How to sell on Vinted (2023)

Vinted is an app-based marketplace where you can both buy and sell pre-loved and new items. Read on for our top tips on maximising your profit, and what to look out for.

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Vinted allows you to sell a whole range of items, from clothes and shoes to tech and toiletries. It also lets you see similar items (and what they're selling for) before posting, so you can price your item competitively.

Better still, selling on Vinted is free (unlike selling on eBay), with buyers – not sellers – charged a protection fee as a percentage of the item.

So, it's time to declutter your house and make money – it couldn't be easier.

How does Vinted work?

Vinted is a free platform where you can buy and sell a whole range of items, including clothes, accessories, shoes and cosmetics.

As a seller, you're able to set the price you want for your item. However, buyers can also offer you a price directly.

If you accept their price, you'll just need to wait for their payment – but be aware that even if you accept the offer, the buyer doesn't have to purchase the product. They can still pull out of the transaction if they want to.

The postage of the item is paid for by the buyer. They'll choose which service they require and Vinted will provide the seller with a pre-paid label once they've paid.

Sellers can also set a 'custom postage' price, where you charge a fee (that you set yourself) and then have the responsibility of posting the item and providing the proof-of-postage receipt.


Once the buyer has received their goods, they'll be able to mark their item as received. At this point, you should be able to withdraw the funds from your sale to your bank account. Voila.

How does Vinted make money?

Unlike other online and app-based marketplaces, Vinted charges fees to the buyer instead of the seller.

So, while there are no fees for sellers on Vinted, buyers have to pay a 'Buyer Protection Fee' and a percentage (between 3% and 8%) to Vinted with each purchase.

This means it's free for you to sell and you get to keep all of the profit! Result.

Tips for selling on Vinted

Here's what you need to know to make money on Vinted:

  1. What can you sell on Vinted?

    Vinted's policy states you're able to sell a whole range of things, including the following:

    • Clothes
    • Shoes
    • Accessories
    • Cosmetics (new and unopened only)
    • Toys
    • Phone cases
    • Gadgets, headphones and smartwatches.

    So really, you're able to sell anything in your home that you don't use to make money on the side.

    Most items allowed on Vinted can be second-hand. But, as noted above, Vinted's policy explicitly states that cosmetics must be brand new and unopened.

  2. Is Vinted safe?

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    Generally speaking, Vinted is safe. But keep in mind that it will have the same risks as any other online marketplace.

    If you're a seller on the app, make sure that you list your item as accurately as possible. This will mean taking photos of your item from every angle and also listing if there are any faults with the item.


    Doing this should cover your back in case your buyer alleges any faults with the item upon arrival. If they do, Vinted's customer service team will intervene and decide whether the item was listed fairly.

    If you've used a custom postage option (more info on shipping below), you'll have to submit a receipt for proof of postage. This also ensures that you have a tracking number for the item and can track it. In the past, if items have been lost in the post, Vinted has tended to reimburse the buyer and released the funds to the seller.

    Vinted can also detect if someone is messaging you inappropriately and can block their account. However, if they don't pick this up, you can report members, chats and even inappropriately listed items on the Vinted app.

  3. How to list an item on Vinted

    To list an item on Vinted, you'll need to create an account. Once you've done this, head to the 'Sell' button at the bottom of the screen.

    You can list up to 20 photos of your item, which is great in terms of showing all angles. We suggest taking these photos before listing your item so you have a chance to capture them in the best light. Remember to make your item look appealing!

    After you've added your photos, give your listing a title and description. Make sure it contains all of the relevant information a buyer will need when they're looking at the item, including the RRP, the condition of the item and a description of faults (if any).

    Remember to categorise your item and add the brand too, as this will help buyers find your item.

    Once you've entered all of this information, Vinted will go through listings similar to the information you've supplied. When it comes to setting a price for your item, this will let you see what similar items are listed for.

    We do suggest listing your item for a higher price than you want (or than what Vinted suggests), as this will allow buyers to make you an offer or haggle.

    If a buyer is able to haggle with you on an item, it may sell faster as they'll feel as though they've got a good deal by getting the price down. You also win, because you'll have sold the item for the price you wanted!

    Finally, before uploading your item to Vinted, you'll be able to choose your parcel size to determine the correct shipping costs. Keep reading for more info on how postage works on Vinted.

  4. Sort through old items

    If you're keen to get started with your Vinted selling journey, we suggest having a look through your wardrobe for old clothes.

    A general rule we use is: if you've not worn it in over a year and you're unlikely to wear it again soon, you don't need it.

    (Video) How to Sell on Vinted! | Make Real Money Reselling | Side Hustle with Me | I Made How Much?!

    A good way to check this is to hang all of your clothes on a rail facing the wrong way. Every time you wear an item of clothing and put it back, face the hanger the right way around. After a while, you'll be able to see what you wear regularly, and what you don't.

    It's also an idea to go through your childhood toys and other items in your bedroom to see if there are any items you can sell. Have a think about gadgets you may have lying around, or any accessories you don't use anymore.

    We've all bought fancy dress for a uni social, but if you're never going to wear them again and they're in reasonable condition, consider selling them.

  5. Is Wardrobe Spotlight worth it?

    Vinted also offers a paid feature on its app that lets you boost all of your listed items to other users. This differs from Vinted's Bumping feature, where you can boost individual items for a small cost (usually a couple of quid or less).

