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Want to know just how much of a difference 5 cm of memory foam make can? Well, according to what we’ve just experienced with Panda Mattress Topper – quite a lot, actually. If that sounds intriguing, maybe you’ll want to stay for the rest of this review.


  • 100% hypoallergenic

    Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and hostile towards dust mites.

  • Eco-friendly

    Eco-friendly design makes Panda Sleep a highly unique company with unique sustainability concepts.

  • Removable cover

    Remove the cover and wash it in a washing machine.


  • Slight over heating

    Due to memory foam, there might be some over heating. Especially with hot sleepers.

  • Too soft

    It might be too soft for some sleepers. Especially side sleepers.

Who is Panda mattress topper for?

Looking for a way to make your old mattress feel like new again? Look no further than Panda mattress topper! This 3rd generation Hydro-foam and bamboo topper can add a layer of cosiness to your current mattress, making it more comfortable and supportive. And the best part? You’d be saving the environment with this one, too.

Panda has made it their mission to produce eco-friendly products and help save the environment while helping you catch some ZZZs. How do they do that? By using the world’s most sustainable plant for making fabric – bamboo. That’s why they love bamboo so much and why every single one of their products is made with bamboo fabric. And, that’s exactly why we wanted to put this topper to the test.

So, here’s what we’ve found out about this multi-award-winning mattress topper!

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    What do we use this bamboo mattress topper for?

    Just like any other memory foam topper, Panda mattress topper can be used to make your mattress better. This one, in particular, does this by being soft and pressure-relieving and also quite pleasant on your neck, shoulders and hips.

    Even though 5 cm might not seem like quite a lot when it comes to pressure and pain relief, when coupled with a good mattress, Panda topper can help you get rid of the annoying pain.

    Not only that, due to its hypoallergenic and antibacterial nature, Panda mattress topper can also help you battle allergies and help you sleep better.

    Features you should know about Panda mattress topper

    To better understand why you should go with Panda foam bamboo mattress topper instead of some other memory foam topper, we've decided to introduce you to all the great features that come with it.

    Panda Mattress Topper Review 2022 | The Sleep Advisors (1)

    Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic & breathable removable bamboo cover

    Unlike many other toppers, Panda topper comes with a removable bamboo topper cover. And, unlike with many others where you'd only find bamboo in traces, Panda's cover is actually made from bamboo.

    This cover is made from 70% bamboo fibre, which means you’re not only getting quality, but you’re also getting velvety softness, comfort, breathability, and most importantly – anti-bacterial properties. In addition, you can get aseparate Panda bamboo cover as well.

    Bamboo has amazing natural properties. It is naturally resistant to dust mites, bed bugs and other common household allergens, and when you pair that up with a cover that is also machine-washable at 40°C – you get a topper that is not only easy to keep clean and healthy but the one that can also prevent skin irritation or other allergen-caused issues.

    Elasticated straps & anti-slip bottom

    Another thing that sets this topper apart from all the others are the four elasticated straps in pair with an anti-slip bottom. In other words, you can wiggle around as much as you want – the topper won’t do the same. It’ll stay securely in place – all night long.

    Hydro-foam orthopaedic support

    The memory foam that makes the Panda mattress topper is not your regular, everyday foam. What you're looking at here is a 3rd generation, gel-infused memory foam. Called Hydro-foam, this open-cell structured memory foam is not only comfortable and cosy, but it is also quite contouring and thermoregulating, and when coupled with the right mattress – it also offers much-needed orthopaedic support exactly where you need it.

    Panda Mattress Topper Review 2022 | The Sleep Advisors (2)

    No more pain and discomfort in your lower back, shoulders, hips or neck. But also, no more sleepless nights because you’re sweating profusely – but more on that later. The way we see it, that's not something many toppers can do.

    Gel-infused technology for increased cooling

    We’ve said that the Hydro foam inside this topper is gel-infused, soft and supportive. However, what we didn’t touch on (at least not in detail), is that it is gel-infused to become more breathable

    Thanks to the open-cell cooling technology, tiny heat-sensitive capsules react to your body temperature and expand when the memory foam warms up. The extra space between the cells releases heat, ensuring that you stay cool night after night.

    Neck, pain and hip pain treatment

    As we've said, Hydro foam is great for helping you get and helping you stay pain-free. The open-cell structure of Hydro foam isn't just here to help you keep cool during the night, but its open-cell structure also allows for much better pressure and pain relief.

    As this memory foam bamboo mattress topper gently cradles you to sleep, it will make sure that it offers you pressure in the right areas and alleviate the said pressure from the areas where it is often bottled up.

    This should result in almost immediate back pain, neck pain, hip pain and shoulder pain relief.

    Eco-friendly and sustainable

    One thing about Panda is that they care for the environment. Every single material used in the manufacturing of this product is ethically, eco-friendly and socially friendly-sourced.

    For starters, Panda makes sure that their bamboo’s eco-credentials stay in place by only souring their bamboo from reliable, sustainable and approved forests. They demand the highest standard of eco-friendliness at every step of the way, which is why they only use ethically sourced organic bamboo that is grown pesticide-free.

