Looking for a new double bed? These are the best ones to buy (2023)

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It’s said we spend a third of our lives in bed – and for some of us significantly more if we factor in all those deliciously lazy Sunday mornings. So it’s vital we get it just right when purchasing.

In terms of which style to choose, that’s a matter of taste. Some swear by a trusty divan while others prefer the look of a traditional wooden bed frame.

What’s most important is the size. Even within the dimensions of a standard double, there are variations in height (you’ll need to think about depth of mattress, too), and some come with elaborate statement head and footboards that claim significant extra inches of your bedroom’s floor plan.

Most double beds come with sprung slats, which are made from a flexible wood and are designed to support the mattress and respond to our body weight as we shift around in bed. Others have fixed slats, which do make the bed feel extra sturdy but don’t offer that important flexibility.

How we tested

We put a range of double beds to suit every taste, space and budget to the test, looking for quality of craftsmanship and materials, ease of self-assembly where appropriate, great design and of course, comfort. All the beds in our roundup proved reliably sturdy and well-made, from the super plush and high-end to the surprisingly affordable.

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The best double beds for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Sleep.8 Virginio double bed: £999, Sleep8.uk
  • Best for boudoir glam – The Luxury Bed Company Jasmin double bed: £849, Theluxurybedcompany.com
  • Best for affordable design – John Lewis & Partners Anyday swirl metal bed frame, double: £299, Johnlewis.com
  • Best wooden bed – Get Laid Beds the deco bed, double: £661, Getlaidbeds.co.uk
  • Best divan bed – Dreams signature divan base double bed: £400, Dreams.co.uk
  • Best for modern glamour – Brook + Wilde Fitzroy bed frame, double: £1,575, Brookandwilde.com
  • Best for a Scandi look – Silentnight Montreal wooden bed frame, double: £349, Silentnight.co.uk
  • Best for vintage lovers – The Original Bed Co Blyth brass bed frame, double: £1,319, Obc-uk.net
  • Best for instant calm – Made Reema arched double bed, oak & cane: £750, Made.com

Sleep.8 virginio double bed

Best: Overall

Rating: 10/10

Oozing modern glamour is Sleep.8’s virginio double bed with its plush headboard complete with Chesterfield style buttoning. Yet in strict squares rather than diamonds, the shaping reflects the boxy form of the bed itself and we loved this juxtaposition of cosy and angular.

The bed frame boasts all-over upholstery, save for its chic, low metal legs. It comes in a huge range of colours from the neutral milk to the lively brisk, and in a comprehensive choice of fabrics, from hard-wearing textured weaves to plush velvets. This one has reliably comfy sprung slats and offers deep support for the mattress, whatever the depth. Scoring extra points is the brand’s white glove delivery service with options to assemble the virginio as you sit back and watch, and will even recycle your old bed.

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The Luxury Bed Company Jasmin double bed

Best: For boudoir glam

Rating: 9/10

Another double bed frame with a plush buttoned headboard is this luxurious number from a brand that says what it does on the tin. The Jasmin double bed brags a huge range of fabric options including faux leathers and warming wools and comes in a vast range of hues from the neutral and earthy to the bright and unapologetically ostentatious.

What we loved most about this one was its tall and imposing bed head with its floor-standing wings, which made us feel cosy and cocooned. Expect to pay quite a bit more if you want this one to transform into a lift-up storage bed, but it’s good to have the option. A positively regal number that demands centre stage in the bedroom.

John Lewis & Partners Anyday swirl metal bed frame, double

Best: For affordable design

Rating: 9/10

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Proving that high style and affordability can go hand and hand is John Lewis & Partner’s swirl bed from the brand’s enticingly purse-friendly Anyday range. This one’s all about the Deco-inspired shaping of the headboard with its pleasing curves and parallel lines. The double bed is made from a strong and sturdy powder-coated steel and boasts supporting sprung slats for comfort. We loved its slimline silhouette, which, despite the jet black hue, doesn’t overwhelm even a smaller bedroom. In fact, the look is kept light and airy. Simple self-assembly is required and the bed will suit a mattress of any depth, given its tall headboard. It’s worth noting that the swirl bed looks particularly stylish against a brightly painted wall.

