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As Hepsiglobal, weshow essential care and sensitivity for the protection of your personalinformation. For this reason, we are sharing the process related with theprocessing of your personal information via Privacy Notice with aconcern of transparency.

This Privacy Policyaims to disclose how we collect and process your personal information via thewebsite, products and services (including the payment services) and allapplications of Hepsiglobal (hereafter all of them will be referred to as “Services”)without considering how you used or reached those Services.

Hepsiglobal offersservices to its customers in two ways:

Access to products or serviceswith minimum information required for shopping without being a member,

As a member,you can have a customized shopping experience and allow us to further processyour information and profile it so that we can provide customised shoppingexperience

If you are a member;

By analyzing your previousorders, we can offer the complementary parts of the products you have previouslypurchased so that you can buy them easily,

By seeing your past orders on asingle page, we can manage your orders without the need to call customerservice,

We can offer you productssimilar to the products you have bought before,

We can show you other productsthat are compatible with a product you just bought,

We can present the best sellingproducts on our site to your attention,

In short, itis possible for us to create a user experience that suits your general shoppingtaste and habits.

1.Identityand Contact Information of the Data Controller

The data controllerrelated with the collecting and processing your personal data compatible withGeneral Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”):

D-Market ElektronikHizmetler ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Address: D-Market Elektronik Hizmetler ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Telephone Number: 0850 252 40 00


2. Contact Details of Data Protection Officer

In order to supervise the process ofprotecting your personal data, we assigned a data protection officer. You cancontact our protection officer regarding this Privacy Policy and processingyour personal data any time you want.

You can reach contact details of ourprotection officer below:

Address:Kuştepe Mah. Mecidiyeköy Yolu Cad. Trump TowersKule 2 Kat:2 No:12 34387 Şişli/İstanbul


3. What type of personal data is gathered and processed by Hepsiglobal?

With the purpose of providing ourservices, when you create a Hepsiglobal account, give information via onlineelectronic forms, provide information updates by logging into your Hepsiglobal accountand contact us by other options, we collect your personal data.

3.1. Personal informationthat we gather while you are using our service and creating a HepsiglobalAccount

- Personal information that we canuse to identify you such as first name, middle name, last name or e-mail thatyou share with us while creating a Hepsiglobal account

-If you areusing our payment services as a Seller or a Member, information that you sharewith us while using those services such as E-mail, IP address, Credit/Bank Card information etc.

- Information you provide relatedto buying or selling

- Information you provide whileusing our messaging tools

-Financinginformation (e.g. Credit/BankCard information, payment methods, payment history information)

-Informationrequired for delivery, billing and customs transactions (shipping address, other identification numbers etc.)

- Country, interests and preferences if required

- Additional information that youshare with us while using online electronic forms, adding/updating informationto your Hepsiglobal Account, communicating via using member chats, questions,dispute resolutions and using customer service with your consent

-The data wemay/have to gather in order to verify the collected data of your identity inaccordance with legislations in force

3.2. Automaticallycollected personal information when you use our services or create a Hepsiglobalaccount

-Dataassociated with your Hepsiglobal account as a part of services that you use (transaction cost, time/place of transaction,transaction method, hashed card number, card holder name).

-Data associated with your Hepsiglobal accountas a part of your actions via services that you use (adding a product toshopping cart, saving your search history)

- Ad preferences and information thatyou provide while contacting us

- Your IP address andlocation data of your mobile device

-The statistics related with the use of HepsiglobalServices, information related with the websites and their data traffic, URLrouting, advertising related information, your IP address, access time, browserdata history, language preferences.

3.3. Personal informationwe collect via Cookies and similar technologies

While providing our services, just likeother websites, we use “cookies” and other identifiers to collect your personalinformation. These datas are collected from devices that you use (includingmobile devices).

-As a part ofusing our services, ads and pages that you visited from your e-mail, access time, frequency/duration ofvisits, clicked urls and data related to your online actions.

- Data related to Ads shown toyou, how frequently they are shown, the time and location of those ads and thedata of whether you buy those products or not.

-Your usersegment and category (e.g. interestedin beauty products)

-The model/type of yourdevice, the type/version of your operating system, type/preferences of yourbrowser, device profile, advertising profile, cookie related data (e.g. cookieID)

-The IP address for this device while reaching our services and the locationdata of your mobile device.

Fordetailed information, view the Cookie Policy.

3.4. Personal informationwe gather from social networks

-The data that you provide ifyou link your Hepsiglobal account with your social accounts or other service providers (such asGoogle or Apple).

