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Consumer Complaints ( 24 )


Lena Charalampaki

Fernando table sides started peeling off

Fernando table sides started peeling off 1 day after it got delivered. I need this to be exchanged and fixed or we get the money back.

PAN EMIRATES FURNITURE (24 Complaints) (1)


COMPLAINT #15470 - Product Issues


Liezel Bosito

Very poor service on scheduling of item collection and refund

I have purchased items online (ref. UE155270) from PAN Emirates since April 15, 2021. Then they scheduled the pick-up of the items in their branch in the wrong timing that's why I was not able to collect it as they told me to collect at 4pm when the collection timing is up to 2pm only. I also asked them to transfer it to other branch that have schedule in the evening for the collection. After a week I called to check if my order was already transferred to other branch and they said it was not processed. So I decided to just cancel the order because of this kind of service they are giving to customers. Same day they said that they have placed the cancellation and needs to wait for 10 days to receive my money back. But after almost 4 times of calling every week the order cancellation is not processed. They just keep on saying that they will place the cancellation everytime I call. And until now I didn't get my money back nor getting any update what is the real status why this refund request has not been processed. I'm so tired of calling the call center to check on this one because they just always say the same thing that they will call me after 2 days. 2 working days which means forever. I'm even asking if I can just come to the branch to get this done, but they said this must be processed only online. Very poor service at all.


COMPLAINT #15443 - Refund / Exchange Issues


Febin Francis

Bought New Dinning table and within a day chair broke.

I bought Dinning table and they delivered and assembled it on 2nd june 2021. But within a day the chair broke. It had a bad backseating. Luckily the person who sat on the chair is safe. When i examined the material is of low quality and quality is so cheap.

PAN EMIRATES FURNITURE (24 Complaints) (2)


COMPLAINT #15346 - Product Issues


Abdul haseeb

Brocken chaire

This item i bought last November, Until last month 6 Time they repired.same chaire, each time unsatisfied repired its customers cheatting repired. I told them many time fix wely kids are us this. Now it tottaly made Brocken unsafty furniture..


COMPLAINT #14169 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues


Deepak Kumar

Taken ordered, after many days not able deliver.

I had purchased 3 seater sofa with 2 seater sofa set and 1 seater sofa on 29/03/2021. The delivery date was set to be on 05/04/2021 but I received a call on 4th saying that the 2 seater sofa that came to them is damaged and hence no new sofa will come as it will be out of stock. I waited for 7 days and this is the result. My wife and I are terribly upset since we liked it very much and now this is happening. The person in Al Barsha said I can come to the showroom and look at other sofas and they will gladly help us and provide the best option but upon traveling that far again an employee named Bassan said nothing can be done, then they told me to wait for 1 to 2 days and they will confirm how much discount they will give by sending a mail after getting an approval. I have received no mail till now and they called today saying that only a 5% discount can be given. I am so shocked and disappointed at how I am being cheated. Nearly 2 weeks are over and still, no help is given in spite of calling customer care and going to the showroom multiple times. Please look into this.


COMPLAINT #13845 - Customer Service Issues


Ayesha alsuwaidi

The product(mattress) wasn't delivered to the concerned branch to collect it

I have a complain.

Kind note that I got a confirmation from the number 065030934, to collect the product (order no. Wu0140649)from dfc branch on Sunday 21stMarch from 3.30 pm onward.

I have driven all way to there & arrived at 3.45pm at dfc pan emirates shop , and I was at shop till 4.50 pm to solve the issue & collect the item but they told me, it hasn't leave the inventory even!!!!. What's my fault as a customer!!!.

I forwarded me to seak to an Egyptian man his name is Ahmed from the same number above. I asked that since the mistake from your side,then it should be delivered to me by today or tomo max and he agreed to that.

Kindly arrange for the delivery ASAP. And confirm the delivery to me by contacting me through call & email.

PAN EMIRATES FURNITURE (24 Complaints) (3)


COMPLAINT #13210 - Delivery Issues


Abdul haseeb


I bought the table and 2 chairs ladt year end. Until this date 21/03/2021 5 times they made repired. My broken chaire. And very bad level maitance and repired. Each time repiring after 1 day its will broken sane product same issues. I realy feel bad about this product.. And your company bad way you're people treating us as a customer
. any more information u need.. Please free to contact 00971558684862

