Puffy vs Casper, in-depth buyer guide with key differences (2023)

Puffy and Casper are among the best-selling brands on the market (also check 10 amazing mattresses). They serve different segments where Puffy emphasizes value while Casper focuses on customization.

Which one of these two mattresses should you go for? In this guide, we will comprehensively assess these options and see which one of them comes out on top. Let’s find out who’s the winner in this ultimate Puffy vs. Casper mattress comparison.

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Comparison Table – Puffy Vs. Casper

Puffy MattressesCasper Original Mattresses
Best forHot and side sleepersHot and combination sleepers
Trial Period101 nights100 nights
WarrantyLifetime10 years
Price range$1449 – $1999$895 – $1895

The Key Differences Between Puffy Vs. Casper

Who The Puffy Mattress Is Best For:

Best for…

Those who like sleeping on their sides and backs: If you love sleeping on your side or your back, the Puffy mattress is the right option. There is enough pressure relief to keep your shoulders, hips, and knees as comfortable as possible (also check the top rated mattresses for shoulder pain).

Those who tend to sleep hot: People who tend to sleep hot will benefit from sleeping on the Puffy mattress. The mattress features a Cooling Cloud foam layer with gel infusions, and it will effectively regulate temperature as you sleep on the mattress.

Those who prefer better support: What more support from your mattress? Puffy is the right choice because it comes with a 6-inch high-density foam base layer that provides plenty of support and keeps the mattress in its place.

May not be best for…

People who prefer to sleep on their stomachs: People who strictly prefer to sleep on their stomachs won’t find the Puffy mattress an ideal option. If side or back sleeping is not in your repertoire, you need to look elsewhere.

If you prefer contouring more than anything: The Puffy mattress has its top memory foam layer infused with gel. Gel memory foams are decent when it comes to that conforming feel. However, if you are specifically looking for this particular feeling on your sleep surface, Puffy is not the right option.

Who The Casper Original Is Best For:

Best for…

People who are combination sleepers: Casper Original mattress is ideal for combination sleepers. The all-foam version is better suited for side and back sleepers, while the hybrid version is better suited for stomach sleepers.

Better airflow: Casper Original Hybrid Mattress has coils above the base layer, which means it is a more breathable option than any memory foam mattress, even if it is gel-infused.

Excellent conformance: The Casper Original All-Foam mattress is pretty exquisite in conformance. As it is a memory foam mattress, the sinking feeling it provides is better than any other sleep surface.

May not be best for…

Not that great for motion isolation: The Casper Original Hybrid Mattress is not great for motion isolation. It is understandable because it is a hybrid mattress, and hybrids are not good at preventing motion transferability.

Not the best choice for hot sleepers: Hybrids are always better for hot sleepers for improved airflow with coils. An all-foam variant of this mattress won’t work well for you if you tend to sleep hot (also check the top rated cooling mattresses for hot sleepers). The AirScape comfort layer on the Casper mattress will only work temporarily.

Top Features compared – Puffy Vs. Casper


Puffy mattresses come with 5 foam layers, and they have a medium-firm configuration. Right at the top is its stain-resistant cover made of anti-allergen materials for keeping your mattress as fresh as ever.

Puffy vs Casper, in-depth buyer guide with key differences (3)

Next comes the 2-inch Cooling Cloud layer made of foam, and it comes with gel infusion. If you tend to sleep hot, this layer will be in action, keeping you dry and cool during your sleep.

The third layer is the 2-inch Climate Comfort layer made of foam. It relieves pressure, and you will get that sinking feeling for which memory foam mattresses are popular.

Next is the 6-inch base layer to provide you with maximum support. Puffy has used HD foam to construct this layer, providing the mattress stability and durability.

This final supportive layer is encased in a gripping fabric. The purpose is to keep the mattress in place and prevent it from slipping. It means you won’t have to preposition your mattress repeatedly.

There are 2 different variants of Casper Original Mattresses. Its all-foam variant comes with the AirScape layer, making your sleep surface more breathable.

This targeted zoning has 3 different ergonomic zones. They allow your body to sink within the mattress slowly. With this design, the all-foam Casper Original mattress stays softer around your shoulders and firmer around your waist and hips.

Next comes the base layer that Casper has developed using durable foam. This base layer is there to prevent any sag and ensure better support.

The hybrid version has a pretty similar construction with just one exception. The hybrid version comes with an additional layer of coils or springs right above the base layer.


The Puffy mattress has a medium-firm feel. Therefore, this mattress does provide well-balanced support and cushioning. Therefore, this mattress is a good choice for side and back sleepers and combo sleepers.

There is enough conformance available to your body in the mattress to effectively deal with those pressure points and keep your spine aligned adequately. If you strictly prefer to sleep on your stomach, this mattress might not work well for you.

It’s because you will have to deal with sagging around the hip or right in the center of the mattress. It can result in backache, and you won’t be able to sleep soundly on your mattress.

There are two variants of Casper Original Mattress; they both work differently. The all-foam version offers better cushioning and decent support. Therefore, this mattress is better for back and side sleepers. You will get that enveloping feel of a memory foam mattress, which will contour pretty well.

