Luxury mattress pad, 6 high-end ones used by hotels (2023) (2023)

The mattress pad would be a popular option for those who wish to add a little comfort to their bed while still keeping their mattress in peak condition. The mattress pad seems to be an easy and quick option to improve the sleeping surface because it has an easy-to-use and clean design.

Online mattress pad shoppers have many options from a wide range of materials. However, selecting the best products from a huge list of options can be daunting.

By placing the top mattress pads on our list, we eliminate the tension with the procedure. Whether you’re looking for something natural, inexpensive and water-resistant for children’s beds, we have listed some stunning options with the best features to meet your overall needs.

What’s the Best-Selling Luxury Mattress pad?

Top 6 Luxurious Mattress Pads

Whisper Organics Mattress Protector

Luxury mattress pad, 6 high-end ones used by hotels (2023) (4)

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- 100% Organic cotton
- Breathable
- Deep Pocket

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Best cloud-like mattress pad with exceptional quality

First in our list of best luxury mattress pads includes the Whisper organics cotton mattress protector (check 7 amazing organic mattress protectors).

The twin mattress covers are made using only organic cotton that is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. What you’ll love about this mattress pad is that it’s a superior bed protector that ensures the entire family’s security.

You’ll sleep like a baby on the soft Twin mattress protector. Pure cotton construction ensures comfort and breathability. Leaving night sweats behind will make you feel like a new person every morning. It comes with amazing softness, ensuring a great night’s sleep.

This twin mattress cover is from hotel-grade linen, making it the ideal sheet protector for the room. It offers outstanding firmness and comfort because of its 300-thread-count sheets and 300-gsm cotton wadding.

This mattress cover measures around 39 by 77 inches, suitable for mattresses measuring around 17 inches. It is a fantastic option if you’re seeking a bed pad of exceptional quality. Due to the absence of certain synthetic materials, it is absorbent, although not entirely waterproof.

The best thing about this superior bed protector is that it ensures the entire family’s security. Deep pockets will hold mattresses. Since it doesn’t contain synthetic materials, it is absorbent, though not completely waterproof. Comfort and superior strength are provided by the premium quality used in its construction.

The excellent bedding from Whisper Organics keeps you cool as you sleep. They’re ideal for children and grownups with sensitive skin because they’re breathable and incredibly comfy. You’ll love it for its skin-friendly and natural qualities.

In a nutshell This mattress pad comes with hypoallergenic properties, a breathable nature, and moisture-wicking properties, which keep the mattress dry and clean.

Bioweaves Organic Mattress Pad Cover

Luxury mattress pad, 6 high-end ones used by hotels (2023) (5)


- Super soft organic cotton
- Strong & high quality
- GOTS Certified

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Long-lasting mattress pad with an onion-shaped quilting design

The second best luxurious mattress pad is by Bioweaves. If you are seeking a luxurious, organic, and sustainable luxury mattress pad, then Bioweaves organic mattress pad is a perfect choice.

It has elastic all the way around and stretches 39″ x 80″ plus 20″ (deep pockets), ideally suiting twin XL mattresses that are around 19 inches deep. Quality onion quilt patterns are proportioned to keep the cotton filler from shifting and clumping and to ensure that it is applied uniformly. Although it can soak liquids, it is hardly waterproof because it lacks a synthetic urethane membrane.

Selecting organic cotton bedding protects your body against sensitivities from conventionally cultivated cotton and non-organic colors. Take pride in the beneficial environmental impact. All items are manufactured with sustainable practices, recyclable materials, and ethical labor.

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The features of this amazing mattress pad include the following:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Shell made of 300 thread count
  • A cotton wadding of 300 GSM
  • Long-lasting mattress pad with an onion-shaped quilting design
  • Deep pockets (8″ to 19″ deep mattresses are suitable).
  • Strong and top-notch elastic all over.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • Lacks a membrane made of synthetic polyurethane.
  • Free of phthalates, PVC, and vinyl

By selecting the “BIOWEAVES” website, you can purchase bed sheet sets, pillowcase sets, flat sheet sets, fitted sheet sets, and duvet cover sets in addition to this mattress pad.

In a nutshell It’s waterproof and ivory, which makes it a wonderful choice. You can choose from sizes, including full, California king, king, twin, queen, and twin XL.

Sealy Luxury Cotton Mattress Pad

Luxury mattress pad, 6 high-end ones used by hotels (2023) (6)


- 100% Cotton top
- Extend mattress life
- Easy care - Machine washable

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Best quilt-fill mattress pad with a lifetime warranty and sturdy stretch

Third on our list of luxurious mattress pads is the Sealy top fitted mattress pad.

For mattresses around 18″, the Perfect Grip skirt’s sturdy stretch helps keep the mattress pad in place. It is machine washable and easy to maintain, allowing for regular use.

100% cotton, 300-thread-count top construction Quilt fill is of polyester. The quilted bottom part is made of polypropylene. The sidewall component is polyester.

