full-size mattress is smaller than a queen, measuring 54 inches wide and 76 inches long. A queen-size mattress adds an extra 6 inches to the width making it 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

    What to do if your bed frame is bigger than your mattress? ›

    How to Fill the Gap Between a Mattress and Bed Frame
    1. Get a higher-profile foundation. Stop pillows from falling behind in the bed once and for all. ...
    2. Lower the headboard. Some headboards come with adjustable heights, making closing the gap a cinch. ...
    3. Use decorative pillows. ...
    4. Buy a gap filler.

    How many adults can sleep on a queen size bed? ›

    Queen beds typically support up to two people sleeping comfortably and a pet or two if you're so inclined. Single sleepers can spread out and take advantage of even more sleeping space.

    What size headboard fits a king size bed? ›

    What are the dimensions of a king headboard? While standard king-size headboards measure approximately 79-81 inches wide, non-standard king-size headboards can be much wider. In terms of height, king-size headboards range from 48 inches to 64 inches high.

    Is a king bed as big as two twins? ›

    The width of two twins is the same as the width of a king sized bed, but your new creation will be five inches shorter than a traditional king. If neither you nor your partner is especially tall, this plan could still work for you.


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