PandaZzz Mattress Toppers Review - Affordable Comfort? (2023)

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Sometimes your mattress is just too firm. Not everyone can just replace an old mattress on a whim, so sometimes a mattress topper is the best course of action. Today, we’ll discuss two affordable mattress topper options from PandaZzz: the PandaZzz Cooling Topper and the PandaZzz Premium Double-Quilted Topper!

We’ll discuss how these mattress pads will soften your mattress, how they are constructed, and who they might be good picks for. So keep reading this PandaZzz Mattress Toppers review to find out what they’re all about.

PandaZzz Mattress Toppers Review Overview

PandaZzz is a relatively new mattress brand out on the market, and they’re making quite a name for themselves. They combine modern cooling innovations into their products, but make sure that their mattresses and toppers don’t break the bank.

There are two PandaZzz mattress toppers: The Cooling Topper and the Premium Double-Quilted Topper. But with two options to pick from, which will be the best topper for you? Let’s break it down.

Who Might Like The Cooling Topper?

  • Back and side sleepers who like sinking into their beds
  • Hot sleepers
  • Anyone looking for a budget-friendly mattress topper

Who Might Not Like The Cooling Topper?

  • People who prefer to secure their mattress toppers (this model is just a mattress pad)
  • Fans of bouncy and responsive mattresses, as this is a slow-moving memory foam topper
  • Stomach sleepers

Who Might Like the Double-Quilted Topper?

  • Fans of mattress toppers with covers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Those looking to soften their mattress but still want to move around with ease

Who Might Not Like the Double-Quilted Topper?

  • Those that want to secure their topper in place with straps
  • Mattress topper shoppers with a bit of a stricter budget
  • Stomach sleepers

PandaZzz Mattress Toppers Video Review

Let’s see these toppers in action with our PandaZzz Mattress Toppers video review!

PandaZzz Mattress Toppers Feel

When reviewing mattress toppers, it’s important to talk about how they’re going to feel, and how they should soften your mattress.

What are the PandaZzz Toppers Firmness?

At Mattress Clarity, we rank mattresses on a firmness scale from 1 to 10. The standard medium-firm mattress is a 6.5/10, with firm mattresses starting around 8/10.

Both of these toppers are fairly soft. Standard mattress toppers should soften your mattress by 2 points, and the Cooling Topper should be the same. The Quilted Topper, featuring two layers of foam, is slightly firmer than the cooling topper, and should soften your mattress by 1.5 points.

We tested both on a medium-firm mattress, or a 6.5/10, making it feel more like a 4.5/10 and a 5/10 respectively.

What Does the Cooling Topper Feel Like?

Both PandaZzz mattress toppers are made of cooling gel memory foam. The Cooling Topper felt quite soft and squishy. This topper will have you sink into it, and it contours to your body. If you’re a fan of slow-moving memory foam, then the Cooling Topper is for you.

What does the Quilted Topper Feel Like?

The Quilted Topper feels marginally firmer, since it has a cover and a thin layer of foam surrounding a layer of cooling gel memory foam. You’ll still sink into this topper, and it should conform to your body, but getting in and out of bed should be a bit easier with the Quilted Topper.

Sleeping On The PandaZzz Mattress Toppers

Fans of slow-moving memory foam will love sleeping on these two toppers. Back sleepers and side sleepers will feel these toppers contour to their body. Back sleepers should feel totally enveloped, while side sleepers should feel decent pressure relief along their shoulders and hips.

Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, need a firm mattress to keep their hips elevated. Because both of these toppers should reduce a mattress’s firmness level by quite a bit, stomach sleepers should look elsewhere. If you are looking for a mattress topper that comes in a firm option, check out our Avocado mattress topper review!

Average Weight Sleepers – 130lbs – 230lbs

Average weight back sleepers should love the PandaZzz Cooling Topper. This three-inch gel memory foam mattress topper works well for those who love to sink into their mattress, but still feel supported. Side sleepers who prefer slow-moving foam will also appreciate the Cooling Topper. Stomach sleepers, however, won’t get the support for their hips that they need. This topper will make the bed feel too soft.

The Quilted Topper should also work well for average weight back and side sleepers. Because of the cover, it creates a bit more of a pillow top look and feel. Side sleepers should also feel good pressure relief on this topper. And, like the Cooling Topper, stomach sleepers still won’t find the support they need.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230lbs

With three inches of gel-infused memory foam, the Cooling Topper could be a good choice for heavier back and side sleepers. It should be thick enough to provide ample pressure relief for side sleepers. However, those who weigh closer to 300lbs could potentially feel pain and pressure in their shoulders and hips over time.

