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When searching for a new mattress,it’s easy to just pick one and be done with it.True, this method can be both time and cost-efficient,but you could end up with a mattress that isn’t the best fit for your comfort or support needs. Purple Vs Casper Mattress

For a wonderful night’s sleep, Purple Mattress is the go-to option- they’ve studied up on the factors that affect a good night’s sleepand devised distinctive technologies that distinguish their mattresses from the competition.

To get an expert opinion on the Purple Mattress,don’t miss Mac Dingle’s informative video on YouTube.Once you’ve seen the video,be sure to continue reading this articleto dive deeper into the details of the Purple Mattressand why it might be the right choice for you.

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One distinctive aspect of the mattress is the Purple Grid Layer,which is designed to give it a unique feel compared to other mattresses.It is engineered for improved support and relaxation.You won’t find yourself waking up feeling more exhausted than before sleeping.

Purple Mattress is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive mattressfor a peaceful night of rest.Boasting their innovative technology and the Purple Grid Layer,your satisfaction is practically guaranteed.Delve deeper into this article for additional information on the Purple Mattressand discover why it’s the ideal selection for your needs.

What is Purple Mattress? Purple Vs Casper Mattress

Famously called “The Purple,” the Purple Mattressconsists solely of foam, without any springs.Instead, it uses Purple’s trademarked grid layer,which is a “hyper-elastic polymer.”This layer contains a comfort layer and a support core made from polyfoam.

Offered in a medium-firm option, the Purple Mattress comes in one firmness level,and can be purchased in a variety of sizesthat are then delivered straight to your doorstep.This is in line with the burgeoning trend of DTC, or direct-to-consumer, mattress manufacturers,that aims to minimize overhead expenses while enhancing the quality of the product.

Who Started Purple Mattress?

Terry and Tony Pearce, brothers and experts in materials and manufacturing,had a vision for creating more comfortable and structurally sound products.This pursuit culminated in the invention of Floam,a high-tech cushioning fluid that was initially only available to institutional bodies due to its expensive production costs.

Subsequently, they sought to produce a more reasonably priced alternative,which led to the creation of their unique Hyper-elastic Polymer.Characterized by its softness, stretchiness, and durability,and is what makes the Purple mattress both supportive and flexible.

Thanks to the Pearce brothers’ inventive mindset,a restful night’s sleep has become a reality for countless people worldwide.

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What Makes it Different From Other Mattresses?

Offered in multiple dimensions,like twin and California King,and they’re renowned for their opulent cushioning.One of their most unique features is their “Purple Grid,”that works like memory foam yet has increased responsiveness.

The mattress features a two-inch layer of Purple Gridatop a three-and-a-half-inch layer of Polyfoamcombined with four inches of high-density polyfoam.This construction is wrapped in a polyester-viscose blend fabricwhich helps regulate temperature and offers a cooling sensation.The outcome is a nine-and-a-quarter-inch-thick mattressthat is compatible with various body shapes and fitted sheets.

In layman’s terms,Purple mattresses offer a medium-firm sensationfor a reasonable price,and maintain the use of premium materials and outstanding craftsmanship.

Additionally,hybrid models are also availableincluding the Hybrid, Hybrid Luxe, and Hybrid Premier.These hybrids are perfect for those who prefer the feel of a coil mattress,while benefiting from the unique features of Purple’s proprietary technology.

What Benefits Can I Expect?

But how does this stand up to a regular mattress?As a sleeper, what kind of advantages can you anticipate?As you shop for a mattress,various elements impacting sleep are taken into accountand are commonly factored in.

Stress Relief

In pursuit of restful sleep,having a Purple mattress makes all the difference.Besides offering necessary support and pressure alleviation,you’ll arise feeling rejuvenated and without a trace of discomfort.Should you find yourself stretching each morning or struggling with back pain,it likely indicates your mattress is lacking in support or pressure alleviation.When using a Purple mattress,you’ll achieve undisturbed rest and rise feeling fantastic.

Having a mattress that offers stress relief is extremely important.A mattress like this can lessen back pain,elevate the overall quality of sleep,and make it easier to wake up in the morning.With the right mattress,you’ll be able to enjoy a deep and restful sleepand not fret about awakening with any discomfort.

Crafted to supplyan ideal mix of support and pressure alleviation.Through a distinctive blend of materials,they have the ability to reduce tensionand ensure supreme comfort all night long.Therefore, if you want a mattress that enables you to rise feeling revitalized,a Purple mattress is the perfect choice.

