The Best Cooling Blankets for Your Comfiest Night's Sleep Yet (2022)

  • Best bamboo cooling blanket: Luxome Lightweight Blanket
  • Best synthetic cooling blanket: Rest Evercool Comforter
  • Best eucalyptus cooling blanket: Buffy Breeze Comforter
  • Best weighted cooling blanket: Gravity Classic Cooling Weighted Blanket
  • Best year-round cooling blanket: Slumber Cloud Lightweight Comforter
  • Best linen cooling blanket: The Citizenry Stonewashed Linen Quilt
  • Best muslin cooling blanket: Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket
  • Best cotton cooling blanket: Parachute Cloud Cotton Quilt
  • Best moisture-wicking cooling blanket: Sleep Number True Temp Blanket
  • Best budget cooling blanket: DANGTOP Cooling Blanket
  • Best washable silk cooling blanket: Vesta Washable Cooling Silk Blanket

If you routinely kick off your blankets during the night because you wake up a sweaty mess, a lightweight cooling blanket could be exactly what you need. Instead of trapping heat while you snooze, cooling blankets are designed to release heat and wick away moisture so you sleep more comfortably.

Here’s what else to know about cooling blankets, plus our picks for the best on the market.

Unlike regular blankets, cooling blankets aren’t designed to keep you warm. Instead, they help regulate the temperature under the covers so you can sleep comfortably all night.

Typically, cooling blankets are made with lightweight, natural fibers such as bamboo lyocell, eucalyptus, and linen that breathe well and help to release body heat instead of trapping it. Usually, these fibers are also moisture-wicking.

Some cooling blankets are made with fabrics that actually feel cool to the touch.

We based our recommendations of the best cooling blankets on a few different criteria.

We prioritized products that have certifications for safety standards, such as OEKO-TEX. We looked for a range of sizes, blanket categories, and price points to find options for everyone. Wherever possible, we included companies that offer sleep trials, and we also checked for reasonable warranty and return policies. Finally, we looked closely at customer reviews.

Pricing guide:

  • $ = under $100
  • $$ = $100–$180
  • $$$ = $180–$260
  • $$$$ = over $260

Healthline’s picks for the best cooling blankets of 2022

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Best bamboo cooling blanket

Luxome Lightweight Blanket

  • Price: $$$
  • Material: 100% bamboo viscose fabric and fill
  • Sizes: full/queen, king/Cal king
  • Pro: choice of colors
  • Con: no specific cooling technology

The lightweight blanket from Luxome is entirely made with bamboo viscose, including both the fabric and the fill. The soft, naturally temperature-regulating material is perfect for hot sleepers. Plus, the blanket has a thinner profile than traditional comforters.

It’s available in five colors and two sizes to suit most beds. The blanket is also certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX and can be machine washed.

There are over 300 reviews, and the overwhelming majority are five stars. Customers describe it as silky soft, wonderfully breathable, and perfect for hot climates.

Luxome offers a 30-day return policy with a prepaid shipping label.

Best synthetic cooling blanket

Rest Evercool Comforter

  • Price: $$$–$$$$
  • Material: nylon/spandex blend, Sorona filling
  • Sizes: twin/twin XL, full/queen, king/Cal king
  • Pro: high thermal conductivity transfers heat quickly for the coolest sleep
  • Con: only available in blue

The Evercool cooling comforter is nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and durable. But the best part? The Evercool fabric is specifically designed to regulate body temperature by absorbing and transferring heat away.

According to the brand, it does so 10 times faster than cotton.

The material is silky smooth and soft, with ultra-thin fibers that wick away sweat and moisture while having an impressive cool-to-the-touch feel. Inside, the Evercool comforter is filled with Sorona, a sustainable fabric that also regulates temperature.

The comforter is only available in blue, but there’s a choice of two shades on either side. Still, that’s a miss for some customers. On the plus side, the whole thing is machine washable.

Rest offers a 30-night sleep trial with free shipping and returns. The comforter also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Best eucalyptus cooling blanket

Buffy Breeze Comforter

  • Price: $$$–$$$$
  • Material: 100% TENCEL lyocell from eucalyptus
  • Sizes: twin/twin XL, full/queen, king/Cal king
  • Pro: eco-friendly choice
  • Con: only available in white

The Breeze comforter from Buffy is made with 100% eucalyptus fiber. According to the company, specifications like weight, loft, and fabric construction were all engineered with hot sleepers and warm climates in mind.