Get Laid Beds the deco bed, double

Best: Wooden bed

Rating: 9/10

Another brand that takes its design cue from the Art Deco era is Get Laid Beds. This wooden number boasts a beautifully smooth and gently curved headboard and has the option of a floating shelf that simply clips onto the side in place of a nightstand. Of course, this is one for minimalists without a massive pile of paperbacks to get through. But we loved the nifty space-saving idea.

Our deco bed is crafted from a wonderfully warming honey-toned solid oak but there are plenty of options when it comes to materials, from pine finishes complete with knots and character, to other hardwoods such as walnut, beech, and cherry. This one comes with fixed slats as standard but, luxuriously, there’s the option of a motorised adjustable slat base, too.

Dreams signature divan base double bed

Best: Divan bed

Rating: 8/10

When teamed with Dreams’ signature Whitworth headboard (£279, Dreams.co.uk), this double divan is simultaneously glamorous and simple in design. The bed comes in two sections and is upholstered in a rich and tactile faux suede. There are five soft bedroom-perfect colours to choose from: rose, smoke, indigo, dove and cyan, and each one boasts a lovely mottled effect, bringing a rich and warming texture to our sleeping space.

The bed is slightly elevated with sturdy chrome glides, which allow for easy movement over carpeted bedrooms – a thoughtful design detail, while there’s storage options aplenty with a choice of under bed drawers in various configurations. Compact, modern and simply stylish.

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Brook + Wilde Fitzroy bed frame, double

Best: For modern glamour

Rating: 8/10

We loved the Fitzroy for its mix of glamour and contemporary styling. Rather than a typical buttoned headboard, this one boasts a neat pleated design – but it is no less plush. The double bed features a solid hardwood frame, a sprung slatted base, and tapered hardwood feet that hint at mid-century design. The velvety fabric is both luxuriously soft and reliably hardwearing and comes in a choice of muted sea or earthy tones, while the statement headboard is winged to give us that extra cosy feel. The mattress sits deep within the frame and snugly against the headboard, which makes it feel extra secure. A sophisticated and stylish statement piece.

Silentnight Montreal wooden bed frame, double

Best: For a Scandi look

Rating: 8/10

This is a fresh and modern take on a classic from Silentnight. The double bed frame is made from a mix of ethically sourced pine and oak, scoring points on sustainability. Simple in design, the bed features a sprung slatted mattress base, an integrated slatted headboard and it boasts attractive natural wood accents top and toe, which contrast with the main painted body, giving it a chic, Scandi-like appeal. The frame arrives ready for self-assembly, but that’s straightforward enough and once put together, the bed feels nice and sturdy with no creaking heard. Best of all, of course, is the affordable price.

The Original Bed Co Blyth brass bed frame, double

Best: For vintage lovers

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Rating: 9/10

If you love vintage furniture, this is a brand that allows you to live out your Bedknobs and Broomsticks fantasies to the full. The Blyth is a beautifully handcrafted Victorian style frame, made from genuine brass tubing and castings – unlike some cheaper metal counterparts with a “brass” coating. The bed boasts wooden sprung slats for comfort and comes in two height configurations, which is handy when thinking about both mattress depth and your own height, or lack thereof.

There’s also the option of a headboard only bed, but we think the Blyth really comes into its own complete with headboard and footrest with its formal look and pleasing symmetry.Cleverly, the bed frame comes with the option of hidden storage drawers that seemingly float below the mattress, so as not to interrupt the clear floorspace underneath.

The bed itself is just £1,299 but it’ll cost around £20 to get it delivered to your door.

Made reema arched double bed, oak & cane

Best: For instant calm

Rating: 9/10

The indoor rattan trend sees no sign of waning, and we are here for it. Bringing a cool bohemian vibe to the bedroom is Made’s reema bed with its statement curved cane headboard. The rest of the frame is made from oak, which in itself, gives a calming influence. The wood is rich with natural grain and knots and variations in tone. Sprung slats are made from rubber wood and support the mattress well, while a fifth centred leg gives the bed added, hidden support. This one’s positively made for piling high with scatter cushions. A boho beauty.

The verdict: Double beds

We loved Sleep.8’s Virginio double bed for its modern glamour aesthetic. This is a well-crafted furniture piece that looks and feels more expensive than it is. The huge choice of fabrics and materials made us feel like we were getting a bespoke product at half the price.

We were also impressed with John Lewis & Partners’ Andyday swirl metal bed, which proves that great design doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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Now you’ve found a new bed, you may want to look for a new mattress to go with it

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