It’s eminent that getting more rest improves your mood. You sleep comfortably using the Sealy Luxury 100% Cotton Mattress Pad. For long-lasting comfort, the mattress pad’s hypoallergenic Eterna Loft fill offers solid but flexible support throughout the night. You can go back to bed after waking up thanks to the opulently soft 300-thread-count layer.

The Perfect Grip skirt of the Sealy Luxurious Cotton Mattress Pad provides a robust stretch to fit on mattresses around 18″ deep effortlessly. Thanks to its machine washability and drying ability, you may freshen and revitalize the bedding, ensuring a clean and wholesome night’s sleep.

Sealy is an amazing brand that offers 100% cotton tops that are breathable with hypoallergenic fiberfill (also check the top rated mattresses for allergies). Enjoy extended mattress life with a machine-washable cover that allows easy cleaning.

In a nutshell The 12″ mattress fits neatly under the mattress pad, which is pleasant to the touch and very simple to put on. A design that provides excellent comfort and fit. Mattress pad made of 100% cotton by Sealy Luxury. The mattress pad would be deep enough to cover the sides of the hefty mattresses and fit on top. The mattress pad is extremely plush and quite deep on the sides, totally encasing the mattress.

Tempur-Pedic Cool Luxury Mattress Pad

Luxury mattress pad, 6 high-end ones used by hotels (2023) (7)


- Cool & comfortable
- Hypoallergenic
- Waterproof mattress pad

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Best luxurious, cozy-to-touch mattress pad with hypoallergenic fill

Next in our list of luxurious mattress pads includes the TempurPedic mattress pad. This luxurious knit is soothing to your touch and cozy. High-molecular-weight fabric with smart temperature technology that feels immediately cool keeps you cozy and comfortable throughout the night. No more hassle of sweating or restless nights, as this mattress pad is luxurious.

The Eternaloft for long-lasting support uses a hypoallergenic fill, which allows you to sleep comfortably.

A water-resistant mattress pad is available to guard against spills or stains (check the top rated waterproof mattress protectors). The mattress pad’s waterproof nature prevents you from dealing with the hassle of immediate cleaning and excessive care.

The Tempur-Ultifit System’s 2-way stretch at the top or sides provides the perfect fit. It easily accommodates 20-inch-deep mattresses. It is machine washable and dryable, making it simple to maintain.

With extraordinary sleep, wonderful things occur, like complete relief of pain, a comfortable and cozy sleep experience, and supportive filling for mesmerizing effects over the pressure points (also check 10 amazing mattress toppers for pressure points).

TEMPUR materials offer pressure relief with a motion cancellation effect to help customers fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer. These stunning features in the mattress pad allow you to sleep at ease with a comfortable sleeping experience.

What you’ll love about this mattress pad is that it’s generously sized to accommodate a thick memory foam mattress. A memory foam bed can be supported nicely, firmly, and comfortably. Fits the mattress perfectly and transforms your barely usable couch bed into one on which you can sleep for several hours. It appears to be very effective at controlling sleeping temperature.

In a nutshell Waterproof covering protects your mattress from spills and stains. The mattress pad is indeed a perfect fit for every mattress. For simple maintenance and ongoing use, it can be machine washed.

Hometitute Luxury Natual Tencel Mattress Pad

Luxury mattress pad, 6 high-end ones used by hotels (2023) (8)


- Cool Tencel
- Breathable & Cool fabric
- OEKO-TEX Standard

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A perfect, well-ventilated mattress pad for night sweaters

Night sweaters may sleep cooler, more ventilated, absorbent, and refreshed thanks to this stunning Tencel mattress pad. If you’re looking for a mattress pad of the highest caliber, this Tencel fabric with a 300-thread-count cotton option is ideal.

The mattress pad is silky, comfy, fine, yet smooth 300-thread-count cotton fabric. TENCEL is an eco-friendly, sustainable material that keeps you warm during the winter and cools during the summer while allowing you to sleep comfortably at night.

Its knitted sides are easy to fit perfectly over mattresses that are 16 inches deep. The polyester fill is kept from clumping or shifting thanks to the lovely quilted hexagon patterns, making it possible to distribute the fill evenly.

Use cold water and a mild or delicate wash to wash the mattress pad. Add a tiny bit of gentle or natural detergent. Use caution when using soap, as too much can peel the pad.

Incorporating TENCEL into the products, it is intended to provide you with a blissful sleep that includes cooling and silky comfort while protecting your priceless mattress. The mattress pad is significantly more resilient, breathable, and softer and works to regulate the temperature thanks to the TENCEL material mixed with 300-thread-count cotton. Tencel Lyocell fiber offers special moisture control qualities to keep you comfortable and cool while you sleep.

In a nutshell The best part about this mattress pad is that it’s cool without any sweating and comes with cool, breathable fabric. Get a perfect fit with this mattress pad featuring hexagon stitch quilting.