The Purple Grid is certainly a crucial elementto the Purple mattress’s success in reducing pressure and tension on your body.The groundbreaking technology molds to the bodyand delivers a cushioned yet firm experience.In contrast to budget mattresses,Purple ensures a restful slumberwithout being engulfed by the bedding.Offering the perfect blend of padding and supportPurple delivers a genuinely peaceful slumber.

This offers significant benefits tothose who deal with aches when sleeping in particular positions.A mattress that skillfully eases pressurebecomes essential in these scenarios.All Purple mattress options, including their variationsaims to achieve this very goal,enabling you to relax and enjoy a night of restful sleep.

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Structure Retention

When it comes to mattresses,retaining structure is a crucial aspectthat is often overlooked.This refers to the mattress’s capacity to maintain its shapewhen weight is applied across the sides.Regrettably, this is a problem for all foam mattressesas their material falls short in offering support.

The Purple Original mattress surpasses other foam mattresses to a certain degree,because of its resilient materials.This is especially beneficial forindividuals who need to fully exploit the available surface area,since the enhanced edge supportresults in a more balanced weight spread.

Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier modelstake this a step further,by adding inner coil springs.Combining the grid layer’s pliabilityand the robustness of copper coilsgenerates superior edge responsivenessthat make certain the mattress maintains its position.This classic technology is still popular in mattresses today.

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Temperature Regulation

A factor that plays a significant rolein determining sleep qualityis its ability to regulate body temperature.Although it’s impractical to assumethat mattresses can be cooling by themselves,there are numerous cushions availablethat feature gaps between the foamsfor facilitating air circulation.

Conventional foam mattresses,but, have a propensity to capture heat.Specifically, memory foamsuffers from this issuegiven that the heat your body radiatesfrom motion and rubbingdoesn’t have a means to disperse.

Gratefully,The range of Purple mattressescan assist in preventing this problem.With an elastic Purple grid layer,air can easily circulatebetween the various foam layers.Thus,the trapped heat is no longer an issue,enabling a comfortable night’s sleepduring the whole night.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer, a characteristicyou’ll often encounterin mattress commercials,that measuresthe extent the mattresscan convey motionacross its surfaces.

In order to illustrate this,a glass containing wine is placedon a corner of the bed,and subsequently, a weighty item is droppedon the contrary side – typically a bowling ball,or sometimes a person.A mattress with good motion transfer resistancewill guarantee the glass remains undisturbednotwithstanding the sharp jolt on the other side.

An essential aspect is motion transferduring the process of selecting a mattress,as it can determine how well it will hold upand the level of comfort it offersduring sleep.A mattress that excels in motion transfer reductionwill be able to provide you witha good night’s sleep,free of disturbances from sudden movementsfrom the other end of the bed.

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When you’re looking fora mattress that ensures minimal disruptionwhen a person climbs in or out of bed,you’ll want one that is designedfor minimizing motion transfer.Foam mattresses make a suitable pickas they don’t transmit motionacross their surfaces.An outstanding illustration is the Purple mattress,since it’s constructed of foam and featuresa highly elastic foam layer on top.

However,the Hybrid and Hybrid Premier models from Purplemay have a small amount of motion transferbecause of the presence of inner coils.This means that while you may gain supportfrom the coil system,you may sacrifice some motion isolation.Therefore, it’s not advisable to attempt balancingbowling balls and wine glasseson these types of mattressesbecause the outcome could be disastrous!


When talking aboutthe concepts ofmotion isolation alongside shape retention,it’s impossible to neglectthe importance of mattress flexibility.As mattresses promote their ability to adaptto your body,you can foresee a degree of motion constraint.Undoubtedly, it would be toughto rise if you’re entirely immersed.

A majority of sleepers don’t find this problematic,but some customers may want a bit morespringiness and responsiveness in their mattress.Purple mattress achievesa delicate balance between these two qualities,while being made of foam alone.Memory foam has a tendency to be overly soft,rendering it hard to get out of bed.Yet, Purple features its exclusive grid layerto mimic the contouring of memory foam,while also providing an extra layer of responsiveness.

You can anticipate an enhanced response to motionwith the launch of Purple’s Hybridand Hybrid Premier models.Innerspring mattresses are more reactivein reacting to motion than memory foam,thus providing a much smoother experience. This makes the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premierexcellent options for people who desirethe perfect balance of support, responsiveness,and reduced motion transfer in their mattress.

Who is This Best For?

