Puffy vs Puffy Lux | Mattress Comparison Guide (UPDATED 2023) (2023)

Puffy is an extremely popular online bedding company that offers three different foam mattresses. In this comparison, we break down the pros and cons of each bed so you can figure out whether it’s worth it to spend up for the premium Lux or Royal models.

Puffy vs Puffy Lux | Mattress Comparison Guide (UPDATED 2023) (1) VS. Puffy vs Puffy Lux | Mattress Comparison Guide (UPDATED 2023) (2)
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  • Side sleepers looking for ample pressure relief
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Puffy vs. Puffy Lux Comparison Overview

Puffy is one of the top ten major bed-in-a-box mattress brands and has even been featured on The Ellen Show a few years back. We’ve tested all of their mattresses and wanted to give our readers a better feel for the differences between the upgraded foam model Puffy Lux vs. Puffy, the flagship mattress from Puffy.

Let’s dissect the major highlights and stand-out features between these Puffy foam beds — Puffy vs. Puffy Lux.

  • Construction and Layers – The Puffy Lux (as the name implies) is the more premium model between the two. It contains more layers and a supportive pocketed coil core.
  • Feel – Although the two beds have similar constructions, the Puffy Lux has a soft, airy memory foam feel, while the Original Puffy mattress has more of a soft, neutral-foam feel.
  • Firmness – In our opinion about Lux vs. Puffy Original, the Puffy Lux is slightly softer than the Original Puffy mattress. As such, it’s the more ideal choice for primary side sleepers.
  • Price – The Original Puffy mattress is cheaper than the Puffy Lux. You’re looking at about a $600-$800 difference, depending on the size you select.
  • Body Type – Puffy Lux is a better-suited mattress for sleepers who weigh over 230 lbs.
  • Puffy vs Puffy Lux Comparison Video

There is a lot more information you’ll want to absorb before making a final decision. Keep reading to learn more about each mattress.

Puffy vs. Puffy Lux Mattress Construction

The Puffy mattress is an all-foam bed comprised of three separate layers.

Puffy vs Puffy Lux | Mattress Comparison Guide (UPDATED 2023) (3)
  • Base layer – the bottom is made up of a 6″ layer of dense support foam, which serves as the foundation for the mattress.
  • Transition layer – in the middle is a 2″ layer of Climate Comfort Foam. This is a proprietary foam that is slightly softer than the support layer. It’s there to act as a transition in the bed.
  • Comfort layer – finally, for the comfort layer on top, the bed uses 2″ of Cooling Cloud Foam, which again is a special name for a proprietary foam.
  • Cover

    A white machine washable cover with little cloud details.

The top layer shares certain characteristics with memory foam, however, as you will find out below, we wouldn’t consider the Puffy mattress to be a pure memory foam bed.

The Puffy Lux mattress contains similar materials to that of the Original Puffy mattress, however, it does vary slightly. To be specific, the Puffy Lux mattress is 12″ thick and comprised of four foam layers (as opposed to three).

Puffy vs Puffy Lux | Mattress Comparison Guide (UPDATED 2023) (4)
  • Base layer – the Puffy Lux uses a layer of dense support foam to maximize support.
  • Transition layer – next, the Lux follows the lead of the Original Puffy by using 2″ of Climate Comfort Foam for its primary transition layer.
  • Comfort layer – now, here is where things to really start to differ. On top of the transition foam is a 1.5″ layer of Dual Cloud Foam. This layer is exclusive to the Puffy Lux mattress. The company states this layer is there to conform to your body’s curves and provide deep pressure relief.
  • Cooling layer – on top is a 1.5″ layer of Cooling Cloud Foam, which we’ve already discussed above.
  • Cover

    Wrapping the Puffy Lux mattress, like the flagship, is a comfortable machine washable cover that makes it super easy to give your mattress cleaning.

Puffy vs. Puffy Lux Firmness And Feel

The original Puffy has more of a neutral-foam feel. All this means is that the top layers don’t conform or contour to your body’s shape as much as the top layers on memory foam beds like Nectar or Layla, for example. At the end of the day, we’d say the Original Puffy mattress has a comfortable, neutral-foam feel but with a hint of memory foam thanks to its thin top layer.