Both the cover and the fill are made with the same silky-soft material, which absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton or polyester and only retains minimal body heat. It’s also an eco-friendly pick since the material is sustainably harvested.

There are over 6,000 reviews for this comforter, with an overall 4.7-star rating. Customers describe it as cool to the touch, luxurious, and incredibly comfortable.

Buffy offers a 7-day trial on the Breeze, plus a 100-night, free return policy.

Best weighted cooling blanket

Gravity Classic Cooling Weighted Blanket

  • Price: $$$–$$$$
  • Material: polyester, spandex, glass microbeads
  • Sizes: single, queen/king
  • Pro: combines the benefits of weighted blankets with wicking fabrics
  • Con: high price point

If you like the calming benefits associated with weighted blankets but you tend to overheat, the Gravity Classic Cooling Weighted Blanket is for you. This version has all the features people love about their weighted blankets with the added benefit of a moisture-wicking duvet cover.

According to the company, it’s similar in feel and performance to athletic wear. It has a luxurious feel, high breathability, and moisture-wicking properties to keep you comfortable.

(Video) Best Cooling Blanket In 2021 | Top 9 Cooling Blankets To Keep You Cool All Night

The blanket comes in three weights and a choice of three colors. The cover is machine washable, but the inner weighted blanket is handwash only.

There is a 30-day return policy, but keep in mind that returns must be in new condition and in their original packaging. You’ll also need to pay all return shipping charges. There’s no warranty.

More than 700 reviews give Gravity’s cooling blanket an overall 4.2 rating and customers describe it as worth every penny.

Best year-round cooling blanket

Slumber Cloud Lightweight Comforter

  • Price: $$$
  • Material: cotton, ClimaDry by Outlast
  • Sizes: twin XL, queen, king
  • Pro: patented material for advanced cooling
  • Con: only available in white

The lightweight comforter from Slumber Cloud is designed as a year-round blanket for people who sleep hot. It’s made with a patented material called ClimaDry by Outlast, which gives it a down-like feel while also regulating heat and moisture.

According to Slumber Cloud, Outlast technology is a unique material that absorbs and releases excess body heat to help you maintain an even body temperature.

The comforter’s cover is 100% cotton for softness and breathability. Plus, the comforter is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. It can also be machine washed and dried.

There are over 1,700 reviews for the Slumber Cloud comforter, and self-proclaimed hot sleepers rave about how much cooler they’re sleeping.

Slumber Cloud offers a 60-night trial and free shipping.

Best linen cooling blanket

The Citizenry Stonewashed Linen Quilt

  • Price: $$$$
  • Material: 100% French flax, poly batting fill
  • Sizes: twin, full/queen, king/Cal king
  • Pro: lightweight and breathable
  • Con: high price point, no specific cooling technology

If all you need is a lightweight blanket, this linen quilt from The Citizenry is an indulgent pick. The stonewashed linen is naturally lightweight and breathable, which makes it perfect by itself on warm nights. It’s made with French flax and woven in the oldest linen mill in Portugal.

The quilt comes in beautiful solids and stripes and is OEKO-TEX certified.

Over 200 reviews describe it as stunningly beautiful, incredibly well made, and perfectly lightweight.

The Citizenry offers free 30-day returns, but notes that items will need to be unwashed and sent back in original packaging.

Best muslin cooling blanket

Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket

  • Price: $$$
  • Material: 100% muslin cotton
  • Sizes: oversized twin, oversized full, oversized queen, oversized king/Cal king
  • Pro: ultra-breathable
  • Con: high price point, no specific cooling technology

The 365 Blanket is made of Muslin cotton — the same material often found in baby blankets. That makes this an ultra-breathable, hypoallergenic, all-natural option. It’s what one reviewer calls “the Goldilocks of blankets.” Muslin is naturally temperature regulating, so you stay comfortable all night.

The blanket comes in four sizes, all of which are generously oversized. It’s also available in more than 10 colors. It’s ethically and sustainably made. Plus, it’s machine washable.

(Video) Need a good night sleep, stay cool even with Hot Flashes?! #restduvet #EverCoolCoolingComforter

There are over 3,400 reviews with an overall 4.9-star rating. Happy customers note that the blanket does a great job of keeping you comfortable without making you overheat.

