‘Hot Water’ Guide to Desert Hot Springs: Hot Springs in Palm Springs (2023)

Azure Palm Hot Springs

The minute you step beyond the doors of this 36-room spa hotel you know you’ve landed in a special place. Directly ahead through the chicly designed lobby and past the healthy cafe are glass doors looking out over the 100-foot-long mineral water-filled lap pool and beyond that the majestic 10,834-foot-high Mount San Jacinto and desert valley below. Whether you’re at Azure Palm Hot Springs for an afternoon to enjoy a few spa treatments; an extended stay to relax, soak, and rejuvenate; or one of their 5-night, 6-day yoga and juice fasting retreats, you’re in for a treat. From the Desert Oasis outdoor soaking tubs and stone reflexology path to the Himalayan salt and ice rooms, no matter how long you’ve booked a stay you’ll wish it were longer.

The Good House

For a totally laid-back experience, the seven-room boutique hotel,The Good House, is about as intimate as they come. At this size, staying here feels more like visiting a family friend than it does booking a hotel. You can even book the entire resort for a small group outing or a friend getaway. With gorgeous views of the San Gorgonio and San Jacinto Mountains, this tranquil retreat encourages lounging. Each room offers refreshing, modern vibes that will help you escape.Chill with a massage or soak in the pool with day spa access (limited availability).

Two Bunch Palms

Perhaps the most famed property in the area is the luxurious Two Bunch Palms. The adults-only Desert Hot Springs resort is home to mineral water flowing from a 600 year old natural spring. The main draw is the Grotto, with its three large teak tubs where you can adjust the mineral water temperature as well as three additional concrete mineral water soaking pools. With the adjacent landscaping, the Grotto replicates the sensation of soaking in a secluded forest. After a day of soaking, eat at Essence, which offers tempting meals featuring fresh flavors and healthy cuisine including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and nutritional whole food options. Grab a drink at Twine, a bar perched in the heart of the property. With updated rooms, you will not want to miss the relaxing vibes that you will feel the second you set down your bags.

Sagewater Spa

For a simple and sophisticated stay, venture over to Sagewater Spa. The hotel received Trip Advisor’s “Certificate of Excellence” award and after spending time here, you’ll see why. Built back in 1954, Sagewater Spa is one of the older hotels in Desert Hot Springs. It’s been updated since then, yet still keeps its original mid-century architecture. With eightprivate rooms, a 360-degree view of the mountains, 104-degree spa and 90-degreeswimming pool, it’s the ultimate place to relax and chill.

The Spring Resort & Day Spa

For a more intimate experience, the 13-room , has also earned a number of awards, including Spa Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards for “Favorite Mineral Springs Spa.” Splurge a little and stay in the 1,100-square-foot Desert View Villa. Book a stay and get the chance to experience relaxation and privacy on a whole new level, with private outdoor tubs and more.Set slightly apart from the rest of the resort for maximum privacy, the villa features unparalleled views of Mt. San Gorgonio.

El Morocco Inn & Spa

offers a unique getaway in the heart of the California desert. Lavishly decorated with lush colors andfurnishingsfrom Morocco, the resort is home to 13 guest rooms and canopy beds. The rooms surround the hot and cold mineral waterpool and jacuzzi that offer you endless relaxation and healing. This stay is one you will not forget.

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Tuscan Springs Hotel & Spa

If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing accommodation try . This 21+ boutique hotel offers 16 guest rooms,natural jacuzzis and a generously sized hot mineral water pool. The water is pumped from a 350 footaqua wellvolcanically heated to 117 degrees. They provide a continental breakfast, plush robes, and spa services at La Bella Spa.

Lido Palms Resort and Spa

Lido Palmsoffers private rooms surrounded by palm trees, putting you at peace during your stay. Featuring both indoor and outdoor jetted hot mineral pools, the waters will have you feeling ultra-relaxed. Try one of their water therapy treatments exclusively provided by a licensed Physical Therapist to release your stress and tensions. Plan to attend your next yoga retreat here, where you can feel grounded and rejuvenated after a three day stay.

Caliente Springs Resort

You will have many options when you book atCaliente Springs Resort. Enjoy your blissful experience by staying in an RV or a vacation rental. You can even purchase a home for an anytime stay!

Take a soak in hot springs, naturally kept at temperatures between 115 and 146 degrees Fahrenheit. Feel renewed with hot water naturally infused with healing minerals used in Hydrotherapy to treat stress, back pain, arthritis and more. Caliente Springs also offers amenities to guests, such as pickle ball, tennis, golf, a dog park and the list goes on.

Sky Valley Resort

Escape to Sky Valley Resort and experience a relaxing getaway in an RV or vacation rental. Much like its sister property, Caliente Springs Resort, this resort uses natural hot springs as the source of hot water for their 13 pools and tubs. Stop by for and try"The Spa Method",which includes a 15-minute dip into a 104-degree tub, 30 minutes of relaxation in one of their pools, or sauna and a massaging shower. Sit back, relax, and let the healing properties of these hot springs work their magic.

Hope Springs

Let your worries melt away as you step into this chic boutique hotel and spa. Hope Springs provides the perfect intimate setting for everything from a romantic getaway, to a trip with your friends. The property boasts 10 rooms,three pools and their main attraction, natural hot springs. Take a soak in their hot springs, or take your pick from a variety of spa treatments guaranteed to make your visit unforgettable.

Miracle Manor Boutique Hotel & Spa

Jump in and enjoy the warm thermal waters of the mineral springs at . Thisminimalistic boutique hotel offersa variety of room amenities, private yoga retreats, spa treatments and, of course, hot springs. Indulge in the luxury of this wellness-centered resort, perfect for your next getaway to Greater Palm Springs.

Miracle Springs Resort & Spa

Find peace and tranquility at . Visit and take a dip in one of their eight pools, complete with both hot and cold water from natural springs. Take inawe-inspiringviews of the oasis, enjoy spa treatments, delicious dining and more. Choose between booking a guest room or a private villa, which offers space for you to host many people for a relaxing stay.

Mi Kasa Hot Springs

Unwind, decompress, relax, refresh and rejuvenate at Mi Kasa Hot Springs in their 24/7 pool withspa access tonatural mineral water. Plus, enjoy the vibe at this cannabis friendly and clothing optionalhot water resort.

History of Desert Hot Springs

In the early days, water was sourced from three areas, Seven Palms, Two Bunch Palms and Willow Hole whichwas used by wildlife and Indigenous peoples. In 1908 Jack Riley became the first European to establish a homestead, soon to be followed by Ethyl Rouse and Hilda Gray.An explorer named Cabot Yerxa was credited for discovering the natural hot water the city is known for now.

L.W. Coffee started lying out streets for the town of Desert Hot Springs by the 1930s. Cabot Yerxa and his Wife built a historical museum which was then designated a historical site after his death in 1965. Today, his whimsical homestead (Cabot's Pueblo Museum) remains a nostalgic, one-of-a-kind stop in Desert Hot Springs.

In the early 1930s, Yerxa met L.W. Coffee, who envisioned tapping into the warm spring waters to build a spa capital like the ones in Europe. Coffee opened the area’s first spa. The city was incorporated in 1963 and experienced the majority of its growth in the 1980s and 1990s.

Before your next visit, learn more about the spa city of Desert Hot Springs.

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