The Puffy Lux has more of a traditional memory foam feel, although it is unique in its own right. The two top layers combined give the bed more of what we consider to be a light, airy memory foam feel. The top layers just don’t feel as dense as, say, the top layers on the , for example.

(Video) Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal - Which Puffy Mattress Should You Choose?

After testing the Original Puffy mattress, we think it lands around a medium on the firmness scale. It’s not too soft, but it’s not particularly firm either. Comparing Puffy vs. Lux, our opinion is that the Puffy Lux mattress is slightly softer than the original model thanks to the additional top comfort layer. We think it lands in-between a medium-soft and medium on the firmness scale.

See Full Puffy Review

See Full Puffy Lux Review

Puffy vs. Puffy Lux Mattress Pricing

In a Lux vs. Puffy Original comparison, the Original Puffy mattress is more affordable than the Puffy Lux. Comparing the MSRP for a queen size, you’re looking at about $1,150 for the Original Puffy and $1,800 for the Lux model.

SizePuffy OriginalPuffy Lux
Twin XL$825$1,495
Cal King$1,350$1,995

However, don’t let the numbers above scare you off. Puffy is one of the most aggressive online mattress companies when it comes to deals, discounts and coupon codes. You can almost always expect to receive a $250-$300 discount on your purchase. You might want to check Puffy.com to see what promotion the company is currently offering.

Puffy vs. Puffy Lux Sleeper Type Analysis

Puffy vs Puffy Lux | Mattress Comparison Guide (UPDATED 2023) (6)

We think the flagship Puffy mattress will work for all types of sleepers. It doesn’t matter whether you primarily sleep on your back, stomach or side throughout the night.

  • Back And Stomach Sleepers

    Back and stomach sleepers will find the original Puffy Mattress properly supports the area under their lower back and trunk, and keeps the spine in proper alignment. Puffy Lux, however, is too soft of a bed for most side sleepers.

  • Side Sleepers

    Likewise, side sleepers will find the Cooling Cloud Foam top layer on a Puffy Mattress extremely accommodating. Though, Given the Lux is a little more plush, we think it’s thebest mattress for side sleepers. At the end of the day, the top two layers on the Lux mattress provide a little more pressure relief than the 2″ comfort layer on the Original Puffy mattress.

Body Type Analysis

  • Petite to Average Individuals

    Puffy and Puffy Lux are both perfect for people who weigh under 230 lbs. These body types don’t necessarily need the extra support provided by a hybrid mattress, so either Puffy or Puffy Lux will be a great choice.

  • Heavy Individuals

    (Video) Puffy vs Puffy Lux - #1 Mattress Review Guide (MUST WATCH)

    Puffy Lux comes with a hybrid construction meaning it’s made with a coil layer in the foundation. This makes it more supportive and longer lasting than all-foam mattresses, which is why we recommend it over the original Puffy to sleepers over 230 lbs. For a more comfortable sleep and a bigger bang for your buck, opt for Puffy Lux.

Other Considerations

Here are a few other characteristics you should look into before you make a mattress purchase! Especially if you sleep with a partner or warm up during the night.

  • Edge Support

    This refers to the strength of the bed’s perimeter. It’s most important if you share a smaller mattress (full or queen) with a partner. In this case, Puffy Lux has slightly better edge support. It’s thicker, and more supportive around the edges thanks to its pocketed coil layer.

  • Motion Isolation

    Motion isolation means how well a mattress deadens movement. Since Puffy is an all-foam mattress, it absorbs motion extremely well. We don’t think your partner’s movements in the middle of the night will bother you.

  • Temperature

    Puffy and Puffy Lux both sleep temperature neutral. This means they don’t warm up like an old memory foam mattress, but they aren’t designed to be cooling mattresses either. Though, they do have open-cell foam constructions to promote better air circulation.