Best cotton cooling blanket

Parachute Cloud Cotton Quilt

  • Price: $$$–$$$$
  • Material: 100% Turkish cotton, poly batting
  • Sizes: twin/twin X, full/queen, king/Cal king
  • Pro: exceptionally soft and breathable
  • Con: high price point, no cooling technology

This overstuffed quilt is made with long-staple Turkish cotton and poly batting fill. It sounds like it might be too cozy, but it’s a soft, fluffy, ultra-breathable quilt. And customers swear by it on warm summer nights, even in Texas.

Parachute’s Cloud Cotton Quilt is yarn-dyed with a choice of six subtle colors and comes in three sizes.

Shipping and returns are free, but there is no trial window.

Best moisture-wicking cooling blanket

Sleep Number True Temp Blanket

  • Price: $$–$$$
  • Material: cotton, polyester
  • Sizes: queen, king
  • Pro: trademarked technology to move away heat and humidity
  • Con: limited sizes

The True Temp blanket from Sleep Number is made with 37.5 Technology. According to the company, it adapts to regulate your body temperature while you sleep, while active-particle technology attracts and removes moisture to avoid humidity.

The blanket is hypoallergenic and comes in several colors, but it’s only available in larger sizes. It’s OEKO-TEX certified and machine washable.

It’s also well-reviewed. Customers love its lightweight, soft feel, ease of care, and how cool and comfortable they sleep with it.

Best budget cooling blanket

DANGTOP Cooling Blanket

  • Price: $
  • Material: 100% bamboo fiber
  • Sizes: 59” x 79”, 79” x 71”, 108” x 90″
  • Pro: great price point
  • Con: no specific cooling technology

This wallet-friendly cooling blanket is made with natural bamboo to absorb heat, wick moisture, and keep you comfortable. It’s incredibly well-reviewed, with over 4,600 customers sharing their mostly positive feedback about its comfort and cooling properties.

The blanket is available in a variety of colors and comes in three sizes. While it can be machine washed, the company recommends handwashing and advises against line drying in the sun.

There is a 30-day return window if you don’t find it cooling enough.

Best washable silk cooling blanket

Vesta Washable Cooling Silk Blanket

  • Price: $$$
  • Material: 100% TENCEL lyocell, 100% premium silk
  • Sizes: full/queen, king/Cal king
  • Pro: temperature regulating and sweat-wicking
  • Con: no specific cooling technology

This lightweight comforter combines the temperature-regulating benefits of TENCEL lyocell with the moisture-wicking properties of silk. It’s a great combination for a cool night’s sleep.

According to Vesta, silk is 1.5 times more absorbent than cotton. Plus, theirs is machine washable for easy care.

There are 71 reviews and they’re all five stars. Customers note how comfortably they sleep with the washable silk blanket.

(Video) REST DUVET EVERCOOL COOLING COMFORTER REVIEW / Help for hot & cold sleepers! 😯

Vesta offers a 30-night trial with free shipping in the United States.

BlanketPriceMaterialAvailable sizes
Luxome Lightweight Blanket$$$100% bamboo viscosefull/queen, king/Cal king
Rest Evercool Comforter$$$–$$$$nylon/spandex blend, Sorona fillingtwin/twin XL, full/queen, king/Cal king
Buffy Breeze Comforter$$$–$$$$100% TENCEL lyocelltwin/twin XL, full/queen, king/Cal king
Gravity Classic Cooling Weighted Blanket$$$–$$$$polyester, spandex, glass microbeadssingle, queen/king
Slumber Cloud Lightweight Comforter$$$cotton, ClimaDry by Outlasttwin XL, queen, king
The Citizenry Stonewashed Linen Quilt$$$$100% French flax, poly batting filltwin, full/queen, king/Cal king
Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket
$$$100% cotton muslintwin, full, queen, king/Cal king
Parachute Organic Air Cotton Quilt$$$–$$$$100% organic cottonfull/queen, king/ Cal king
Sleep Number True Temp Blanket$$–$$$cotton, polyesterqueen, king
DANGTOP Cooling Blanket$100% bamboo fiber59” x 79”, 79” x 71”, 108” x 90″
Vesta Washable Cooling Silk Blanket$$$100% TENCEL lyocell, 100% silkfull/queen, king/Cal king

There’s no single best cooling blanket for everyone, and it can be helpful to consider what really matters to you as you shop. Here’s what you may want to keep in mind:

  • Fabrics. Look for breathable materials, like linen, bamboo lyocell, and eucalyptus. Cotton can be cool too but look for a looser weave so it doesn’t trap heat.
  • Cooling technology. Some brands tout their cooling technology or fabrics. Scanning customer reviews can give you an idea of how well that works in the real world.
  • Price point. Having a budget in mind can help you zero in on the features that matter most.
  • Care. Before making a purchase, check the instructions to ensure you aren’t buying something that requires expensive or inconvenient care.