4. The purposes of Hepsiglobal in theprocessing for which the personal data are intended as well as the legal basisfor the processing

As Hepsiglobal, we process your personalinformation to provide H Hepsiglobal Services and for the development of theseservices within the purposes stated below fully complying with law. Forexample, providing and developing services, optimizing the user experience onour website, providing a better user experience with personalized advertising,contacting you about your Hepsiglobal account and other services, providingcustomers service and marketing activities, offering you personalized ads,detecting and preventing fraud or illegal activities.

4.1. Providing servicesand execution of the contract

4.2. Our legal responsibilities

4.3. Legitimate interest

4.4. Consent

5. Does Hepsiglobal shareyour personal information?

As Hepsiglobal, we may share yourpersonal information in order to effectuate the statements stated above withthe categories of recipients stated below:

5.1. Other Hepsiglobal Users

5.2. Shipping Companies (e.g. PTS… etc.

5.3. Payment service providers

5.4. Website, application and serviceproviders for the tools.

5.5. Law enforcers, courts,government agencies or authorize public institutions, intergovernmental orsupranational organizations

5.6. Credit agencies

5.7.Third parties using our single sign on service (Apple, Google)

6. International Data Transfer

Hepsiglobal, headquartered in Turkey andtherefore is an electronic trading platform that also servers in Turkey.Therefore, your personal data being processed and stored in Turkey. However,some of the services we use are systems belonging to international service providers.There may be limited user data in these systems. Regarding this data, it isrecommended to review the Privacy Policies of the relevant

Data transfer agreements are madebetween the aforementioned data processors and Hepsiglobal.

7. Thetime period for the retention of the data and destruction of the data

Yourpersonal data will be stored by Hepsiglobaland our service providers in accordance with the applicable dataprotection laws in order to fulfill the processing purposes specified in thisPrivacy Statement, unless a longer retention period is required or stipulatedby the applicable law. At the end of the retention period, we will delete yourpersonal data in accordance with our retention and destruction policy oranonymize your data, again in accordance with our retention and destructionpolicy, unless we are legally obliged to keep your personal data longer ( compliance, tax, accounting or audit).

We willblock access to your data instead of deleting it to the extent permitted andrequired by law.

Some of thecriteria used to determine retention periods are as follows:

-Theexistence of our service provisions with you and the continuity of thoseservices we provide for you, for example; having had an account with us andcontinuing to use our services.

-Existenceof a legal obligation to which we are subjected to (e.g. some laws require tokeep records of your transactions for a certain period of time beforedeleting).

-We mayretain data for sole purposes, if there are reasonable requirements, or if itis necessary to meet legal requirements, resolve disputes, prevent fraud andabuse, even after we close your account, or even if we no longer need thisinformation to provide these services.

8. Whatare my rights?

Your rightsare listed below and you can use your rights by sending an e-mail to

Right ofaccess: Accessing information about your personal dataprocessed by Hepsiglobal andthe purpose of using your personal data by Hepsiglobal and obtaining information relating withthese issues; You have the right to request a copy of your personal data of anykind.

Right to rectification: You have the right to complete your missingpersonal data at any time and request correction of your inaccurate personaldata.

Right toerasure: You have the right to request the deletion ordestruction of your personal data where it is no longer necessary for thepurposes for which it was collected.

Right torestriction: You have the right to requestrestrictions on the processing of your personal data as long as we determineany submission of request regarding the correction or completion of yourpersonal data or the situations where you object to the processing of the dataare justified by legitimate interests. If you request to use your right torestriction, we will only process information with your consent or for thepurpose of presenting, exercising or defending legal claims.

Right todata portability: You have the right to receivepersonal data you share with us in a formatted, commonly used andmachine-readable format, as well as transferring this information to anothercontrol unit when the data processing is done on the basis of a consent orcontract and by automated means.

Right towithdraw consent: You have the right to withdraw yourconsent at any time where applicable.

Right toobject: If your personal data is processed within theframework of our legitimate interests, you have the right to object to theprocessing of your personal data for reasons related to your particularsituation. This right also applies for profiling. If your personal data is processedby Hepsiglobal for directmarketing purposes, you always have the right to object to the processing ofyour personal data for such marketing activities, including profiling, to theextent relevant to such direct marketing.

Right tolodge a complaint to the data protection authorities: AsHepsiglobal, we are readyto process your requests with precision and do our best to clarify your doubtsabout your privacy. However, you have the right to lodge a complaint with acompetent data protection authority at any time.

9. Can Children Benefit From The ServicesOffered By Hepsiglobal?

Hepsiglobal does not sell products thatchildren can buy. We sell products for children only adults can buy. If you areunder the age of 18, you can only use Hepsiglobal Services through a parent.

10. Updating ofthe Privacy Notice

This Privacy Statement may be updated from time totime. All changes will be posted on this website. You can find the latestupdate date at the top of the Privacy Statement.

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