Puffy vs Casper, in-depth buyer guide with key differences (4)

The hybrid variant will provide a firmer feel and is better suited for combination sleepers and stomach sleepers. Its comfort layer will be about to give you that cushioning, and all the support will come from the coils and the base layer.

Therefore, this mattress will keep your sine well aligned without much conformance. These features make this mattress a good choice for heavyweight people too.

Motion Isolation and Edge Support

The top layer of the Puffy Mattress features gel infusion. And this goes to show how well it will perform when it comes to motion isolation. Gel-infused memory foams are pretty good for isolating motion. Therefore, this is a good option if you share your bed with your partner, who moves around a lot.

However, gel-infused memory foam mattresses are not that great regarding edge supports. They tend to lose their shape pretty fast. Memory foam mattresses come with even lower edge support, losing their shape faster.

Casper Original All-Foam Mattress is similar to Puffy; it is much better in motion isolation because it is proper memory foam (check the best selling mattresses for motion isolation). However, it will not provide much edge support either.

A Hybrid Casper Original mattress is a good option if you want better edge support. It means that this mattress will last longer, and it will be able to hold its shape very well as soon as you get out of the bed.

Hybrids are not great when it comes to motion isolation. They have a firmer construction, and motion transferability is high in them. So, if you share your bed with a partner who moves a lot, then the hybrid version is not the right option (check 10 amazing mattresses for couples).

Temperature Regulation

Puffy new mattress is gel-infused memory foam. It is pretty decent in temperature regulation, thanks to those gel crystals in its top layer. If you tend to sleep hot, a Puffy mattress might be a good option for you to consider.

These gel-infused memory foam mattresses perform better than their true memory foam counterparts. Although they will provide you with that conforming feel, they are better at dissipating heat and wicking moisture.

It comes with the Cooling Cloud layer right at the top, which makes the mattress very breathable. The next layer of this mattress has cooling properties to ensure you get a comfortable night’s sleep (also check the most comfortable mattresses).

The Casper Original All-Foam mattress is a true memory foam mattress. These memory foam mattresses are not very effective in terms of temperature regulation. Therefore, if you tend to sleep hot, you should go for the hybrid version of the Casper Original mattress.

The hybrid version is a better choice because it doesn’t trap heat due to its coil construction. These coils boost airflow and make the mattress cooler for you to sleep on. If you are a hot sleeper, you should consider choosing a hybrid mattress because it offers better breathability and literature regulation.

The top cooling layer of this mattress becomes much more effective, and none of your body heat gets trapped inside the mattress. Eventually, you will sleep like a baby.

Position and Body Type

Puffy is a gel-infused memory foam mattress. It is a good choice for all back and side sleepers. This supportive mattress has enough support and cushioning to work for all sleep positions.

This mattress is not the best choice for strict stomach sleepers. It’s because the mattress is not that firm, and your hips will begin to sag. This will result in lower back pain due to spine misalignment (also check 10 great mattresses for back pain).

Moreover, this mattress is a good choice for anyone weighing under 230 lbs because it has a medium-firm feel. Due to this configuration, this mattress is a good option for most body types.

Nevertheless, if you weigh over 230 lbs, Puffy is not the right option for you because your hips will sink on it, and it will cause lower back aches if you continue to sleep on it.

The Casper Original All-Foam mattress comes with a medium-firm configuration. So it will work well for back and side sleepers. Combination sleepers can benefit from it. It will be a good choice for anyone who weighs under 230 lbs.

Same can’t be said for heavier people or those who only prefer to slope on their stomachs. They need firmer mattresses so their hips will sag, resulting in spinal misalignment that can cause sleep disruption and discomfort.

The hybrid version is a firmer option and works well for anyone, even those who weigh over 230 lbs. Stomach sleepers can benefit from it because they will have to deal with less sagging at the center of the mattress (check 10 great mattresses for stomach sleepers).

Price Range

You will notice a drastic price change if you compare these mattresses. Casper is a much cheaper option here (check 10 amazing mattresses under 1,000 dollars). Puffy provides its customers with a lifetime warranty, which allows them to keep their prices on a higher end, and that’s precisely what they have done here.

Casper has devised a different plan to deal with the competition. They offer their customers an option to go for an all-foam or a hybrid mattress, which is much lower.

Puffy MattressCasper Original
Twin XL$1499$995
Cal King$1999$1695


Both Puffy and Casper mattresses are top-quality mattresses. However, you will notice a significant price difference between different sizes of these mattresses.

Puffy is far more expensive than Casper (check 10 top-quality mattresses under $2000) ; they make it up by providing a lifetime warranty on their mattress. In comparison, Casper only provides a 10-year warranty on their mattress.

Casper is ahead of the game of Puffy as they provide you with an option to choose between their all-foam or hybrid variant (check the top rated hybrid mattresses). Casper is undoubtedly a budget-friendly option compared to Puffy, and if you are a value shopper, you should consider going for Puffy.

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