Heavyweight stomach sleepers should opt for another topper, or keep their firm mattress as is. Their hips will dip too far into the topper, and could cause lower back pain later down the line.

Likewise, the Double-Quilted Topper should be ideal for heavier back and side sleepers. It should provide the same pressure relief in the shoulders and hips, and should still be good for lumbar support for back sleepers. Heavier stomach sleepers should keep their firm mattress as is. However, if you’re looking for the best mattresses for heavy people, then we’ve got you covered.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130lbs

If you’re a lightweight sleeper who really wants to soften their mattress, then both the Cooling and Double-Quilted Toppers should be solid choices for any sleeping position. You won’t compress the toppers that much. Back sleepers should still feel plenty of lumbar support, and side sleepers should get the pressure relief they need. Even lightweight stomach sleepers should still feel the support they need to keep their hips elevated.

The PandaZzz Mattress Toppers Construction

Now that we know how it feels and how different sleeping positions should feel on it, let’s talk about what these toppers are made up of.


The Cooling Topper is simply a memory foam mattress topper. The Double-Quilted Topper, however, does feature a cover. It is made up of double-jacquard fabric that promotes temperature regulation. And because you can take the cover off, it’s machine washable as well.

Along the bottom of the cover, you’ll find PandaZzz’s Anti-Slip surface. This grid of silicone grips should help keep the Double-Quilted Topper in place inside of your fitted sheet.

Comfort Layer

These two toppers have the same comfort layer made out of cooling gel memory foam. This is what makes up the entirety of the Cooling Topper, and this is what can be found inside the cover of the Double-Quilted Topper. However, the Double-Quilted Topper has two layers. Above the gel-infused memory foam, you’ll find a layer of thin cool & flex foam. This ventilated material helps promote temperature regulation.

The main comfort layer is made up of AirCell memory foam. This means that you’ll find open-cell holes in the memory foam. This is designed to keep the toppers well ventilated. For hot sleepers, this is good news, as the toppers should prevent overheating.

For eco-friendly conscious shoppers, both toppers are made with Oeko-Tex and CertiPUR-US certified materials, meaning they are made without harmful chemicals.

Topper Height

Both the Cooling Topper and the Double-Quilted Topper are 3” tall.

The PandaZzz Mattress Toppers Size Options and Prices

Take a look at the charts below to get up-to-date pricing information on the PandaZzz Mattress toppers.

Twin38″ x 75″ x 3″$79
Full54″ x 75″ x 3″$99
Queen60″ x 80″ x 3″$115
King76″ x 80″ x 3″$139
California King72″ x 84″ x 3″$139

The PandaZzz Mattress Toppers Performance

Now that we’ve gone over what these toppers are made up of, let’s see how they performed during our tests.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

Both the Cooling Topper and the Double-Quilted Topper are designed to pull body heat away from you as you sleep. With an AirCell design to promote good airflow through the toppers, these toppers will make for a cool sleeping surface. Overall, both of these are great memory foam mattress toppers for hot sleepers.


Because the PandaZzz Cooling Topper is coverless, if you take good care of it and keep a fitted sheet over it, we expect this topper to last around 2-3 years.

With the cover, the Double-Quilted Topper should last a little longer, roughly 3-5 years with good care.


Both toppers came compressed in a box. There may be a slight chemical smell to both of them as you remove them from the plastic. However, this should fade within 24-48 hours.

It’s also worth noting that, since both toppers came compressed in a box, in our experience, both needed about an hour to fully expand.


The Cooling Topper does not come in a cover, nor does it have straps to secure it to your mattress. It might move around with use, though fitted sheets should help keep it in place.

The Double-Quilted Topper, however, does have an Anti-Slip cover on the bottom. We expect the Double-Quilted Topper to remain firmly in place on top of your mattress, even without straps.


Without a cover, the Cooling Topper would be difficult to clean. However, as mentioned, keeping a fitted sheet or a mattress protector over the Cooling Topper should keep it relatively clean.

The Double-Quilted Topper does have a removable cover, and is machine washable. However, PandaZzz specifies that you should wash it in cold water and hang it out to dry.


Both toppers are made with Oeko-Tex and CertiPUR-US certifications, making them free of harmful chemicals. However, if you’re worried about allergens, this may not be the one for you. Currently PandaZzz does not have any hypoallergenic options for their toppers.

Overall Rating

Take a look at how we rated the PandaZzz toppers after all our tests.

Cooling Gel Topper






Firmness Adjustment

Company Policies

Let’s take a look at what PandaZzz’s company policies are for these two mattress toppers.

