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In the hunt for a new mattress,it’s easy to just pick one and be done with it.True, this method can be both time and cost-efficient,however, it might not result in the most comfortable or suitable mattress for you. Purple 2 Mattress Review

That’s why Purple Mattress is the perfect choice to provide you with a great night’s sleepsince they have delved into the factors that impact a good night’s restand devised distinctive technologies that distinguish their mattresses from the competition.

To get an expert opinion on the Purple Mattress,watch Mac Dingle’s YouTube video on the topic.After watching the video,don’t forget to peruse the rest of this articlefor a thorough understanding of the Purple Mattressand why it might be the right choice for you.

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One distinctive aspect of the mattress is the Purple Grid Layer,created to offer a distinctive sensation compared to other mattresses.This layer is intended to offer additional support and coziness.Gone are the days of waking up feeling more fatigued than at bedtime.

When searching for a comfortable and supportive mattress, Purple Mattress is the top pickfor a peaceful night of rest.Armed with their proprietary technology and the Purple Grid Layer,your satisfaction is practically guaranteed.Keep reading to learn more about the Purple Mattressand discover why it’s the ideal selection for your needs.

What is Purple Mattress? Purple 2 Mattress Review

Commonly referred to as “The Purple,” the Purple Mattressconsists solely of foam, without any springs.It utilizes Purple’s signature grid layer,known as a “hyper-elastic polymer.”This layer contains a comfort layer and a support core made from polyfoam.

Offered in a medium-firm option, the Purple Mattress comes in one firmness level,with a range of sizes to choose fromthat are then delivered straight to your doorstep.Keeping up with the emerging DTC, or direct-to-consumer, mattress market trend,which allows for reduced overhead costs and improved product quality.

Who Started Purple Mattress?

Terry and Tony Pearce, brothers and experts in materials and manufacturing,dreamed of crafting more comfortable and robust products.Their efforts resulted in the creation of Floam,a cutting-edge cushioning material that was, at first, exclusively accessible to institutions due to its costly manufacturing process.

Next, they embarked on developing a cost-effective substitute,and ultimately invented their proprietary Hyper-elastic Polymer.The material, known for its softness, elasticity, and resilience,is the key to the Purple mattress’s combination of support and flexibility.

Due to the Pearce brothers’ pioneering spirit,a comfortable sleep experience is now accessible to people around the world.

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What Makes it Different From Other Mattresses?

Available in a range of sizes,from twin to California King,and they’re renowned for their opulent cushioning.A distinguishing characteristic is the “Purple Grid,”that works like memory foam yet has increased responsiveness.

This mattress consists of a two-inch layer of Purple Gridover a three-and-a-half-inch Polyfoam layeralong with four inches of dense polyfoam.This construction is wrapped in a polyester-viscose blend fabricthat assists with temperature control and delivers a refreshing touch.These components create a mattress measuring nine-and-a-quarter inches in thicknessthat accommodates the majority of body types and bedding.

In layman’s terms,Purple mattresses offer a medium-firm sensationat an affordable price,yet they feature high-quality materials and superior workmanship.

Moreover,hybrid models are also availablesuch as Hybrid, Hybrid Luxe, and Hybrid Premier.These hybrid options suit people who enjoy the comfort of a coil mattress,but with the added advantages of Purple’s exclusive technology.

What Benefits Can I Expect?

How does this compare to a traditional mattress?What perks does this offer for you as a sleeper?As you shop for a mattress,various elements impacting sleep are taken into accountand are typically taken into account.

Stress Relief

To ensure a cozy slumber,having a Purple mattress makes all the difference.In addition to providing essential support and tension relief,you’ll rise feeling revitalized and sans any soreness.If you’re stretching out every morning or dealing with a sore back,this could signal that your mattress isn’t offering the required support or tension relief.When using a Purple mattress,you’ll achieve undisturbed rest and rise feeling fantastic.

Having a mattress that offers stress relief is extremely important.A mattress like this can lessen back pain,boost the quality of your sleep,and facilitate waking up feeling refreshed.By selecting the appropriate mattress,you’ll be able to enjoy a deep and restful sleepand be free of concerns about waking up in pain.

Purple mattresses are designed to offerthe optimal fusion of support and stress reduction.Through a distinctive blend of materials,they have the ability to reduce tensionand ensure supreme comfort all night long.Hence, if you’re in search of a mattress that lets you wake up invigorated,Purple mattress is the ultimate selection.