Can you put a cooling blanket in the dryer?

It depends on the blanket. Every cooling blanket is different. That means some machine washable versions need to be hung to dry, while others can go in the dryer on low heat or air dry settings. Others may be spot clean only.

Make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for properly washing and drying your blanket.

What are cooling blankets made out of?

Usually, cooling blankets are made of lightweight, natural fibers such as bamboo lyocell, eucalyptus, and linen that breathe well, minimizing heat retention under the covers.

Some cooling blankets are made with synthetic fabrics for a cool-to-the-touch feel that’s immediately refreshing.

What are cooling blankets used for?

Cooling blankets are designed to keep you comfortable at night, instead of overheating. These blankets use lightweight materials that breathe, so body heat doesn’t become trapped.


(Video) HOT FLASHES? How do they occur and WHAT REMEDY will be a game changer?/EVERCOOL COOLING COMFORTER

If you’re routinely waking up sweaty and overheated, a cooling blanket could be just what you need. You’ll enjoy the comfort and security of a blanket, but in a version that’s lightweight and breathable — so you can stay the right temperature all night long.

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Is there a cooling blanket that works? ›

Best Cooling Blankets to Try

All-weather use: The True Temp Blanket employs 37.5 Technology and comes in king and queen sizes. It's 80-percent cotton and 20-percent polyester and not only keeps you cool in the summer, it also keeps you warm in the winter.

What kind of blanket is best for night sweats? ›

Not only that, wool fibers can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture, drawing it away from your body and desorbing it into the air around. So not only does wool produce a comforter that keeps you cool, it cleverly helps to reduce that clammy feeling that plagues night sweat sufferers.

Which side of a cooling blanket do you use? ›

How to Use Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket? - YouTube

What fabric keeps you cool at night? ›

Moisture-Wicking Properties: Moisture-wicking fabric can actually move sweat away from your body and keep your sleeping environment dry. Tencel, linen, bamboo, and polyester are all great examples of naturally moisture-wicking materials that can be blended with other fabrics or enjoyed solo.

Are cooling blankets worth it? ›

Cooling Blanket Review - YouTube

How can I cool my body down while sleeping? ›

How to Stay Cool While Sleeping: 9 Tips
  1. Avoid tight-fitting clothing or pajamas. ...
  2. Buy a cooling mattress or cooling pillow. ...
  3. Drink a glass of cold water. ...
  4. Keep a window open to get a cool breeze. ...
  5. Limit alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods. ...
  6. Take a cold shower before bed. ...
  7. Try meditation techniques. ...
  8. Turn down the thermostat.
7 Mar 2022

What material is best for hot sleepers? ›

Material: Most of the sleep experts we spoke to agreed that sheets made of natural fibers, like cotton and linen, are your best bet for sweaty sleepers because they're the most breathable (and therefore cooling).

What is the best cooling blanket for hot flashes? ›

The Best Cooling Blankets at a Glance
  • Best Cooling Weighted Blanket: Syrinx Cooling Weighted Blanket.
  • Best Hypoallergenic Cooling Blanket: Elegear Cooling Blanket.
  • Most Lightweight Cooling Blanket: Laghcat Cooling Blanket.
  • Best Bamboo Cooling Blanket: Dangtop Cooling Blanket.
21 Jul 2022

Do bamboo cooling blankets work? ›

Bamboo sheets and comforters keep you cool because they work to wick away heat and moisture, before you get too hot. Bamboo viscose doesn't trap heat the way some traditional bedding materials can, which makes it a great option for temperature regulating sheets.

How do I stop bed sweats at night? ›

A waterproof mattress protector or encasement is a great way to do this. Cooling sheets should be crisp and lightweight, as well as soft and breathable. If your current sheets don't have proper breathability, this could be adding to your discomfort and promoting sweating.

What to look for in a cooling blanket? ›

Look for temperature-regulating technology like Outlast or 37.5 for the ultimate cooler sleep. ✔️Breathable materials: While some fabrics hold onto moisture, others wick it away to keep you sweat-free. Opt for synthetic fabrics like polyester or regenerated cellulose fibers like lyocell.