    Also, none of their products are tested on animals and are vegan-friendly, and all of them arrive at your doorstep in recycled and recyclable boxes.

    Finally, we have to talk about the Circle of Life Initiative. As we mentioned a few times already, bamboo’s their bread and butter, but that’s not all there is to this company’s green efforts.

    The Circle of Life

    The Circle of Life Initiative, at first glance, is just about free pickup and disposing of old foam products. However, that’s not entirely the case. In reality, it is all about having a fully sustainable and green production circle.

    Basically, it all starts with growing and harvesting bamboo in the best, most environmentally-friendly way possible, followed by ethical and responsible manufacturing standards. What does that mean? It means saving water, protecting human rights, and using non-toxic and eco-friendly dyes.

    It also means protecting wildlife, by not harming any animals or their habitats. In fact, Panda has partnered up with OneTribe to help safeguard rainforests by protecting five trees for every single person that signs up for their mailing list.

    What they also do is not pack their products in plastic wraps, nor do they use single-use plastics for any purpose. The only plastic they do use is LDPE plastic, which is fully recyclable and the only packaging they use is fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

    Another green effort they make is import their products by sea, keeping the carbon emissions low, while also using carbon-neutral couriers to deliver their products all over the UK mainland.

    The final step in this Circle of Life Initiative? A Circle of Life recycling initiative.

    Despite all of their products being fully recyclable, Panda’s fully aware that memory foam can be a bit tricky to dispose of, so they come to your home to collect your Panda product – for free. When they do, they either recycle and repurpose the foam in toys, cushions or sofa fillings or if they find the product is in a decent state – they thoroughly clean it and donate it to charity.


    Their bamboo isn't the only thing that is held up to the highest standards. In addition to that, their Hydro foam memory foam also is. All of the foam used in the manufacturing of this mattress topper complies with the UK's fire safety regulations and is also OEKO-TEX 100 certified.

    This doesn't only mean that the foam has been tested for its resilience to flames, but it also means that it has been tested for any potentially harmful chemicals like arsenic, lead, pesticides, phthalates and many others. Loosely translated, this means that this mattress topper is perfectly safe and healthy for anyone to use.

    30-night trial

    It is not often that you get a trial period on a mattress topper, but Panda offers a month-long trial period for theirs. You will get a 30-night trial period to test out Panda mattress topper, and if you don't happen to like or enjoy it, for whatever reason, you will be able to return it for a full refund without even having to cover the postage costs.

    10-year warranty

    Mattress toppers are notoriously known for being short-lived. Well, this Panda topper isn't. This foam stays supportive. Not only did this topper prove to be durable and long-lasting during our testing, which you're about to find out in a minute, but to guarantee customer's satisfaction, Panda offers a 10-year warranty on this topper.

    Essentially, this means that your new Panda mattress topper will be covered for ten years for any manufacturing defects. In case something goes wrong with it – you will be able to get your money's worth out of it.

    Review of Panda mattress topper

    Now, let‘s take a look at Panda mattress topper review. For starters, we have to say that, as far as mattress toppers go – Panda mattress topper is one best ones we've ever tested.

    From the moment we've laid our hands on it, we knew that this one was going to be special. Right from the start, it was obvious that attention to detail is one of Panda's strongest suits. The breathable bamboo cover was wonderfully designed. It sports a honeycomb pattern with a subtle panda logo in the upper left corner. We can only assume that the honeycomb pattern wasn't only a design choice, but it had to do something with improved cooling. The bottom side of the cover is a dotted silicone anti-slip layer, but just to be sure, Panda mattress topper also comes with four elastic straps and an anti-slip bottom, so keeping this topper firmly secured won't be an issue.

    Panda Mattress Topper Review 2022 | The Sleep Advisors (3)

    As far as comfort and support go – we're quite surprised. And, honestly, comfort wasn't the reason we were. The topper is a bit on the softer side, and if we had to rate it, we'd say it's 5 out of 10, at best. However, support is not lacking, and that is why we're surprised. Even though this topper is soft-ish, when coupled with a good mattress, Panda topper still manages to provide you with just the right amount of support wherever you need it.

    Regarding drawbacks, we didn’t have any real complaints other than the common memory foam ones. Despite being open-cell and gel-infused, this is still 5 cm of memory foam, so it will retain some heat if it’s really hot outside. This doesn’t mean that this topper is hot. Not by any stretch. But still, it’s foam – there’s only so much you can do to make it cool. And finally, even though it is supportive where it has to be, this topper might be soft for some of you.

    • Type: Memory foam
    • Thickness: 5 cm
    • Size: UK Single, UK Small Double, UK Double, UK King Size, UK Super King Size, EU Single, EU Double, EU King Size, EU Emperor.

    • It might be too soft for some sleepers
    • Slight overheating issues.

    • Very well-designed, with special attention to intricate details
    • Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites
    • Very comfortable and surprisingly supportive.