The Purple Grid is undoubtedly one of the keysin the Purple mattress’s effectiveness at lessening body tension and strain.This state-of-the-art technology conforms to the bodyand ensures a luxurious, yet stable touch.In contrast to budget mattresses,Purple ensures a restful slumberwithout sinking too far into the mattress.With an ideal balance of softness and supportit promises an authentically restful sleep.

This offers significant benefits topeople who experience pains in certain sleeping positions.A mattress capable of efficiently alleviating pressureproves to be crucial for such individuals.All Purple mattress options, including their variationsis specifically crafted for this purpose,making it possible for you to find comfort and delight in a restorative rest.

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Structure Retention

In terms of mattresses,the ability to maintain structure is a vital elementthat is commonly disregarded.This refers to the mattress’s capacity to maintain its shapeas weight is distributed along the edges.All foam mattresses face this challenge, unfortunatelydue to their material’s lack of support.

The Purple Original mattress outperforms other foam mattresses to some extent,attributable to its flexible materials.This proves particularly advantageous tothose who need to make full use of the surface area,as the increased edge retentionallows for better distribution of weight.

The Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier mattressesadvance this concept,with the inclusion of internal coil springs.The blend of the grid layer’s supplenessand the durability of copper coilsgenerates superior edge responsivenessthat make certain the mattress maintains its position.This classic technology is still popular in mattresses today.

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Temperature Regulation

A component that has a substantial influencein determining sleep qualityis its ability to regulate body temperature.Despite it being unrealistic to expectthat mattresses can independently deliver cooling,countless cushions existwith gaps in between the foam materialsfor facilitating air circulation.

Typical foam mattresses,though, are prone to holding heat.Memory foam in particularfaces this problemgiven that the heat your body radiatesstemming from activity and frictionhas no route to dissipate.

Thankfully,Purple’s mattress lineupcan assist in preventing this problem.Incorporating a stretchy Purple grid layer,air can easily circulatebetween the various foam layers.Thus,the concern of trapped heat is resolved,affording a cozy slumberthroughout the night.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer, a characteristicyou’ll often encounterin bedding ads,utilized to gaugethe extent the mattresscan convey motionon its surfaces.

In order to illustrate this,a glass of wine will be placedon a side of the bed,and subsequently, a weighty item is droppedon the opposite side – often a bowling ball,or maybe even a person.A mattress proficient in mitigating motion transferwill guarantee the glass remains undisturbeddespite the sudden force on the other side.

A crucial element to consider is motion transferwhile choosing a mattress,as it influences its durabilityover time and how comfortable it will beduring sleep.A mattress with good motion transfer resistancecan supply you witha good night’s sleep,undisturbed by sudden motionfrom the other end of the bed.

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When you’re looking fora mattress that ensures minimal disruptionas someone enters or exits the bed,you’ll desire one madefor minimizing motion transfer.An excellent alternative is foam mattressessince they don’t transfer movementfrom side to side.The Purple mattress perfectly demonstrates this,as it comprises foam and hasa high-elasticity foam layer on the top.

However,Purple’s Hybrid and Hybrid Premier mattressesmight exhibit some motion transferbecause of the presence of inner coils.This signifies that even though support is achievedfrom the spring mechanisms,motion isolation could be slightly reduced.Hence, it’s better to avoid trying to balancebowling balls and wine glasseson these types of mattressesas the result might be quite unfortunate!


When talking aboutthe notions ofboth motion isolation and shape retention,one cannot disregardthe significance of mattress flexibility.When mattresses highlight their conforming abilitiesfor your body,a certain amount of motion limitation is expected.After all, it would be pretty difficultto get out of bed if you’re fully engulfed.

A majority of sleepers don’t find this problematic,yet certain customers may seek somewhat morebounce and reactivity in their mattress.The Purple mattress is able to finda delicate balance between these two qualities,while being made of foam alone.Memory foam has a tendency to be overly soft,causing trouble when trying to get out of bed.Yet, Purple features its exclusive grid layerthat emulates memory foam’s contouring,but with an added layer of responsiveness.

A superior response to movement can be expectedwhen Purple launches their Hybridand Hybrid Premier variants.Innerspring mattresses are more reactiveto movement than memory foam,therefore, resulting in a smoother sleeping experience. This makes the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premiergreat alternatives for those looking forthe perfect balance of support, responsiveness,and motion isolation in their mattress.

Who is This Best For?

If you want to know how well the Purple mattressaccommodates various sleeping positions,it’s necessary to pinpointyour own sleeping style initially.Typically, sleepers can be categorized into three groups:back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers.To figure out your sleeping category,examine your usual sleeping position.