Puffy vs. Puffy Lux Review Verdict

The two beds are similar in a lot of respects, but in our eyes, the decision boils down to four main factors:

Budget– If you’re on a tight budget, the Original Puffy mattress is no question the way to go. You’ll likely save about $700 going with the OG model.

Feel– This is a personal preference decision. If you like the feel of memory foam, Puffy Lux is the clear choice. If you’re indifferent or you’re not a fan of memory foam, the Original Puffy is the better option since it has more of what we consider to be a neutral-foam feel.

Side Sleepers– If you spend the majority of the night on your side, you’ll appreciate the Puffy Lux a little more given it’s slightly softer than the Original Puffy mattress.

Body Type – If you weigh over 230 lbs, you should opt for the Puffy Lux model. You may also like this bed if you’re an average-weighted sleeper who suffers from back pain because of the additional support.

That’s it for this comparison. Hopefully, we cleared up any confusion regarding the two Puffy mattresses.

Overview Of Puffy Company Policies

Puffy, like the majority of online mattress companies, makes it easy and enticing for customers to purchase its products.

  • Both of the mattresses come with free shipping via FedEx and will arrive at your door compressed and rolled up in a manageable-to-move box.
  • Once your Puffy mattress arrives, the company gives you 101 nights to test out the bed risk-free.
  • If you do decide to keep the bed, it comes backed by a lifetime warranty. This is unusual in the online bedding industry. Most companies offer a 10-year warranty.

Puffy vs Puffy Lux | Mattress Comparison Guide (UPDATED 2023) (7)

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(Video) Puffy Mattress Comparison - Puffy Vs. Lux Vs. Royal

Frequently Asked Questions

Puffy mattresses are only available online for shipping to the United States and Canada through the Puffy.com website.

Does Puffy provide White-Glove Delivery Service?

Puffy does not offer in-home delivery or mattress pickup. All Puffy mattress models are shipped in a box by FedEx. It’s best to have someone home to help you unpack the mattress and set it on your bed frame — the mattress can be heavy and difficult to move by yourself.

(Video) Puffy vs Puffy Lux Mattress Review - Which Puffy Mattress Is Best??(UPDATED!)

Do I need a special bed frame for Puffy mattresses?

You don’t need a special bed frame. You can use your existing bed frame, even if it’s an adjustable frame from another company.

How much weight are Puffy mattresses designed for?

Puffy claims its mattresses can hold as much as 350 pounds, but we would only recommend their hybrid models to larger individuals.

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What mattress is comparable to Puffy? ›


This mattress is built with two layers of proprietary TEMPUR memory foam, along with a high-density polyfoam base. Like the Puffy Mattress, the Cloud measures 10 inches thick and is considered medium (5), so both beds will feel very similar to one another and provide comparable levels of body-contouring.

Is Puffy Lux too soft? ›

In terms of firmness, we think the Puffy Lux mattress lands around a medium-soft to medium on the firmness scale. Again, this bed is soft-to-the-touch and extremely comfortable. It offers a great amount of pressure relief, and really contours to the curves of your body as you lay down.

Is Puffy Lux good for heavy people? ›

The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress is not recommended for: Stomach sleepers. People wanting a firmer bed with more bounce. Heavier sleepers weighing over 230 pounds.

How long does a Puffy Lux mattress last? ›

Durability. The Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress contains high-quality materials and CertiPUR-US® certified foams. Because it's so well made, we expect it to last at least 10 years.

Does the Puffy mattress sag? ›

The Puffy is a bit more prone to sagging over time, so heavier-weight sleepers may prefer to opt for the Purple mattress due to its stronger durability.

What mattress does Kylie Jenner use? ›

The first thing I'm gonna open are my new @casper mattresses

Does Puffy lux sleep hot? ›

Consider A Puffy Lux Cooling Memory Foam Mattress

The Puffy Lux is the most popular mattress in our range and is much loved providing an ultra cool sleep experience. Designed for maximum breathability, sleepers will stay cool throughout the night, and experience incredible comfort, too.