Reply by Abdul haseeb on 22 March, 2021

5 times they repired including yesterday. And its very bqd quality service in warranty maintenance. We pay money we love the looking beauty. And i bought it.. Now after the 5th repire its looking ugly and uncomfortable. To use my doughter..this product i bought it for her study and school Basic usage.. And she is just 5 years old. Girl.. This product not accomadate her 22kg maximum weight.. Very poor quality. And bad response and cheating warenty..
Why company providing 2 year warrentty to the customers. Its a clear cheatting.. Only one option this pan emirates can do for me.. Takenthe item back from me free. Or replace another chaire.. U can choose..thanks


COMPLAINT #13208 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues


Rami Yaghi

Delivered Damaged Cupboard

Order number AS0076022 delivered on 11th March 2021 to Abu Dhabi, Garden City Tower. One of the cupboards is damaged and the same message has been communicated to the delivery Crew and message has been written on the delivery note. Action is required from Pan Emirates.
Rami Yaghi


COMPLAINT #12891 - Delivery Issues


Rita chawla

Termites in furniture (Dining table)

We noticed that wood is eaten by small insect probably Termites. Resulting white powder is falling on the floor n chairs.we already sent an Email n Reminder but no reply.


COMPLAINT #12806 - Product Issues


Salman Sadiq

Sofa leather has peeled off

I bought a leather sofa for AED 3500 about 3 years ago. Within 12 months its leather started to peel off. Now, it looks horrible as all the leather is gone. After buying an expensive product from PAN Emirates I expected some peace of mind but hasnt been the case. Could you please let me know what can be done with my sofa? Kindly escalate my concern to the relevant person to deal with selling a substandard product to the customer.


COMPLAINT #12545 - Product Issues



2 Seater Sofa - POOR QUALITY

I have purchased a 2 seater sofa from Shj Pan Emirates store which is having 2 years warranty but the cushion of the sofa started going down after 2 months. I raised a complaint about repair but the shape of the sofa was changed post-repair and it was not comfortable anymore as they put cheap foam and not taking comfort into consideration. I told delivery guys, that the foam which they put will go down again and the same happened after 3 days.
I raised a complaint again that I am not happy with the repair and now I don't want any repair and I want a replacement. It is been more than 2 weeks and the issue has not resolved yet. Every time I called customer service they are telling me the same answer that we are waiting for the manager's response.
This was also my very 1st time ordering something from Pan Emirates. I am disgusted and completely unhappy with customer service. Next time I will order and purchase furniture from my previous brands like Home Center and Home Box as they are good in after-sales
and customer services.


COMPLAINT #10976 - Product Issues


Dileep Mukundan

Low quality sofa passed off under the premise of "SALE"

I purchased a Roina 3 Seater Leather Sofa (HSG-05) from the Pan Emirates showroom in Burjuman, which was delivered on 17-Nov-2020. Within a week, the skin of the sofa started peeling off.When I complained to the Pan Em showroom in Burjuman, they dilly-dallied for about a week and then asked me to register a complaint. When I called and complained on 800726, I was told that a product sold on the premise of "SALE" does not have a warranty! It is to be noted that this is not mentioned in the bill provided nor was this communicated at the point of sale. There was not even a complaint number generated for the issue raised!

I purchased the sofa placing my trust in the quality and integrity of the products sold by this renowned home furnishing chain. I never imagined that a festive purchase tagged as a "SALE" would be a total rip-off, that has spoiled my customer experience as a first time Pan Em product buyer!

Reply by ALI RIAZ on 18 January, 2021

PAN EMIRATES strongly Not Recommended...
Don't waste your money here

Reply by Dileep Mukundan on 8 February, 2021

I placed a formal complaint with the DED and within a week Pan Emirates personnel contacted me. They offered to replace the defective sofa with a new one. Thanks to the intervention from DED, we now have a good replaced sofa at home !


COMPLAINT #10381 - Product Issues


John captain

Dining Table and dressing Table

I brought dinning and dressing table. As soon as revived with in a month the dinning chair broken. When I raised the complain, they said they will fix the issue.More than 5 time the Chair got broken one by one. So I told them to exchange the dining table,. In fact I told them that product is not good so I am ready to upgrade with higher cost. But they refused the request and the way customer service prople deal with me is not the good way as costomet orianted. Till now 2 chair is in broken status and I am not intreated to call them since the response is very poor.


COMPLAINT #9817 - Product Issues


ALAA omar

Defective products

Dear customer care Manager:

I purchased a bed from Sharjah showroom invoce N:SS0194462 dated 30/11/2020.

Item has been delivered on 07/12/202, However the team has made some defects while fixing the bed and one item (hydraulic bump) was initially defective. So they rescheduled the fixing.

Another team came on today 09/12/2020 and they made more fault to fix the previous one.

also while I checked the bed I found many defects and the item look it like used or been displayed before.