    Wardrobe Spotlight on Vinted lasts for a consecutive seven-day period and costs £6.95.

    Once applied to your account, your listed items will be promoted in a separate section and appear in other users' catalogue search results. However, you won't be able to choose which items are visible as part of Wardrobe Spotlight, and you must have five or more items up for sale at the time.

    When Wardrobe Spotlight is active, Vinted members will be able to see five items from your wardrobe in their newsfeed, with at least two matching their preferences and catalogue filters. As such, you may reach the right members for the type of items you're selling and gain a decent number of followers for future sales.

    For the fee, Vinted will also provide you with stats, showing you how many people saw your items and interacted with them.

    However, Vinted's Wardrobe Spotlight may not be worth it unless you're selling a lot of items. It may be cheaper to boost individual items, or even relist them so they're nearer the top of the search page.

  6. How does postage work on Vinted?

    How to sell on Vinted (3)

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    Don't worry about postage eating into your profit – your buyer will pay!

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    If you opt for postage method directly through Vinted, the buyer can select and pay for a label from Royal Mail, Evri, Yodel, InPost or UPS. All you have to do is check for a nearby drop-off point.

    If you don't have one or more of those drop-off points nearby, you can make them unavailable to your buyers by going to your profile, heading to the settings and then clicking on 'postage'.

    You can print labels at some of the parcel shop drop-off points if you don't have a printer, but check that your local is able to do this for you. If so, all you have to do is show the QR code at the counter.

    We suggest using the 'custom shipping' option if you want to send items via Royal Mail. You'll be able to enter the price of postage on your listing and the buyer will pay for this when they buy your item.

    It's then your responsibility to print the label and keep the receipt to send the buyer proof of postage.

    If you use Royal Mail as your primary postage option, use their Click & Drop service online to save on postage costs (compared to the prices you pay at the Post Office).

  7. Can you return items on Vinted?

    There are some instances in which you're able to return items on Vinted.

    First and foremost, if the buyer doesn't believe the item is as it was described, or looks different to the pictures, they'll have two days to report an issue.

    Vinted will then open an inquiry and investigate the issue. They'll start by looking at the evidence provided by the buyer and will compare this to the item listing made by the seller, to check for discrepancies between the photos.

    If the item was damaged during delivery, the buyer should also provide photos of the outer parcel damage and Vinted will assist with the issue.

    And what if the item doesn't fit the buyer, or they simply don't like it and want to return it? In this instance, the decision lies with the seller and there's no obligation to take it back.

    If the seller decides not to accept a return, the buyer can always re-list the item on Vinted themselves and try to sell it to someone else!

Looking for other online marketplaces? Check out the best places to sell clothes online.

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Do things actually sell on Vinted? ›

Vinted is becoming an increasingly popular way of selling your unwanted items. The adverts for the app makes the process look fun, easy and with a high selling success rate. But just how easy is the app to use?

Does Vinted have fees? ›

1️⃣ There are no fees for selling on Vinted.

There are never any selling fees or hidden charges – you keep all the money you make.

Does Vinted work in the US? ›

In 2010, Vinted launched in the United States.

Do I need a printer to sell on Vinted? ›

On Vinted, you can choose to list certain shipping options in your settings. Most of these shipping options you will need a printer for, including Evri, InPost and UPS. You don't need a printer for Royal Mail or Yodel Direct.

How long do things take to sell on Vinted? ›

I have some people who follow me now, and a couple of times I've made sales within just 24 hours of uploading items. I'd suggest listing, and then sitting back and waiting for a few weeks, before deciding if your items are well priced/going to sell.

How much does it cost to sell an item on Vinted? ›

Selling is FREE, buying isn't.

Vinted makes money by charging buyers (fees vary from 30p to 80p, plus 3% to 8% of the purchase price).

Is Vinted a good way to make money? ›

Vinted is one of the best online selling platforms for second-hand fashion. Both people who are looking to start their own enterprise and those who are just looking to earn some extra money will find this software for selling online quite useful and convenient.

Who pays for shipping on Vinted? ›

Shipping costs are always paid by the buyer at checkout. The price listed on an item does not include shipping or Buyer Protection fees. However, the estimated shipping costs for each available option are displayed on the listing's page.

Is eBay better than Vinted? ›

When it comes to costs and a straightforward process, Vinted wins. Vinted charges no fee to sell on the platform (a big tick), and they take no commission, so you take away the full amount of what you sell. On eBay, you can sell your first 1,000 listings for free, but after that, you pay 35p per listing.

Is it better to sell on Vinted or Depop? ›

Depop also requires sellers to make their offers look more professional, which is why it's better suited for small businesses. Vinted is more transactional. It incorporates fewer categories and focuses more on a buyer experience, allowing users to make offers faster.

Does Vinted give you a shipping label? ›

A shipping label will be available on our platform, depending on the method that the buyer selected. You must be able to print these shipping labels. As soon as the order is created: You'll receive a confirmation email.

What is the shipping cost with Vinted? ›

As a buyer, just add the items you like to your cart, then: go to your cart and select UPS or Purolator as a shipping method. confirm your billing address and select the service point closest to you. proceed to payment, the $7.60 shipping price will automatically apply.


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