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If you’re looking for a new mattress,one might be inclined to quickly make a choice and forget about it.True, this method can be both time and cost-efficient,but you could end up with a mattress that isn’t the best fit for your comfort or support needs. Purple Mattress Payment Plan

That’s why Purple Mattress is the perfect choice to provide you with a great night’s sleepbecause they’ve investigated the components that influence a restful nightand have come up with some unique technologies to make your mattress stand out from the crowd.

For a professional perspective on the Purple Mattress,check out this video by Mac Dingle on YouTube.After watching the video,remember to go through the remainder of this articleto dive deeper into the details of the Purple Mattressto determine if it’s the best fit for you.

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The Purple Grid Layer is the mattress’ signature feature,that aims to differentiate it from other mattresses with a special touch.The design also focuses on enhanced support and comfort.You’ll never wake up feeling more worn out than when you went to bed.

When searching for a comfortable and supportive mattress, Purple Mattress is the top pickto guarantee a sound slumber.Armed with their proprietary technology and the Purple Grid Layer,you won’t regret your decision.Keep reading to learn more about the Purple Mattressand discover why it’s the ideal selection for your needs.

What is Purple Mattress? Purple Mattress Payment Plan

The Purple Mattress, otherwise known as “The Purple,”is a foam-only mattress, meaning there are no springs present.It relies on Purple’s unique grid layer,known as a “hyper-elastic polymer.”The layer includes a comfort section and a support core constructed of polyfoam.

The Purple Mattress is available in one firmness, medium-firm,and is available for purchase in multiple sizesthat are then delivered straight to your doorstep.This is in line with the burgeoning trend of DTC, or direct-to-consumer, mattress manufacturers,that focuses on cutting overhead costs in order to improve the mattress itself.

Who Started Purple Mattress?

Specializing in materials and manufacturing, Terry and Tony Pearce, a pair of brothers,dreamed of crafting more comfortable and robust products.This pursuit culminated in the invention of Floam,a cutting-edge cushioning material that was, at first, exclusively accessible to institutions due to its costly manufacturing process.

The two then set out to create a more affordable alternative,resulting in the birth of their distinct Hyper-elastic Polymer.The material, known for its softness, elasticity, and resilience,and is what makes the Purple mattress both supportive and flexible.

Due to the Pearce brothers’ pioneering spirit,a comfortable sleep experience is now accessible to people around the world.

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What Makes it Different From Other Mattresses?

Purple mattresses come in various sizes,such as twin and California King,and they’re renowned for their opulent cushioning.The standout feature of these mattresses is the “Purple Grid,”which acts like memory foam, but with added responsiveness.

This mattress consists of a two-inch layer of Purple Gridpositioned above a three-and-a-half-inch layer of Polyfoamalong with four inches of dense polyfoam.A polyester-viscose blend material envelops this compositioncontributing to temperature management and a cooling effect.All this results in a mattress that is nine-and-a-quarter inches thickthat is compatible with various body shapes and fitted sheets.

To sum it up,Purple mattresses deliver a medium-firm comfort levelwithout breaking the bank,and maintain the use of premium materials and outstanding craftsmanship.

Besides,they have hybrid versionsincluding the Hybrid, Hybrid Luxe, and Hybrid Premier.These hybrid options suit people who enjoy the comfort of a coil mattress,but with the added advantages of Purple’s exclusive technology.

What Benefits Can I Expect?

But how does this stand up to a regular mattress?As a sleeper, what kind of advantages can you anticipate?During the mattress selection process,several sleep-affecting factors come into playwhich are generally taken into consideration.

Stress Relief

For a comfortable night’s sleep,owning a Purple mattress is key.Not only does it furnish crucial support and relieve pressure,you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and free of any soreness.If you’re stretching out every morning or dealing with a sore back,it’s a strong indication that your mattress falls short in support and pressure relief.Opting for a Purple mattress,you’ll be able to rest peacefully and wake up feeling great.

The significance of a stress-relieving mattress cannot be overstated.It can help reduce back pain,improve sleep quality,and make it easier to wake up in the morning.With the right mattress,you’ll be able to enjoy a deep and restful sleepand be free of concerns about waking up in pain.

Crafted to supplythe perfect balance of support and pressure relief.Through a distinctive blend of materials,they can effectively alleviate stressand deliver ultimate comfort for the entire night.Therefore, if you want a mattress that enables you to rise feeling revitalized,Purple mattress should be your top pick.