    What we like about Panda mattress topper

    • One of the most beautiful and also comfortable mattress toppers on the market
    • With nine different sizes available, this is one of the most size-compatible toppers on the market
    • It comes with an anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, removable, machine-washable bamboo cover
    • Panda’s extensive environmentally-friendly efforts.

    What we didn't like about Panda mattress topper

    • Even though it is supportive, some sleepers might find this topper to be too soft
    • Despite open-cell and gel-infused memory foam, the topper still retains some heat.

    Check the best alternatives to Panda mattress topper

    Since Panda mattress topper isn't the only topper on the market, we thought we'd present you with some additional alternative options.

    Soft Feel 7500 Orthopaedic mattress topper

    Soft Feel 7500 is another memory foam topper; only this one is 2 cm thicker than the one we are reviewing today. As such, this topper is a bit firmer than your regular memory foam topper, however, it is also more supportive and better at relieving pressure than most of its competitors.

    It is one of the best toppers you can find on the UK market, so we highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good topper without hurting their budget too much.

    Check our review on this mattress topper to learn more about it before deciding to invest money.

    • Supportive
    • Pressure-reliving
    • Removable, hypoallergenic cover.

    • It can't be firmly secured
    • Retains some heat.

    Silentnight Airmax Topper

    If you'd like something thinner, softer and more breathable than Panda topper – Silentnight Airmax might just cut it. It comes from a well-known brand so you don't need to worry about the overall quality and price-quality ratio. With the air mesh pockets, you can be sure that you will stay cozy under it, without getting hot.

    This polyester hollowfibre topper is fluffy and breathable, naturally antibacterial, and if you're just looking to make your matters softer and cozier – this is the one for you. It is available in 4 different sizes and it is 100% machine washable.

    We have reviewed this Silentnight's mattress topper so check it out for more information.

    Consider Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo pillow if you are buying Panda mattress topper

    It’s always good to stay in the family, so if you are getting Panda mattress topper, may we suggest looking into Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow? Made from the same 3rd generation memory foam, this pillow is not only soft and comfortable, but also quite breathable. Now, we can’t guarantee you won’t turn it over to the cool side once the summer hits, but as far as memory foam pillows go – this one is as cool as it gets.

    Additionally, the pillowcase on this one is made from a breathable, hypoallergenic mix of bamboo and polyester, under which you'll be able to find a protective mesh, ensuring that this pillow stays clean and in great shape for years to come. Check our Panda bamboo pillow review.

    • Supportive and comfortable
    • Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial
    • 30-night trial and 10-year warranty.

    • Non-removable cover
    • Not ideal for stomach sleepers.

    What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

    If we had to compare Panda mattress topper to the other similar ones – we wouldn't. It wouldn't be fair to the others.

    All jokes aside, Panda mattress topper is one of the best products on the market. Not only are you getting a soft, comfortable and supportive product with this one, but you also get an eco-friendly and sustainable one.

    Other than that, there are two things that really separate this topper from the rest of the herd – warranty and sizing.

    First of all, a 10-year warranty for a topper is pretty much unprecedented, which on its own speaks volumes on the quality and durability of this product. And secondly, having the ability to choose from 9 different sizes is not something you see every day. It pretty much doesn’t matter which mattress you have – you’ll be able to get the matching topper for it.

    All in all, if there was ever a worthy investment – it’s this topper.

    How did we test the product?

    As you’re probably aware, testing toppers isn’t as simple as testing mattresses or pillows because toppers aren’t really standalone products. So, before we could even order this product off of Panda’s website and enjoy our free UK delivery, we first had to pull out the mattresses to test this topper on.

    To begin our Panda mattress topper review, we've chosen five different mattresses to test this topper on. Some of them were softer, some firmer – but no two were the same. Not even in type. We had latex, hybrid, open coil, pocket sprung, and memory foam mattresses ready before the topper even arrived.

    Panda Mattress Topper Review 2022 | The Sleep Advisors (7)

    Before we did our tests, the first thing we did upon its arrival was leave the topper in a well-ventilated room to expand and vent out because we thought it might smell a little bit, with all the foam and all. However, it didn’t. So, kudos to Panda.

    Once everything was ready, each of our team members spent five days sleeping on this topper, noting down everything that they had found relevant. Once the testing was done, we got together, and we compared our notes on comfort, firmness, or in this case, softness, support, breathability, bamboo cover, pressure and pain relief and so on, and that's how this review came to be.

    FAQs about your Panda mattress toppers

    To end our Panda mattress topper review, we wanted to wrap things up by answering some questions about Panda mattress topper.

    Is Panda mattress topper waterproof?

    Unfortunately, no, it’s not. However, Panda Bamboo Mattress Protector is.

    How do I clean my Panda mattress topper?

    This memory foam mattress topper comes with an easily removable machine-washable cover, so all you need to do is toss it in a washing machine at 40°C, and that's it.

    What is the ideal mattress for Panda mattress topper?

    Ideally, you’d want to place this topper on a medium-firm or a firm mattress, preferably a hybrid or a pocket sprung one.

    Can I sleep on Panda mattress topper only?

    Not really. Unless you can sleep directly on the floor, you’re going to need an existing mattress under this memory foam mattress topper.

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