Is it OK to use Regular Toilet Paper in an RV? (2023)

For every RV owner, one common question that tends to pop up is whether it is OK to use regular toilet paper in an RV or not. I tried to find an answer to it by conducting some experiments myself and seeing what RV veterans have to say on the topic.

So, is it OK to use regular toilet paper in an RV?

Yes, it’s OK to use regular toilet paper in an RV as long as you stick to specific brands and their products that are known to dissolve quickly. Specifically, look for the Bio-degradable and Septic Safe labels.

Regular Toilet Paper Vs RV-Safe Toilet Paper

Regular toilet paper and RV toilet paper are similar in size, but RV toilet paper is finer, disintegrates more quickly, and is biodegradable. This makes it less likely that the RV’s black water sensors and the tank will become blocked.

Regular toilet paper could adhere to the black water tank’s sensors. Because of what I said, there might be a bottleneck. On your tank read-out, however, it can possibly merely display a fictitious “level full.”

List of RV Safe Toilet Paper

Although I previously said that using standard toilet paper is acceptable, if you are a cautious person and don’t want to take any chances with the sewer tank of your RV, then you can use the septic-safe toilet paper that is suggested for RV owners.

Here is a list of RV-safe toilet paper brands that are most reliable and have a tendency to disintegrate or break down into smaller pieces promptly, preventing you from jamming the sewer tanks:

  • Scott Rapid Dissolving

  • Costco Kirkland

  • Angel Soft

  • Camco

  • Real Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

  • Charmin

  • Luxe Bidet Neo 185 (Non- electric)

Where Can I Buy RV Toilet Paper?

The 3 most popular places to buy RV safe toilet paper are Amazon, Walmart and Camping World. Since an RV road trip is typically planned weeks in advance, these online marketplaces make the perfect place to start buying your RV essentials.

Now, let’s go into specs of each of our favorite RV toilet paper options…

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Scott Rapid Dissolving – Amazon And Walmart

It has 1000 sheets per roll and a single-ply construction. Anyone can put it in your black tank without risk. This RV toilet paper substitute is available in a range of package sizes. It has the ECOLOGO, a mark of environmental compliance and eco-friendliness.

Costco Kirkland – Amazon

It comes with 30 rolls with 380 sheets. Has 2- ply wide sheets and is clog-free and septic-safe.

Angel Soft – Amazon And Walmart

It comes with 36 mega rolls which equals 425 plus sheets. Has 2- ply wide sheets, is soft, strong, septic safe in standard, well-maintained sewer and septic systems. Made from sustainably sourced trees.

Camco – Amazon, Camping World, And Walmart

It will come in 4 rolls = 2000 sheets and is 2-ply. Known to be soft, resilient, biodegradable, clog-resistant and septic tank safe.

Is it OK to use Regular Toilet Paper in an RV? (1) – rv safe toilet paper made from bamboo


Caboo Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper – Amazon And Walmart

It comes in 24 rolls = sheet count is 7200, 3- ply wide sheets, Ultra soft and strong. Tree-free, fragrance-free, and chlorine-free, and uses zero plastic. Breaks down quickly.

Charmin – Amazon

Comes in 18 Family Mega Rolls = 6048 sheets, 2- ply wide sheets, Ultra soft. Clog-safe and septic-safe; Roto-Rooter approved.

Luxe Bidet Neo 185 (Elite) Non-Electric – Amazon

This is a unique option you may want to consider – get a bidet and go toilet paper free! This bidet has a self-cleaning dual nozzle. Easy water pressure, uses your toilet’s cold water line. It does not require electricity to operate.

Is Angel Soft Toilet Paper Safe For an RV?

As indicated in the name, it is one of the most ultra-soft toilet papers. It passed the dissolving test really well and disintegrated too fast. Angel soft toilet papers are completely biodegradable 2- ply sheets. They are super absorbent and are absolutely septic tank safe, and do not clog the sewer tank. As a result, the foregoing question can only have one answer: yes! Angel soft toilet paper is indeed safe for RV.

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Can I Use Charmin In My Camper?

Yes, you can use both Charmin Ultra Soft and Charmin Essentials Strong in your camper, as both are septic-safe and biodegradable, making them suitable for use in RVs. Charmin Ultra Strong, however, may pose a safety risk when used in an RV since it takes too long to dissolve.

The Charmin ultra-soft is a very soft product, and it readily breaks down because of its ultra-softness. Also easily dissolvable are Charmin essentials. However, Charmin Ultra Strong isn’t pliable and doesn’t easily crumble. Therefore, it is not safe for RVs. The softest toilet paper on the market is Charmin Ultra Soft.

Its absorbency exceeds that of other toilet paper by two times. This implies that the amount of product required is less whenever you need to use it. Hence, I would say yes, you can definitely go for a Charmin in your camper without a doubt.