How hush cooling blankets work? ›

Each blanket is filled with glass microbeads to add weight, hug the body closely, and allow air circulation. All Hush models come with a removable duvet cover that attaches to the inner microfiber blanket using a zipper system.

Can you wash a cooling blanket? ›

Cooling bamboo blanket has a better cooling effect when used with fans or air conditioners, which can quickly reduce the body temperature by about 2-4 degrees, even one degree makes a big difference when sleeping. 【Easy wash and care】: Machine wash on a delicate cycle (A laundry bag comes with the blanket.

Do they make electric cooling blankets? ›

Cooling Blanket Queen Size For Hot Sleepers, Marchpower Arc-Chill Cool Blanket with Double-Sided Design, Japanese Cooling Fiber Absorbs Body Heat, Lightweight Soft Cold Blanket For Summer Sleeping Bed.

How do you wash a Costco cooling blanket? ›

Back: 100% cotton.
Care Instructions:
  1. Machine wash separately in cold water on gentle cycle.
  2. Use mild detergent.
  3. Do not bleach.
  4. Line dry.
  5. Do not iron.
  6. Do no dry clean.

What is the most cooling fabric? ›

What Are The 9 Best Summer Fabrics?
  1. Cotton. Cotton is one of the best fabrics for summer and hot weather. ...
  2. Linen. Linen is another top choice for a breathable fabric to wear in hot weather conditions. ...
  3. Rayon. ...
  4. Denim/Chambray. ...
  5. Polyester. ...
  6. Nylon. ...
  7. Silk. ...
  8. Micromodal.
21 Aug 2019

What type of bed sheets are the coolest? ›

Percale: Percale is generally considered the best weave for cooling bed sheets. It features a simple one-thread-over, one-thread-under pattern that gives the sheets a crisp, cool feel. Most percale sheets are cotton, but they may also use a blend of cotton and synthetic materials.

What is the best thread count for sheets to keep you cool at night? ›

The NSF recommends choosing cooling sheets with a thread count between 200 and 400, since sheets with lower thread counts aren't as comfortable, and sheets with higher thread counts tend to trap heat at night.

Can you put a cooling blanket in the dryer? ›

The blanket comes in a number of sizes to fit all bed frames, as well as a handful of solid colors, including green, navy, and blush. And when it's ready to be cleaned, just toss the blanket into the machine and wash it in cold water, then hang it to dry. Just make sure not to place it in the dryer.

How do people sleep in hot weather? ›

Use Comfortable Clothing and Bedding

Wearing loose and lightweight clothes and using cooler bedding materials can have a positive effect on sleeping in hot weather. Wear more comfortable clothes: Sleeping in lighter and looser clothes during warmer weather may help to keep you cooler.

What's the difference between a weighted blanket and a cooling weighted blanket? ›

Resident Weighted Blanket Review - Best Cooling Weighted Blanket?!

Why do I get so hot when I sleep at night? ›

Why Do We Get So Hot When We Sleep? The reason people “sleep hot” has a lot to do with design. Our core temperature drops by a couple of degrees during the night, shedding heat into the surrounding areas, and certain sheets and mattresses trap the heat and moisture around us.

Why do I get so hot when I sleep female? ›


Imbalances in your hormone levels can lead to night sweats or hot flashes. Many females experience night sweats as part of premenstrual syndrome due to fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels. Night sweats and hot flashes are two of the most common symptoms of menopause.

What temperature is best for sleeping? ›

This may vary by a few degrees from person to person, but most doctors recommend keeping the thermostat set between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius) for the most comfortable sleep. Our bodies are programmed to experience a slight dip in core temperature in the evening.

How do you not get hot under blankets? ›

Place a dry towel or sheet can be placed underneath your body and use the damp sheet as a blanket, helping you stay cool. Turn on your ceiling fan to feel even cooler as the circulating air wicks moisture away from your body.

Do cooling blankets work for menopause? ›

Cooling Weighted Blankets

While the thought of using a weighted blanket during the menopause might seem a little odd, they really can help. Cooling weighted blankets can help with those hot flashes and night sweats as they are made from breathable materials.

What size blanket is 59x79? ›

VERSATILE USAGE SCENARIOS: These blankets measure 59" x 79" — just right to fit a Twin or Full bed.

What no one tells you about night sweats? ›

Menopause, low blood sugar, and fever can cause night sweats. So can certain medications, including antidepressants and steroids. If your clothing or your bedroom temperature causes you to sweat, it's not considered night sweats. Night sweats are unpleasant, but most of the time they're harmless.