The Purple Grid is certainly a crucial elementto the Purple mattress’s success in reducing pressure and tension on your body.This state-of-the-art technology conforms to the bodyand ensures a luxurious, yet stable touch.In contrast to budget mattresses,Purple ensures a restful slumberwithout getting swallowed up by the bed.It provides just the right amount of cushioning and supportit guarantees a genuinely restorative rest.

This is particularly advantageous forthose who deal with aches when sleeping in particular positions.A mattress capable of efficiently alleviating pressurebecomes essential in these scenarios.The Purple mattress, along with its different versionsis designed to do just that,helping you to loosen up and experience a serene night’s sleep.

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Structure Retention

When it comes to mattresses,structure retention is an important factorthat is regularly ignored.This refers to the mattress’s capacity to maintain its shapeas weight is distributed along the edges.Sadly, this is a common issue with all foam mattressesdue to their material’s lack of support.

The Purple Original mattress excels slightly compared to other foam mattresses,attributable to its flexible materials.This proves particularly advantageous toindividuals who need to fully exploit the available surface area,given the superior edge reinforcementresults in a more balanced weight spread.

Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier modelsextend this idea,by incorporating inner coil springs.This combination of the grid layer’s flexibilityand the robustness of copper coilsresults in improved edge reactivitythat ensure the mattress stays where you need it to.This enduring technology is still prevalent in contemporary mattresses.

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Temperature Regulation

A factor that plays a significant roleon the quality of sleepis how well it regulates your body temperature.Although it’s impractical to assumethat mattresses can independently deliver cooling,there are numerous cushions availablewith gaps in between the foam materialsfor facilitating air circulation.

Conventional foam mattresses,however, tend to trap heat.Particularly, memory foamexperiences this challengeas the heat produced by your bodydue to movement and frictiondon’t have an escape route.

Luckily,The range of Purple mattressescan help you avoid this issue.Featuring a flexible Purple grid layer,air can easily circulatethroughout the multiple foam layers.Thus,the trapped heat is no longer an issue,affording a cozy slumberfor the entire night.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer, a characteristicthat frequently appearsin mattress promotions,employed to assessthe extent the mattresscan transfer motionamong its surfaces.

To showcase this,a wine glass is positionedon a corner of the bed,and then something heavy is droppedon the contrary side – typically a bowling ball,or sometimes a person.A mattress with good motion transfer resistancewill make certain the glass stays putdespite the sudden force on the other side.

Motion transfer is a vital componentduring the process of selecting a mattress,because it affects its long-lastingnessand how cozy it remainsduring sleep.A mattress that excels in motion transfer reductionwill furnish you witha comfortable night’s rest,uninterrupted by abrupt movementsfrom the other end of the bed.

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While seekinga bed that won’t lead to disturbanceswhen a person climbs in or out of bed,you’ll desire one madefor minimizing motion transfer.Foam mattresses make a suitable pickas they do not transmit motionbetween their sides.An outstanding illustration is the Purple mattress,as it is made of foam and hasa top layer of high-elasticity foam.

Yet,the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier mattressesmight exhibit some motion transferowing to the incorporation of innerspring systems.This signifies that even though support is achievedfrom the coil system,motion isolation could be slightly reduced.So, it’s best not to try balancinga bowling ball and glasses of wineon these types of mattressesbecause the outcome could be disastrous!


When discussingthe principles ofmotion isolation and shape retention,it’s difficult to overlookthe significance of mattress flexibility.While mattresses advertise their adaptive capabilitiesto your body,a certain amount of motion limitation is expected.In fact, it would be notably hardto get up if you’re completely sunk in.

Most sleepers don’t have an issue with this,but some customers may want a bit morespringiness and responsiveness in their mattress.Purple mattress succeeds in strikinga delicate balance between these two qualities,despite being made entirely of foam.Memory foam can often be excessively soft,rendering it hard to get out of bed.Purple, however, has its own proprietary grid layerto mimic the contouring of memory foam,but with an added layer of responsiveness.

A superior response to movement can be expectedas Purple introduces their Hybridand Hybrid Premier variants.Innerspring mattresses are generally more reactiveto motion compared to memory foam,therefore, resulting in a smoother sleeping experience. Purple’s Hybrid and Hybrid Premier modelsideal choices for those who wantthe ultimate fusion of support, reactivity,and limited motion transfer in a mattress.

Who is This Best For?