I have attached few pictures for your record.

After directly calling the customer service team they refused to take the item and exchange it with new one.

Please note that I am completely disappointed with Pan emirates quality of product and service specifically sending uncompetent technical team to fix a product that they are not trained for and try to fix the faults in unprofessional manner like using white pen marker to cover the scratches.

I kindly ask you to look into my complaint urgently and replace the entire bed with new one.


Ala omar


COMPLAINT #9666 - Product Issues



Not recieved the items ordered

I ordered items online order no-wu0118353and I went to collect it in Abu Dhabi airport road they said it will be next day. I went there 2nd time to get the items they said items not there . I waited there an hour and they checked the items and delivered only few items without checking properly.I ordered 23 items and given me only 7 items. I called them but no answer I called customer care they said they will inform the store and they will call me back but still I haven’t received any calls or items.


COMPLAINT #9561 - Billing or Collection Issues


Mostapha Ahrouch

New sofa delivered dirty and broken

Bought a brand new sofa bed, it was delivered today very dirty. shown in photo, most especially the roll up bed it was very dirty in the front lots of black dirt. As per delivery guys it was due to packaging handling. I asked them to take it away and exchange for new one. Unacceptable because we bought a brand new sofa not a used one, we expect to receive it clean and new.


COMPLAINT #9202 - Product Issues



Defective bed side panel

Purchased 120 x 200 bed from sharjah branch which was delivered and fixed by Pan on 12.05.2020. Noticed a crack on one of the main side panel within 5 months

Reply by Rajiv saxena on 15 November, 2020

Further to my above complaint # 8460 , the Pan Emirates contacted me and offered to repair the crack side panel which is not accepted at all. They should replace the defective part. I am not asking to replace the bed. Only defective component should be replaced.


COMPLAINT #8460 - Product Issues


Rohit Mishra

Unhygienic Issues from Service People

Earlier today, between 7-8pm, some delivery guys came to deliver my new bed. It is November 8th, 2020. The bed was being set up in a room upstairs, so we were not continuously monitoring them as there wasn't much space to walk around so we were just downstairs. Before they came into the house, I had gone into my bathroom to use the toilet (bed was being set up in my bedroom) and it was perfectly clean with no stains on the toilet seat or on the floor. About an hour after they left, I went into my bathroom and the toilet had yellow pee stains everywhere. The water inside of the toilet was extremely yellow too, leading me to believe that they all used my toilet (in an obviously very unclean way) and didn't flush as I would've heard that from downstairs. Forget about the fact that they left it so unclean, but they didn't even ask to use it. And on top of that, leaving the floor dirty, leaving their pee stains on the toilet seat, on the back, everywhere. It was horrendous and I was completely shocked with such bad quality of customer service. I am now skeptical of the possibility that they might not have even washed their hands after using the toilet, and would've used those same hands to set up the bed that I am sleeping on tonight and every night after that for a very long time. It was horrifying and I have never had such a bad experience with customer service with furniture ANYWHERE. It has never happened to me that people coming to set up furniture in my home or anything else are this disrespectful and are using my utilities without even asking and on top of that making a large disgusting mess of it. Such a terrible and gross experience has never happened for me in any place in the world till now. This was also my very 1st time ordering something from Pan Emirates. I am disgusted and completely unhappy with the customer service that the delivery guys provided today. Next time I order furniture from the UAE, I will happily go to Home Centre. Thank you for your time.


COMPLAINT #8345 - Delivery Issues


Zahera Sheikkariem

Very bad rugs and 48 hours only to complain??!!

3 rugs are losing its fabric all over the place. Kids can't play because of the dust and the clothes get dirty. No good costumer service since in 48 hours how can you tell something is wrong with it. If it is a bad thing don't sell the stuff. You are fraudsters. Bought stuff worth more than 60.000,- still no good costumer service

PAN EMIRATES FURNITURE (24 Complaints) (4)


COMPLAINT #7935 - Product Issues


Hiwot Moges

Unproffesional Pan emirates delivery and customer service agent

The worst and most unprofessional service ever recieved delivery was promised at 2 waited till 4:45 nothing was communicated with called to check and was told it was delivered and almost their but nobody came for the next 2 hr again i called and spoke with the most rude,unprofessional agent called Ali who has no knowledge on how to speak to a customer and hang up on me when asked to speak with his supervisor. Such service gives your company a bad name i will never reccomend anyone to use your service wich such kind of treatment provided.
The item was not delivered until 8:30 in the evening this is unacceptable and wate of time for the user.


COMPLAINT #7691 - Customer Service Issues



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