What does it mean when you sweat in your sleep? ›

Health Detective: What Causes Sleep Sweating? - YouTube

Why do I wake up in the middle of the night dripping in sweat? ›

Causes of night sweats

medicines – some antidepressants, steroids and painkillers. low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) alcohol or drug use. a harmless condition called hyperhidrosis that makes you sweat too much all the time.

What to look for in a cooling blanket? ›

Look for temperature-regulating technology like Outlast or 37.5 for the ultimate cooler sleep. ✔️Breathable materials: While some fabrics hold onto moisture, others wick it away to keep you sweat-free. Opt for synthetic fabrics like polyester or regenerated cellulose fibers like lyocell.

How can I keep my room cool at night? ›

How to keep a room cool at night
  1. Give warm air in your home an escape route. Do you have an attic room? ...
  2. Encourage good air flow. ...
  3. Switch off unnecessary electronics. ...
  4. Keep the blinds closed during the day. ...
  5. Do you use ceiling fans?

Do weighted cooling blankets really work? ›

Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket Review - Does It Really Keep You ...

Can you wash a cooling blanket? ›

Cooling bamboo blanket has a better cooling effect when used with fans or air conditioners, which can quickly reduce the body temperature by about 2-4 degrees, even one degree makes a big difference when sleeping. 【Easy wash and care】: Machine wash on a delicate cycle (A laundry bag comes with the blanket.

What is the best cooling blanket for hot flashes? ›

The Best Cooling Blankets at a Glance
  • Best Cooling Weighted Blanket: Syrinx Cooling Weighted Blanket.
  • Best Hypoallergenic Cooling Blanket: Elegear Cooling Blanket.
  • Most Lightweight Cooling Blanket: Laghcat Cooling Blanket.
  • Best Bamboo Cooling Blanket: Dangtop Cooling Blanket.
21 Jul 2022

What kind of blanket does not make you sweat? ›

Cooling blankets pull heat and moisture away from your body. Some cooling blankets use a tech called Outlast, which was developed with NASA as a way to regulate the extreme temperatures astronauts encounter. Another technology is called 37.5, so named for the ideal celsius and humidity for the human body.

Is it better to keep bedroom doors open or closed? ›

In general, it's best to keep your interior doors open as often as possible in order to allow air to flow freely from room to room. This will avoid pressure problems in your home and will make it easier for your air conditioner to cool your home evenly and with less energy.

How do I stop myself from overheating when I sleep? ›

If you tend to get hot in your sleep, try incorporating some of the below tips into your nightly routine.
  1. Take a warm shower or bath. ...
  2. Freeze a washcloth. ...
  3. Eat smaller meals close to bedtime. ...
  4. Freeze a water bottle. ...
  5. Cool off pulse points with ice packs. ...
  6. Keep the blinds shut during the day. ...
  7. Limit alcohol before bed.
22 Jun 2020

How do I stop being a hot sleeper? ›

Is your bed making you hot while you sleep?
  1. Choose cool, light pajamas. While silk pajamas are comfy, they're not as cool as cotton. ...
  2. Freeze your sheets before bed. ...
  3. Use a box fan to your advantage. ...
  4. Cool down quickly. ...
  5. Choose a cooler pillow. ...
  6. Keep the heat out of your room during the day.

Who should not use weighted blankets? ›

A weighted blanket may be unsuitable for people with certain medical conditions, including chronic respiratory or circulatory issues, asthma, low blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and claustrophobia.

How do I choose a weighted cooling blanket? ›

The general guideline? 10 percent of your own body weight. Both Fish and LeMond agree that the ideal weighted blanket is 10 percent of your body weight so that it fits your frame. For children or older adults, the formula is 10 percent of body weight plus 1 to 2 pounds.

Are bamboo blankets cool? ›

Cooling bamboo blanket has a better cooling effect when used with fans or air conditioners, which can quickly reduce the body temperature by about 2-4 degrees, even one degree makes a big difference when sleeping.

Do you put ice in front or behind a fan? ›

According to the GHI, placing a bucket of ice in front of a fan as a homemade AC unit is just as effective. 'As the air passes over the ice it will be chilled and will circulate refreshingly cold air around the room,' they explain.

How can I make a homemade air conditioner? ›

$8 Homemade Air Conditioner - Works Flawlessly! - YouTube


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