Best Toilet Paper for an RV (#1 Pick)

In any case, this is entirely my opinion, and I’d like to recommend my own favorite brand based on factors like its cost, the quality of the material used, the amount, and eco-friendliness (I’m a big fan of trees). It would be “Caboo Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper.” Since bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world and grass can quickly recover, you can rest easy that no one is killing any trees for these making these.

They are also incredibly soft, which allays my worries about whether or not they are harmful to the environment and, not to mention prevent the sewer system from clogging. I want to draw attention to the fact that all of the RV-friendly toilet paper options are priced substantially higher than standard toilet paper.

Therefore, the cost of all the septic-safe toilet paper would not be insignificant. But as I already mentioned, I picked out this toilet paper based on my own criteria. Possibly you have a favorite all time.

What Happens If You Use Regular Toilet Paper In An RV?

I am at my full support for those who would not want to invest or waste their money in an RV-safe toilet paper but instead would opt for a regular one. I would like to suggest two ways in which you may use regular toilet paper without getting your sewer tank into trouble.

The first one allows you to gather the dry trash in a nearby dustbin, so you don’t have to flush your tissues down the toilet. Some of you may experience panic attacks as a result of your obsessive attention to cleanliness. You may rely on me on this. Be proactive in regularly disposing of the waste and keep the bin well covered.

Your clogging issues would always be at bay if you did this. Second, make sure your toilet paper passes the dissolving test before putting it in the RV. If it passes the dissolve test, watch the rate at which it dissolves, and feel free to use it.

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Closing Thoughts

I spoke with numerous ardent RV owners who offered their suggestions about how they handled this problem, and I thought their solution was both fascinating and ideal. They advised using a bidet first (of course, within limits) before drying your stuff with toilet paper.

As they controlled their strategies to prevent water wastage or excessive usage by keeping an eye on it, they claimed that utilizing water and its waste never disturbed them. Therefore, by doing it in this manner, you can both save money by forgoing expensive toilet paper purchases and also achieve your goal.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that using too much toilet paper could cause clogging issues. Because a large ball of toilet paper might not flush down the toilet, and even if it does, it might not be able to completely dissolve, which would cause it to become clogged.

To avoid complications, attempt to use less paper and to first tear it into pieces before using it. I hope this post has addressed all of your concerns and provided the most assistance possible.

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What happens if you use regular toilet paper in an RV? ›

Regular toilet paper can also build up and cause your tank sensors to constantly read as full. To resolve this, try using a wand to spray the sides of your tank to loosen up the paper, or a holding tank treatment to dissolve stuck TP and get rid of bad odors.

Can I use regular toilet paper in my travel trailer? ›

Typically, you don't want to use just any old residential toilet paper in your RV. You might long for the plush comfort of specific residential brand toilet papers, but you can't use them in your RV if you want to avoid messy clogs and black tank trouble! However, septic-safe toilet paper is the exception.

What is the best toilet paper to use in an RV? ›

If you're looking for the best toilet paper solution for your RV, you should be concentrating on dissolvability. It's the best way to keep your mobile plumbing happy, and your vacation on track. For this reason, Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper is the champ, especially since it's more robust than you might think.

Can you use great value toilet paper in RV? ›

Final verdict: We would use this in the camper. Great Value's Ultra Strong toilet paper was the surprise performer from my experimentation. It was thicker than the Scott Rapid-Dissolving, yet it broke apart in the water. (I even repeated the test with this brand to make sure the results were consistent.)

Can I use Charmin in my RV? ›

Is Charmin toilet paper safe for RV? Yes, Some varieties of Charmin toilet paper are safe for RV use. Charmin Ultra Softs extreme softness results in rapid disintegration and Charmin Essentials Strongs 1-ply TP dissolves with ease, but Charmin Ultra Strong is unsafe for RVs.

What toilet paper breaks down the fastest? ›

1-Ply vs.

In general, 1-ply toilet paper is the type recommended by plumbers. Even if you end up using more to counteract the thinner composition, 1-ply paper still breaks down faster. And that's the key to preventing toilet paper from clogging your pipes.

Is Angel Soft toilet paper okay for RVs? ›

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

This budget-friendly option offers both strength and softness. Don't be afraid to use this in your RV as it is labeled septic-safe. If value is your first priority, Angel Soft is a great choice.

Is there special toilet paper for RVs? ›

Freedom Living RV Toilet Paper (2-Ply, 8 Rolls, 500 sheets each) - Biodegradable Septic Tank Safe Rapid Dissolve Toilet Tissue for Camping, Marine, RV Holding. Compact by Design (Certified by Amazon) products remove excess air and water, which reduces the carbon footprint of shipping and packaging.

What can I put in my RV toilet to make it smell better? ›

If your RV toilet smells when flushed, try putting a little scent or essential oil in the water flush. (NOTE- do NOT do this if your toilet uses your fresh water!!!!)

How long does it take for RV toilet paper to dissolve? ›

The company put a roll of toilet paper in a tank with the tank tech and 16 days later the paper was completely dissolved. I've use this product for a couple of years and really really highly recommend it. You don't completely empty the tank as it is a live organism and will start growing again.

