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Sleep EZ makes a variety of latex mattresses that vary from organic to organic. Having been in business since 1976, Sleep EZ understands what its doing when it makes all natural, protected mattresses for the family. They’ve an assortment of products in various price points and interesting features such as: flippable and dual-sided mattresses.Latex Mattress Topper John Lewis

Sleep EZ has four main best selling mattresses:

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  • The Select Sleep Mattress is customizable concerning thickness, firmness, and makeup.
    • Models are available in 7″, 9″, 10″, and 13″ profiles. Based upon the depth, they may contain two, three, or four latex layers.
    • Four firmness alternatives are available for each latex layer: Soft, Medium, Firm, and Extra Firm. Dual firmness is also offered for dimensions Queen and larger.
    • Two composition customizations can be found.
      • The Lifetime Dreams option includes a natural cotton and Joma wool cover, and a blended Talalay high latex layer.
      • The Organic Latex alternative features an organic-cotton plus eco-wool cover, and a natural Talalay top latex layer.
      • For both options, the remaining one to three layers are produced with organic Dunlop latex. Both choices follow the same pricing structure. Each side features an organic-cotton cover quilted to a foam layer, and the shared support core is made from natural Dunlop latex.
      • The Luxerion Natural Latex Hybrid Comes with a comfort system with a four-way-stretch cover and a layer of organic Dunlop latex. The service core is assembled from high-density polyfoam.
      • The Ultra King mattress includes 3 layers of natural Talalay latex which are customizable for firmness; dual firmness is also available. This mattress measures 84″ broad and 96″ long, making it considerably larger than a King or California King.


      From the four best selling mattresses Sleep EZ has to offer, the Roma Mattress is possibly the most popular. Thus, a comprehensive breakdown of this Roma mattress has been made with much more in depth particulars to assist you in your decision process.

      Latex Mattress Topper John Lewis (3)Together with both high end and cheaper choices, Sleep EZ’s mid sized Roma Latex option expects to offer a premium feel in a budget cost. 100 percent organic latex functions to supply a more natural sleep than conventional foam beds. Dual sided firmness levels ought to keep you well rested regardless of your position preferences for years to come.

      You’ll adore the Sleep EZ Roma Latex in case you:

      • Want firmness options — Moderate plush on one side, Business on the other, this item offers options so you can find out what best suits your requirements. In case your needs change over time, you do not have to select a new bed. Rather, you can just flip this bed over.
      • Don’t need to feel stuck — This item is very responsive and should save you from experiencing problems while repositioning. This, together with minimal sinkage, should save you from feeling trapped at the mattress.
      • Strict budget — Latex beds have been proven to run a few thousand bucks in retail shops. The business hopes to provide a superior feel with no luxury strain on your wallet by selling online and eliminating the middleman. The Roma is a foam and latex hybrid which ships compressed into a box. The company promises that the mattress will work on most solid foundations, but they caution against foundations containing pliers or springs more than 3 inches apart because these could cause sagging. Adjustable and timber foundations are readily available for sale through the provider’s website.

        The cover features a channel-quilted design that promises to maintain sheets securely in place. A layer of polyurethane is quilted into the cover to give warmth along with a gentle cradle.

        • The very first layer is made up of 3 inches of Moderate 100% Organic Dunlop latex. This aspect should feel plusher and should provide a minimal cradling effect when used as the upper side of the mattress.
        • The second layer contains 3 inches of Firm 100% Natural Dunlop latex. This side is intended to feel more Firm when slept on.

        Support & Feel

        Latex Mattress Topper John Lewis (4)The firmer Dunlop latex will provide a base layer of aid, but noticeable cradling and the in-ear cover seem to supply a softer feel at the top.

        Roma offers exceptional bounce that ought to keep you from feeling overly stuck when attempting to reposition. The bed is quick to respond to stress and reforms easily. These features should satisfy combination sleepers who prefer to modify position since they sleep.

        Side sleepers should undergo comforting pressure relief due to the foam layer within the cover, which may help to decrease this tension.

        Rear sleepers should have the ability to find an option that suits their individual requirements, thanks to the item’s double-sided nature. Significantly heavier sleepers might want to elect for the business side, as an obvious sinking of the hips may be present if using the Medium-Plush option.

        Stomach sleepers may want to avoid the moderate side as the hips might sink deeply and adversely influence their backbone alignment. This is not always a deal breaker because the Roma supplies a firm layer that’s intended to provide improved support.

        Most customers should have the ability to find the Roma satisfactory, particularly given its dual nature. It is advisable that those with significant weight concerns use the company side.Latex Mattress Topper John Lewis

        Motion TransferLatex often performs well in the subject of motion transferand this item should do the same. The Dunlop absorbs motion, helping to keep disruptions to a minimum. This is especially useful to co-sleepers or those who share their bed with pets or children.

        Edge SupportThe edge support provided by this item is typical for bed-in-a-box type items. You may see compression when lying or sitting on the edge. Co-sleepers or people who prefer to sprawl out might be concerned with edge support, but that is usually not an issue for most people.

        Additional Considerations

        • Multiple Firmness Options — The two Medium-Plush and Company can be found.
        • Guarantee — There’s a 10-year limited warranty. Shipping is free in the neighboring states.
        • Optional White Glove Delivery Service — White glove delivery is available via a spouse service for an adjustable base setup just. Set-up providers aren’t supplied for the mattress itself.
        • CertiPUR-US Certified— All poly foams located inside Sleep EZ’s products are certified to be free of substances like lead or formaldehyde.
        • Adjustable Base
        • Made in the USA

        At the time of creating this the under sizes and costs are as follows:

        Twin: 38″ X 74″— $495

        King: 76″ X 80″ — $1,095

        Cal King: 72″ X 84″ — $1,095

        Special: Roma Queen $750 + 2 FREE Pillows

        Financing can be obtained for those looking for additional payment options.

        Some mattresses aren’t available in all eight sizes. Additionally, the Ultra King is exclusively available in the Ultra King size (which is bigger than a normal King/California King). Prices vary by chosen size and model. All of Sleep EZ mattresses are manufactured in the USA.

        Shipping Coverage:The delivery policy for Sleep EZ is as follows:

        • All deliveries are coordinated through UPS Ground. The mattress is going to be constructed and sent inside 2 business days. Once the mattress ships, estimated delivery times are:
        • 2 to 3 business days for California and the southwest.
        • 3 to 4 business days for the Pacific Northwest and Midwest states. Each latex layer of the Select Sleep and Ultra King mattresses is customizable concerning firmness. Four firmness options are offered for these layers: Flexible (19-22 ILD), Medium (30-32 ILD), Firm (37-40 ILD), and Extra Firm (44 ILD). In dimensions Queen and larger, each layer may be divided for dual firmness; this option isn’t offered for sizes Full and much smaller.Latex Mattress Topper John Lewis

          As previously mentioned, the Roma mattress is flippable; one facet is medium, while the other side is firm. The Luxerion mattress is a medium company.

          Trial and Warranty Info.

          1. This sleep trial doesn’t include a mandatory break-in period. Purchasers may return their mattress at any point through the sleeping trial
          2. Select Sleep mattress owners can swap out layers of latex throughout the sleeping trial.

          Warranty: Sleep EZ Provides a 20-year guarantee for the Select Sleep mattress (equally Lifetime Dreams and Organic Latex designs), plus a 10-year guarantee for the Roma, Luxerion, and Ultra King mattresses. The mattress cover is covered under a separate one year warranty.


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