Serta Luxury Firm Fiber Mattress Pad

Luxury mattress pad, 6 high-end ones used by hotels (2023) (9)

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- 100% Cotton
- Embedded Technology
- Easy to clean Zip & Wash

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A well-known brand selling comfortable mattress pads with luxurious filling

Serta is an eminent mattress maker with prestigious clients. You can buy their mattress toppers, mattress guards, mattress pads, and mattress collection from online stores (check the top rated mattresses).

Never settle for “Sorta comfortable; ensure it’s Serta comfortable” when it refers to bedding. It is one of the famous brands you can rely on.

Scotchgard Stain Release and Odor Protection is an embedded technology that stops bacteria from causing stains or bad smells on the mattress pad.

A luxuriously soft, comfy, and breathable mattress pad that is expertly manufactured from 100 percent overall cotton sateen with just a 300 thread count plus moisture-wicking. It comes with an air-dry fiberfill to keep you cool and dry.

What you’ll love about this mattress pad is that it’s easy to clean and has a washable construction. Wash this mattress pad on a cold, gentle cycle.

At a glance, these are some of the stunning features seen in the Serta luxury firm fiber-filled cooling fitted mattress pad:

  • 3M Scotchguard Stain Release
  • Fits an 18-inch mattress well
  • Moisture-wicking nature
  • Antimicrobial protection for protection against odors
  • Airdry fiber filling provides a cool night’s sleep
  • 300-thread count and fill

In a nutshell It is available in white color with 100% cotton and features a hypoallergenic texture, a cooling effect, a moisture-wicking formula, and stain resistance.

What Is The Best Mattress Pad Material?

Whether you need to soften your bed or want the mattress pad to provide extra firmness or support depends on the features you’re searching for. The primary categories of toppers include the following.

The most famous mattress pads are made of memory foam since they can improve any mattress’ stability, comfort, or pressure-relieving qualities. This category has a wide variety of price tags, so if you’re searching for something around $100 to liven up your temporary bed, this may be your best chance. Many kinds of memory foam, such as gel and graphite infusions, help keep the foam from overheating.

Latex, natural foam manufactured from rubber trees, is not made of petroleum-like memory foam, which is. Although silk is usually more expensive, it is stronger, more resilient, and springier.

Your best bet is a down or fiberfill topper if your bed is too firm and you want cloud-like softness. The most opulent and fluffiest bedding options are 100% down or down featherbeds, while polyester fiberfill is more affordable and cruelty-free.

These normally have a foamy layer with a pillow-top cover to provide pressure relief, support, and luxurious softness. You can discover hybrids that combine fiberfill with memory foam clusters; these have a more featherbed-like sensation and offer greater support.

What Can I Put On Top Of My Mattress To Make It More Comfortable?

These include pillows, sheets, quilts, and mattress toppers.

Mattress toppers are a terrific way to give the mattress an additional layer of comfort and cushioning. They come in various materials, such as down, latex (check the best selling latex mattress toppers), and memory foam.

Another easy method for improving your mattress’s comfort is using sheets. It can provide a smooth, comfortable sleeping surface that you can easily remove and clean.

Using quilts or comforters, your mattress can also be cozier and warmer. They come in many different materials, such as down, wool, or synthetic.

Another excellent approach to increasing the coziness of the mattress is to use pillows. They are simple to remove and clean and, therefore, can support both the head and neck.

What Is The Difference Between A Mattress Topper And A Mattress Pad?

The mattress topper, designed primarily to alter the feel of a bed, is usually thicker than a mattress pad. Mattress protectors surround the mattress, whereas mattress pads only provide a layer of protection.

They make sure to fulfill a certain fundamental need. The mattress cover is the best option if you want the greatest protection possible from spills or allergens. The topper is perfect if the goal is to alter the feel of the mattresses as much as possible. The mattress pad is an effective option if you’re looking for something in the middle that will protect the mattress while barely altering its feel.

What Kind Of Mattress Topper Is The Most Comfortable?

Different materials are used to make mattress toppers the most comfortable mattress toppers. Latex, polyester blends, memory foam,feathers, and wool are frequently utilized. Every substance has advantages. Some mattress toppers’ materials help relieve back pain, while others recognize excellent comfort due to their superior quality.

How Often Should A Mattress Pad Be Replaced?

Your mattress pad should ideally be replaced every one to two years. But you might have to replace it more frequently if you suffer from allergies or asthma. Additionally, you might need to replace it more frequently if you smoke or own pets.

Our Recommendation:

Nothing compares to tucking yourself into bed after a long day or enjoying how the mattress seems like the ideal resting platform.

The most drastic method to alter the feel of the bed is to replace the mattress completely, but this can be costly and feel wasteful. Instead, putting a mattress topper on is a fantastic substitute that can be effective whether you wish to renew the life of an old mattress or tweak the surface of a more recent mattress.

Depending on important elements like the fabric used, the thickness, how airy it is, and the favorite sleeping position, each topper seems to have a distinct feel.

So, without further delay, get your hands on the best mattress pad now, which is luxurious and allows you to sleep comfortably.

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