What is the firmness of the Puffy Lux? ›

The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattresses has a medium firmness, falling at a 5 on a 10-point scale with 10 being the firmest. The bed is 12 inches thick. This is slightly taller than the average mattress, but still within the range for standard fitted sheets.

Can Puffy Lux mattress be flipped? ›

Puffy's mattresses are designed so that it would never need to be flipped over. You can, on occasion, rotate them 180 degrees, however it is not necessary.

Is Puffy good for side sleepers? ›

The Puffy excels at relieving pressure, which is important for side sleepers. Mattresses that are too firm or don't cradle the body enough can fail to provide spinal alignment in side sleepers. When the spine isn't aligned, side sleepers often experience pressure and discomfort in their shoulders and hips.

What is the best air mattress for overweight person? ›

7 amazing air mattresses for overweight people
  • Englander Queen Size Air Mattress. Highlights. - Microfiber comfort. - Durably designed. - Waterproof. ...
  • King Koil Luxury California King Air Mattress. Highlights. - Easy to use. - Waterproof. - Comfortable. ...
  • Intex Dura-Beam. Highlights. - Edge support comfort. - Internal electric pump.
Jun 21, 2022

Should heavier people have firmer mattresses? ›

Firmness. Generally speaking, a medium-firm or firm mattress is the best choice for sleepers who weigh more than 250 pounds. Firmer mattresses will offer ample support, encouraging proper spinal alignment and resisting sagging over time.

Does the Puffy mattress get softer over time? ›

Repeated use is needed for the layers in your new Puffy Mattress to stretch and soften. This is typical of most higher quality and higher density foams - the trade-off being that they can last much longer than a typical innerspring mattress, but require some more time breaking in.

Does Puffy mattress have Formaldehyde? ›

Specifically, Puffy says the foam in the mattress is free of formaldehyde, ozone depleters, heavy metals, phthalates, and TCEP flame retardants.

Is it easy to return a Puffy mattress? ›

If you are not satisfied with your Puffy Mattress, you can return it within 101 nights. We'll schedule the mattress return and donate it to a charity so it doesn't go to waste. We'll even provide a full refund of the purchase price. For more information, read our return policy.

Is it better to leave an air mattress inflated or deflated? ›

It's crucial to always keep the mattresses air pressure at its ideal level. As was already noted, the air in the mattress tends to concentrate in colder temperatures, deflating the bed. The bed is less effective and prone to tears or holes when the air pressure drops.

What type of mattress is least likely to sag? ›

The best mattresses that won't sag are:
  • Helix Plus – Best Firm Mattress That Won't Sag.
  • Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid – Best Mattress Under $1,000 That Won't Sag.
  • Plank Firm – Best Extra-Firm Mattress That Won't Sag.
  • Saatva HD – Best Mattress For Heavy People That Won't Sag.
  • Nectar – Best Foam Mattress That Won't Sag.

Who owns Puffy? ›

Puffy CEO, Arthur Andreasyan, is a sleep enthusiast, and his team work hard to create products that illuminate the importance of sleep and redefine traditional notions of bedroom comfort.

What mattress does Oprah sleep? ›

With a PranaSleep mattress, your spine is kept in a natural position, so you can rest comfortably. This mattress also uses fabric that was originally developed by NASA-no wonder it's a fave among stars like Oprah and Serena. It absorbs excess body heat, so you're not sweating through the night.

What kind of mattress does Khloe Kardashian have? ›

Khloe Kardashian has a Magnolia Signature Teak Hanging Bed, a true symbol of celebrity luxury. Meanwhile, baby sister Kylie has revealed that she is a fan of her Casper mattresses.

What mattress do most celebrities use? ›

Manufacturers such as Hästens, Natura, Hypnos, Kluft and Shifman are among the mattress companies who cater to celebrities from Oprah to Angelina. Unique Luxury. Among mattresses that feature unique luxury elements, a celeb favorite is the Vividus by the Swedish mattress company Hästens. ...