Mattress professionals advisea specific type of cushionfor every sleeping position.Thankfully, the Purple mattressprovides exceptional supportfor all three categories of sleepers.It provides excellent support for back sleeperswhile side sleepers will appreciate the body-cradling effect.Additionally, the mattress’s thicknessto ensure the right amount of cushioningfor people who sleep on their stomach.

Side Sleepers

Purple mattresses are purposely engineeredto cater to side sleepers,presenting the perfect equilibriumof pressure relief and spinal alignment.If you often sleep on your side,you’ll want to make sureyou have the right amount of supportto avert any discomfort or achesovernight.

Heavier sleepers, however,may require additional supportthan what Purple can offer.

Back Sleepers & Stomach Sleepers

Being a back sleeper,support is necessaryfor your lumbar regionand a little pressure relief.But if you’re someone who sleeps often,a more firm mattress could be preferablebecause the Purple mattress may be overly soft,and you might sink into it too much.Persons within the 130 to 230-pound rangecould deem this an appropriate choice,but it ultimately depends on personal preference.

Stomach sleepers facea growing issue regarding support.They need a much stronger baseto avert pressure pointsthat may result in discomfortin the neck, shoulder, and lower back zones.For a stomach sleeper who weighs more than 130 pounds,a much firmer mattressis absolutely necessary.

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How Much is a Purple Mattress?

The entry fees for Original Purple mattresses are more affordable, making it possible for more individuals to experience the Purple mattress without overspending. A mere $599 will get you a twin-sized Purple mattress. With King and Queen sizes, expect to spend at least $1,000, and prices can go up to $1,499. Purple 2 Mattress Review

However, if you’re planning to purchase a Purple Hybrid or Hybrid Premier mattress, you’ll need to be prepared to pay double or even triple the initial cost. This may not be the best option for those on a budget or unsure of their purchase.

A fantastic feature of Purple mattresses is their generous 100-night trial period. This allows you to test out the mattress before you make a decision. You’ll need to use the mattress for at least 21 consecutive nights for it to be eligible for a full refund. If you’re not satisfied with the mattress, contact Purple to get your money back.

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Final Words

For individuals looking for a soft yet enduring mattress that retains its structure better than memory foam, Purple Mattress is perfect. Besides providing the contouring and responsiveness found in foam mattresses, it also comes with added benefits like temperature management and motion isolation, making it stand out from conventional mattresses. Purple 2 Mattress Review

The price range is also quite reasonable, particularly for those considering an oversized twin. Bear in mind, though, that the cost for larger and more expensive models may double or even triple your overall expense. But don’t forget, you can always take advantage of their 100-night trial period after the 21-day break-in period.

As a lighter-built side sleeper, a double mattress might be an ideal choice, offering the required support for your sleep position. But, as an average stomach sleeper, a mattress offering more support might be necessary.

A great alternative is to consider alternative mattress brands, like DreamCloud. DreamCloud offers a broad selection of mattresses that come in various firmness levels, allowing you to find the right support when needed and providing softer alternatives for other moments.

Moreover, DreamCloud tends to have a slightly lower price tag, which makes it a compelling choice for those conscious of their budget who want to balance quality and affordability.

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Frequently Asked Questions Purple 2 Mattress ReviewLocated

Does Purple provide additional services such as Mattress Removal?

With the Purple mattress, the level of service provided isn’t the same as with other direct-to-consumer mattress companies. Assistance with removing your old mattress or setting up the new one isn’t included.

When you buy the mattress, it’s your responsibility to remove it from the box and set it up on your bedframe. Allow the mattress a couple of hours to expand prior to sleeping on it. Purple doesn’t include the often-unnecessary white-glove service.

Are there any Warranty with Purple Mattress?

At Purple, we offer two warranties for our mattresses. The first is for the cover, with a minimum of two years of protection against defects. As the second warranty, there’s a minimum of ten years of protection against defects for the interior.

It’s important to note that if your mattress is indented by frequent use or by a heavier sleeper, any indentations of up to one inch in depth will not be covered. Additionally, customers are responsible for covering any shipping costs associated with returning and delivering the mattress.

What’s the best way to use Shipping work for Purple Mattress?

Purple mattress is shipped for free to customers in the contiguous 48 states in the United States and Canada. A shipping fee applies for those located in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada. Unfortunately, Purple doesn’t currently offer deliveries to any international addresses.

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