Is Scotts toilet paper OK for RV? ›

Is Scott Toilet Paper Safe for an RV? The most well-known variety of Scott toilet paper (single-ply 1,000-sheets-per-roll) is absolutely RV safe.

What household toilet paper is safe for RV? ›

RV enthusiasts Russ and Tina DeMaris say they've found that most conventional toilet paper is okay for RV use. They even developed an at-home test: Fill a jar with water and put a couple of sheets of your favorite brand of toilet paper inside, then put the lid on and shake it.

What toilet paper is not septic safe? ›

Absorbency. Thicker toilet papers tend to be more absorbent, but they can do a number on a sensitive septic system. It's best to avoid ultra-plush papers that resemble a paper towel more than a toilet paper—these toilet paper types can have trouble dissolving.

What did people use instead of toilet paper in the past? ›

Nature makes great toilet paper

Leaves, sticks, moss, sand and water were common choices, depending on early humans' environment. Once we developed agriculture, we had options like hay and corn husks. People who lived on islands or on the coast used shells and a scraping technique.

What did they use for toilet paper 100 years ago? ›

Before toilet paper, people mainly used whatever was free and readily available for personal hygiene. Unfortunately, many of the options were quite painful: Wood shavings, hay, rocks, corn cobs, and even frayed anchor cables.

Is Dawn dish soap safe for septic systems? ›

A: Yes, Dawn Platinum is septic safe!

What can I put in toilet to dissolve toilet paper in my camper? ›

Boiling water is great for breaking down any solid waste, especially paper products, inside of your black tank. What is this? Get your water boiling hot and let it cool for only a moment before pouring it into your toilet. I recommend at least a gallon, if you can fit it inside of your clogged black water tank.

Are Cottonelle flushable wipes safe for RVs? ›

They warn on the package “Do not flush if using an RV, Marine, or Aviation system.” The package also said, quite plainly, “Not all systems can accept flushable wipes.” There were a bunch of other instructions about flushing printed on the package as well (which we know most people won't read).

How do I know if my toilet paper is RV friendly? ›

HOW TO: Test for RV-Safe Toilet Paper - YouTube

Can I put dawn in my RV toilet? ›

One of the best parts about using Dawn dish soap in RV black tanks is that it's an environmentally-friendly soap. It doesn't contain phosphates and can be broken down by bacteria. This means that it's a safe and biodegradable soap to use, even if you're cleaning/dumping your tank in a strict or natural environment.

Can you use Pine Sol in RV toilet? ›

You might also want to put some Pine-Sol into the tank to keep it sweet smelling. When you need to clean your toilet, use Pine-Sol (or a similar pine-based product), to disinfect and clean both the inside and outside of the entire unit.

Should I leave my black tank open or closed? ›

Remember that while you can leave your gray tank open, you should only open your black tank after it has filled and you're ready to dump. Doing so can help save you from the dreaded “poo pyramid” and get you back to RVing.

What is the fastest way to dissolve toilet paper in an RV? ›

When you need to dissolve it, you can: Pour boiling water down the RV toilet until it removes the obstruction. Use a cleaner to dissolve the toilet paper.

Will Epsom salt dissolve toilet paper? ›

Epsom salt is common in many homes and is used to soften bath water or as a toilet cleaner ingredient. However, most people don't know that Epsom salt works great at breaking down toilet paper–helping you dissolve the papers in the toilet.

What will dissolve toilet paper in a camper? ›

More videos on YouTube
  • Shake the bottle of RV Digest-It. ...
  • Fill the toilet with an adequate amount of water. ...
  • Take your RV Digest-It and pour 4 ounces of it in the toilet bowl.
  • Flush the toilet.
  • Let it sit for 4-12 hours. ...
  • If you need to use more of the product, you can go over the same steps.
4 Nov 2021

Is there special toilet paper for RVs? ›

Freedom Living RV Toilet Paper (2-Ply, 8 Rolls, 500 sheets each) - Biodegradable Septic Tank Safe Rapid Dissolve Toilet Tissue for Camping, Marine, RV Holding. Compact by Design (Certified by Amazon) products remove excess air and water, which reduces the carbon footprint of shipping and packaging.

Will white vinegar dissolve toilet paper? ›

You can break down toilet paper with different methods such as pouring vinegar and baking soda, Epsom salt, dish soap, or RID-X. You can also decompose the clog with tools like toilet snakes or plungers.

Can you use Angel Soft in RV? ›

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

This budget-friendly option offers both strength and softness. Don't be afraid to use this in your RV as it is labeled septic-safe. If value is your first priority, Angel Soft is a great choice.

› rv-toilet-paper ›

We've emailed companies and asked if their TP was safe to use in an RV (we were told wrong), we bought the recycled 'eco-friendly' toilet paper from...
Someone asked and our RV community answered: What is the best toilet paper for RV use? I sifted through the many comments and responses to our member's post...


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