If you want to know how well the Purple mattresssuits diverse sleeping positions,it’s crucial to determineyour own sleeping style initially.Sleepers can generally be classified into three main categories:side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.To identify your sleeping style,take a look at how you usually position yourself in bed.

Mattress professionals advisea certain type of mattressfor each type of sleeper.Luckily, the Purple mattressdelivers outstanding comfortfor all three categories of sleepers.It offers superb support for those who sleep on their backas well as conforming to the body for side sleepers.Furthermore, the mattress has enough thicknessto offer sufficient cushioningfor stomach sleepers.

Side Sleepers

Purple mattresses are purposely engineeredfor the needs of side sleepers,providing the perfect balanceof pressure reduction and maintaining spinal alignment.If you’re a side sleeper,you should ascertainyou have adequate supportto avoid any discomfort or painovernight.

Nonetheless, heavier sleepers,could necessitate more reinforcementthan the Purple mattress can provide.

Back Sleepers & Stomach Sleepers

As a back sleeper,support is necessaryfor your lumbar regionand minor pressure relief.However, if you’re a frequent sleeper,a more firm mattress could be preferablesince Purple could be too soft,and you might sink into it too much.Persons within the 130 to 230-pound rangecould deem this an appropriate choice,but it ultimately depends on personal preference.

Stomach sleepers encounteran increasing problem with support.They need a much stronger baseto eliminate pressure pointswhich might lead to achesin the neck, shoulder, and lower back areas.For stomach sleepers over 130 pounds,a considerably firmer mattressis absolutely necessary.

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How Much is a Purple Mattress?

Original Purple mattresses come with lower entry fees, allowing more people to enjoy the Purple experience without spending too much. A mere $599 will get you a twin-sized Purple mattress. For larger mattresses, such as King and Queen, you’ll have to shell out at least $1,000, with prices reaching up to $1,499. Purple Vs Casper Mattress

Be aware that purchasing a Purple Hybrid or Hybrid Premier mattress may cost double or triple the amount of the Original Purple mattress. This may not be the best option for those on a budget or unsure of their purchase.

The best part about Purple mattresses is that they offer an amazing 100-night trial. This trial gives you the chance to try the mattress before making a final choice. To qualify for a full refund, you have to use the mattress for at least 21 consecutive nights. Should you find the mattress unsatisfactory, reach out to Purple for a refund.

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Final Words

For individuals looking for a soft yet enduring mattress that retains its structure better than memory foam, Purple Mattress is perfect. It features the same responsiveness and contouring of foam mattresses while also boasting additional features like temperature control and motion isolation, setting it apart from standard mattresses. Purple Vs Casper Mattress

The price range is also quite reasonable, particularly for those considering an oversized twin. However, keep in mind that larger and more expensive models may triple or even double your total cost. But don’t forget, you can always take advantage of their 100-night trial period after the 21-day break-in period.

If you’re a lighter-built side sleeper, opting for a double mattress could be the way to go, providing the necessary support for your sleeping posture. But, as an average stomach sleeper, a mattress offering more support might be necessary.

A great alternative would be to explore other mattress brands, for example, DreamCloud. With DreamCloud, you’ll find a diverse range of mattresses with different firmness levels, helping you choose the appropriate support as required and a softer mattress for other occasions.

Furthermore, DreamCloud usually offers affordable pricing, rendering it a suitable alternative for budget-conscious shoppers aiming to strike a balance between quality and price.

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Frequently Asked Questions Purple Vs Casper MattressLocated

Does Purple provide additional services such as Mattress Removal?

When it comes to the Purple mattress, you won’t be getting the same level of service as you would with other direct-to-consumer mattresses. There’s no help provided for disposing of your old mattress or setting up the new one.

When you buy the mattress, it’s your responsibility to remove it from the box and set it up on your bedframe. Give it a few hours to expand before you start using it. With Purple, you don’t need to worry about that pesky white-glove service.

Are there any Warranty with Purple Mattress?

Purple provides a pair of warranties for our mattresses. For the cover, there’s a minimum of two years of protection against defects as the first warranty. A minimum of ten years’ coverage against defects for the interior is offered as the second warranty.

Keep in mind that any indentations up to one inch in depth caused by frequent use or a heavier sleeper won’t be covered. Customers must also pay for any shipping costs related to the return and delivery.

What’s the best way to use Shipping work for Purple Mattress?

Customers in the contiguous 48 states of the United States and Canada receive free shipping for Purple mattresses. For those in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada, a shipping fee is required. Currently, Purple is not offering delivery services to international locations.

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