Warranty Info

PandaZzz offers a 1-year warranty for any non-mattress product that they sell. This includes the Cooling Topper and the Double-Quilted Topper.

Sleep Trial

Both toppers come with a 100-night sleep trial period.

Return Policy

During the 100-night sleep trial, if you are unsatisfied with your topper, you can return it for a full refund.

How Do The PandaZzz Mattress Toppers Compare To Other Toppers?

Even with two options available, it’s always good to do some comparisons. For these PandaZzz mattress toppers comparison, we will compare the Cooling Topper to another single layered mattress topper, the Dreamfoam Gel Swirl Topper. We’ll also compare the Double-Quilted topper to the ViscoSoft Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

The PandaZzz Cooling Topper Vs. Dreamfoam Mattress Topper

Both the PandaZzz Cooling Topper and the Dreamfoam Gel Swirl Topper are all-foam, single-layer mattress toppers. There are a few differences to discuss between these two toppers, however.

Most noticeably, the Cooling Topper is 3” tall, while the Dreamfoam Gel Swirl is only 2”. This inch of difference could most notably impact side sleepers. While average-weight side sleepers should feel good pressure relief on both toppers, heavier side sleepers might notice more pressure in their hips and shoulders on the Dreamfoam topper.

Hot sleepers should get a relatively cool night’s sleep on both of these toppers. But with the AirCell design and gel foam, the PandaZzz Cooling Topper might be a better option for extremely hot sleepers.

Additionally, the PandaZzz Cooling Topper will soften your mattress a bit more, reducing the firmness score by two points. The Dreamfoam Gel Swirl will only reduce a mattresses firmness score by a single point. If you prefer a softer, slow-moving mattress topper, then the Cooling Topper is the pick here.

Though the Cooling Topper is PandaZzz’s more budget-friendly topper, the Dreamfoam Gel Swirl takes the win in terms of affordability.

Who Should Get the PandaZzz Cooling Topper?

  • Anyone looking to considerably soften their mattress
  • Extremely hot sleepers

Who Should Get the Dreamfoam Gel Swirl?

  • Anyone on a strict budget
  • Those who only want to add a small bit of softness to their mattress.

Check out our full Dreamfoam Gel Swirl Mattress Topper Review.

PandaZzz Premium Double-Quilted Topper Vs. the ViscoSoft Mattress Topper

Both the Double-Quilted Topper and the ViscoSoft Topper are gel-infused memory foam mattress toppers that come inside a cover. They both come in at 3” tall and should soften your mattresses quite a bit. But how are they different?

Most notably, the ViscoSoft Topper’s cover comes with straps so you can firmly attach the topper to the mattress. The PandaZzz Double-Quilted topper does have an Anti-Slip layer on the bottom with silicone grips. However, if you’re looking for a topper to securely attach to your mattress, then we suggest the ViscoSoft.

Both covers are designed with breathability in mind and should help you sleep cool. The ViscoSoft Topper’s main comfort layer is gel-infused foam, whereas the Double-Quilted Topper has two foam layers for comfort: a thin layer of Cool & Flex foam and a main layer of ventilated gel foam.

The PandaZzz Double-Quilted topper, in our experience, is more of a medium soft topper, which softened a firm mattress by about 1.5 points. The ViscoSoft Topper softened a mattress by a full two points.

Finally, of these two options, the PandaZzz Double-Quilted Topper is the more affordable option for shoppers on a budget.

Who should get the PandaZzz Double-Quilted Topper?

  • Topper shoppers on a bit of a budget
  • Fans of a medium soft mattress topper

Who should get the ViscoSoft Topper?

  • Anyone who wants to securely attach their topper to their mattress with straps
  • Those who want to soften their mattress considerably

For a full breakdown of this topper, read our full ViscoSoft Topper review!


We’ve gone over everything you need to know in this PandaZzz Mattress toppers review, what makes up their construction, and a few comparisons. Let’s take the time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these two toppers.

What sizes do the PandaZzz toppers fit?

Both PandaZzz toppers come in sizes ranging from twin to California king.

Will the PandaZzz Toppers make my bed comfortable?

Toppers are generally designed to soften a mattress. If you find your mattress too firm, then selecting one of these toppers should help soften your mattress by, at most, two points. Buyers should get a good night of sleep on these toppers.

Where can I get a PandaZzz mattress topper?

PandaZzz sells their toppers on their website, and they ship to all 50 states within the USA. If you are unsatisfied with your topper, then during the sleep trial, you can return it for a full refund.

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