If you’re trying to understand how the Purple mattresssuits diverse sleeping positions,it’s important to identifyyour personal sleeping position initially.Typically, sleepers can be categorized into three groups:side, back, and stomach sleepers.To identify your sleeping style,consider your most common sleeping position.

Mattress professionals advisea certain type of mattressfor each type of sleeper.Thankfully, the Purple mattressgives excellent accommodationfor all three types of sleepers.It provides excellent support for back sleeperswhile side sleepers will appreciate the body-cradling effect.Moreover, the adequate thickness of the mattressto ensure the right amount of cushioningfor people who sleep on their stomach.

Side Sleepers

Purple mattresses are specifically designedfor the needs of side sleepers,delivering the optimal balancebetween pressure relief and spinal support.If you predominantly sleep on your side,you’ll want to make sureyou have adequate supportto avert any discomfort or achesovernight.

Nonetheless, heavier sleepers,might need extra assistancethan what Purple can offer.

Back Sleepers & Stomach Sleepers

As a back sleeper,you need supportfor the lower back areaand a bit of pressure reduction.On the other hand, if you’re a regular sleeper,a firmer mattress might be betterbecause the Purple mattress may be overly soft,and you might sink into it too much.Individuals weighing between 130 and 230 poundsmight consider this a good choice,though individual preference is a factor.

Stomach sleepers are facingan increasing problem with support.A much firmer base is neededto eliminate pressure pointswhich might lead to achesin the neck, shoulder, and lower back areas.For a stomach sleeper who weighs more than 130 pounds,a much firmer mattressis absolutely necessary.

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How Much is a Purple Mattress?

Entry fees for Original Purple mattresses are lower, allowing more people to enjoy the Purple experience without spending too much. A mere $599 will get you a twin-sized Purple mattress. If you’re looking at King and Queen sizes, the price range is from $1,000 to $1,499. Purple Mattress Payment Plan

If you’re considering a Purple Hybrid or Hybrid Premier mattress, keep in mind that the cost may be double or even triple that of the Original Purple mattress. This might not be a suitable option for people who are on a tight budget or unsure about their decision.

A fantastic feature of Purple mattresses is their generous 100-night trial period. This trial gives you the chance to try the mattress before making a final choice. To qualify for a full refund, you have to use the mattress for at least 21 consecutive nights. Should you find the mattress unsatisfactory, reach out to Purple for a refund.

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Final Words

If you’re in search of a plush yet durable bed that maintains its form better than memory foam, Purple Mattress is a great choice. It features the same responsiveness and contouring of foam mattresses while also boasting additional features like temperature control and motion isolation, setting it apart from standard mattresses. Purple Mattress Payment Plan

The price range is also quite reasonable, particularly for those considering an oversized twin. Bear in mind, though, that the cost for larger and more expensive models may double or even triple your overall expense. Nonetheless, you can always benefit from their 100-night trial period following the initial 21-day break-in period.

For lighter-built side sleepers, a double mattress could be the perfect fit, providing the necessary support for your sleeping posture. However, as an average stomach sleeper, you may require a mattress with more support.

An excellent option could be exploring different mattress brands, like DreamCloud. DreamCloud offers a wide variety of mattresses that come in various firmness levels, helping you choose the appropriate support as required while also offering softer options for different situations.

Additionally, DreamCloud tends to have more budget-friendly prices, making it an attractive option for people who want to balance their budget looking to find a balance between quality and cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions Purple Mattress Payment PlanLocated

Does Purple provide additional services such as Mattress Removal?

When it comes to the Purple mattress, you won’t be getting the same level of service as you would with other direct-to-consumer mattresses. There’s no help provided for disposing of your old mattress or setting up the new one.

Once you’ve made your purchase, it’s up to you to get the mattress out of its box and onto your bedframe. Allow the mattress a couple of hours to expand prior to sleeping on it. With Purple, you don’t need to worry about that pesky white-glove service.

Are there any Warranty with Purple Mattress?

Purple provides a pair of warranties for our mattresses. A minimum of two-year protection against defects for the cover is included as the first warranty. As the second warranty, there’s a minimum of ten years of protection against defects for the interior.

Remember that coverage doesn’t apply to indentations up to one inch deep resulting from regular use or a heavier person sleeping on it. Shipping costs related to the return and delivery of the mattress must also be paid by the customers.

What’s the best way to use Shipping work for Purple Mattress?

Purple mattress is shipped for free to customers in the contiguous 48 states in the United States and Canada. A shipping fee applies for those located in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada. At the moment, Purple does not provide deliveries to international addresses.

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