Does Puffy mattress have off gassing? ›

However, the best products will have minimal to no off-gassing due to advanced manufacturing processes that eliminate harmful VOCs during production. Memory foam mattresses like the Puffy Mattress, Puffy Lux, and Puffy Royal, are all made using CertiPUR-US® certified foam, which guarantees low VOC emissions.

Can you use a heating pad on a Puffy mattress? ›

Tempting as it may be to warm your memory foam mattress as quickly as possible with a hot water bottle or electric blanket/heating pad, we advise you not to do so. Such direct applications of heat can damage the memory foam material and not only compromise its performance but also shorten its overall lifespan.

What firmness of mattress do most hotels use? ›

Typically, the mattresses used in hotel rooms are medium-firm. This is because medium-firm mattresses can accommodate all three sleep positions. Back, side, and stomach sleepers will feel supported with proper spine, neck, and hip alignment.

What is the most popular mattress firmness? ›

Medium-firm is the most popular mattress firmness. Most mattress brands place medium-firm at a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the most firm. 80% of sleepers prefer a firmness in the 5-7 firmness range. Very few sleepers need a very soft or very firm mattress.

What firmness is best for sleeping? ›

In general, side sleepers should look for Medium Soft to Medium Firm mattresses that can cushion their impact points. Back and stomach sleepers should look for Medium Firm to Firm beds that have only light conforming.

Does Puffy Lux have coils? ›

This all-foam bed includes both memory foam and polyfoam and is best suited for side and back sleepers under 130 pounds. The Puffy Lux Hybrid offers pressure relief from its foam layers and bounce and responsiveness from the coil-based support core.

Can you return a puffy adjustable base? ›

Puffy products are made in the U.S., and the company offers one of the best available trial periods in the online bedding market and a lifetime warranty. You can try the Puffy Adjustable Base for a 101-night trial period, and if you aren't satisfied you can return it for a full refund.

Can you use an adjustable base with a Puffy mattress? ›

Puffy Adjustable Base is compatible with any mattress that is designed for an adjustable bed base. However, it is a perfect fit for Puffy mattresses. Hence, if you already own a Puffy mattress, this adjustable base is the perfect companion for it. It also comes in all sizes, from twin to king and even king XL.

Does the Puffy Lux mattress sag? ›

Like many all-foam beds, it may start to sag earlier than a mattress that includes innerspring support. But, Puffy does offer a lifetime warranty on this mattress, so if your old Puffy mattress starts to sag you may be able to replace it for free!

What firmness of mattress should Side sleepers get? ›

Side sleepers typically need a soft mattress or one with medium firmness. If it's too firm, you'll be putting pressure on areas like your hips and shoulders, which may cause you to wake up with pain.

Is plush or medium better for side sleepers? ›

If you are a side sleeper, you should look into purchasing a plush or medium mattress. You will need the extra comfort layers to provide pressure relief for your hips and shoulders. Generally, people with a curvier figure need the added cushion found in plush mattresses.

What is the best mattress for someone who weighs 300 pounds? ›

The Helix Plus is specially built for folks who weigh between 250 and 300 pounds. It accommodates a wide variety of sleeping positions, and its combination of support and pressure relief should feel particularly comfortable for people experiencing back pain.

What is the best mattress for 350 lb person? ›

Our Top Picks
  • Titan Plus Luxe – Best Overall.
  • Nectar Premier – Best Memory Foam Mattress for Heavy Sleepers.
  • Helix Plus – Best Firm Mattress for Heavy Sleepers.
  • Saatva HD – Best for Heavy Side Sleepers.
  • Emma CliMax Hybrid – Best Mattress for Heavy Couples.
  • WinkBeds Plus – Best Mattress for Heavy People with Back Pain.

What is the best mattress for a 300 pound person? ›

The Best Mattresses for Heavy People
  • Best Overall. 5 /5. Titan Plus Luxe. ...
  • Best Value. 4.8 /5. DreamCloud Mattress. ...
  • Most Comfortable. 4.75 /5. WinkBed Plus. ...
  • Best for Back Pain. 4.6 /5. Helix Plus. ...
  • Best Luxury. 4.6 /5. Saatva Classic. ...
  • Best for Side Sleepers. 4.5 /5. Nolah Evolution 15. ...
  • Best Extra-Firm. 4.4 /5. Titan Plus. ...
  • Best Cooling. 4.4 /5.
Mar 6, 2023

How can you tell if a mattress is too firm for you? ›

Here are a few of the main signs that your mattress is too firm for you: It doesn't contour to your body. It feels uncomfortable. You wake up with back or neck ache.

Do you need a firmer mattress as you age? ›

While a softer mattress is recommended for people who sleep on their stomach or side, older people actually need a firmer mattress. Softer mattresses are also harder for older adults to get up from, so it's recommended that older sleepers get at least a medium-firm mattress.

Is memory foam or hybrid better for heavy person? ›

If you're a heavier sleeper, you should buy an innerspring or a hybrid mattress. All-foam bases just won't be able to match the support and durability of coils. That's not to say you can't enjoy the feel of memory foam. Many hybrid mattresses have layers of memory foam on top of their coils.

Why is my new plush mattress so hard? ›

A brand new mattress will often be firmer – sometimes much firmer – than it will become over time after the “break in” period. This firmness is caused by the foam layers. As you continue to sleep on your mattress, the pressure from your body will relax the foam and mold it more and more into your sleeping form.

What happens to your back if your mattress is too soft? ›

A mattress that's too soft will cause your back or hips to sag and your spine to fall out of alignment, which can lead to significant pain. A mattress that's too firm will put too much pressure on your joints, especially if you sleep on your side or your back.

Why does my memory foam mattress feel so hard? ›

Why Does My Mattress Feel So Firm? It's simply the way that memory foam is. It's a temperature-sensitive material that works in partnership with your body heat. This is the very reason we don't recommend using an electric blanket or hot water bottle with your memory foam mattress.

Why does my Puffy mattress smell? ›

Off-gassing is what happens when the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in manufactured products like memory foam mattresses break down. It causes a smell that can be unpleasant and disconcerting to others.

How long do Puffy beds last? ›

Durability. Considering its materials and all-foam construction, the Puffy should be a reasonably durable mattress. Its longevity will, of course, depend on how often it is used and how heavy the sleeper is, but it should last for at least five to seven years.

Is Puffy mattress safe? ›

No matter which mattress you choose, you can rest assured that all Puffy mattresses are designed with foams that are CertiPUR-US® approved. This includes the Puffy Mattress, Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress, and Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress.

What does Walmart do with returned mattresses? ›

If your mattress is unopened and untampered with, it will likely be replaced on the sales floor and sold to another customer. In the event that you are able to exchange a used or damaged mattress for a new one, your used mattress will likely be disposed of for safety and health reasons.

What do companies do with mattresses that are returned? ›

Many companies that offer free mattress trials allow customers to donate the mattress if they're not satisfied with their purchase. In other situations, the mattress is thrown away or recycled. Alternatively, some companies might repackage and resell the mattress for a discounted price.

How often should you exchange mattress? ›

Therefore, it's important to invest in the best mattress possible, and replace it according to expert guidelines. But when should you replace your mattress? Under normal conditions, mattresses should be replaced every 6 to 8 years. Of course, this is a general guideline and not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Is the Puffy mattress good for your back? ›

The best mattress type for low back pain is memory foam, making a Puffy mattress the perfect choice. Memory foam mattresses are known for their lumbar support, pressure relief and contouring ability.

How long should a Puffy mattress last? ›

Durability. Considering its materials and all-foam construction, the Puffy should be a reasonably durable mattress. Its longevity will, of course, depend on how often it is used and how heavy the sleeper is, but it should last for at least five to seven years.

Do you have to flip a Puffy mattress? ›

Do I need to flip my Puffy Mattress? Puffy's mattresses are designed so that it would never need to be flipped over. You can, on occasion, rotate them 180 degrees, however it is not necessary.

Is Puffy Lux mattress firm? ›

The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattresses has a medium firmness, falling at a 5 on a 10-point scale with 10 being the firmest. The bed is 12 inches thick.


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