Tips for buying on Vinted - how to bag yourself a bargain! (2023)

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In 2020 I finally joined Vinted. I had heard about it for a while, but never got around to using it. Then in 2021 I started to sell baby clothes that my daughter Aurora has outgrown. Before I knew it I’d made more than 50 sales and shared my top tips for selling on Vinted.

Now, as of 2023, I’ve made over 100 sales! I’m something of a casual seller, mostly because I list items and then if they don’t sell fast I declutter them to the charity shop instead!

As Aurora is growing like a weed I’m always in need of clothes in the next size. Recently I bought lots of bundles of clothing, in size 2-3 years, and thought I’d share some tips for buying on Vinted, designed to help you save money, find bargains and also shop more sustainably too!

Scroll down near the end of this post if you’d like to see a condensed version of my tips!

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Getting started buying on Vinted – how does buying on Vinted work

Sign up and create a profile!

Sign up to *buy on Vinted.

Create a profile. Add an ‘about you’ if you might also be selling, or want people to know that you’re a genuine buyer.

Then you’re ready to get started with searching for bargains!

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Buying on Vinted works much the same as eBay, or any other platform, however the costs you pay are a little different, which is why a lot of items are priced cheaper than eBay and similar marketplace type sites.

When you see an item you like you purchase it, the seller packages it, prints the label with your address on and sends it to your house. That’s all much the same as using eBay! The delivery is often trackable as soon as the label is printed, and you can see where the item is through the message thread it creates when you purchase an item on Vinted.

What is the cost of buying on Vinted?

When you purchase an item on Vinted you will pay the cost of the item, the postage costs and then a buyer protection fee. This fee costs 3-8% of the item price, before postage, plus £0.30 – £0.80.

(Video) I MADE £200+ ON VINTED IN 3 WEEKS | how to sell fast, tips & tricks

I’ll give you an example. I purchased a £1.00 coat. The postage was £2.99. The buyer protection fee was £0.38. In total I paid £4.37. A similar coat new in the shops is around £14, the lowest priced one I could find no less, and the one I bought on Vinted was in perfect condition.

A new coat will only fit Aurora for around half a year and so I’ve saved almost £10 on something I would definitely need to buy for the school runs.

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Utilise the search feature & filters when buying on Vinted

When I want to buy an item on Vinted I always start with the search feature. I will show you some examples:

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As you can see I was looking to purchase a red velvet dress for my youngest daughter to wear for Christmas. I started by typing red velvet dress in the search bar and then looked at the results that loaded. The results were not good…!

From there I was able to utilise the filters that they have on site to narrow down the selection. I started by selecting the correct size, 9–12 months. Then I was able to filter by colour, and finally I filtered by selecting dresses from the clothing category.

The results that these filters display are based on the information that a seller inputs when they are loading their listing on to Vinted. This does mean that on occasion you will find random items in the filtered results, however this doesn’t occur frequently.

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Once I had narrowed down the results, by using the on site filters, I was then able to make a further narrowed down list using the ‘sort by’ options. Here I was able to opt to sort the items in price order from low to high. Other options are available, and this allows me to find a great value item at a low price.

The lowest price that an item can be listed for is currently £1, and on top of that she will pay buying fees and postage costs. You may find sellers have listed items where they have a text note on the first image explaining that the item is free if you purchase it as part of a bundle or discounted if you purchase within a bundle so look out for those.

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Pay attention to your feed

Once you’ve begun to use the search facility on Vinted, or have started buying on Vinted, it will begin to learn the types of items that you may be interested in purchasing. These will then be displayed in a feed on your homepage.


You’ll see popular items, items from brands you’ve bought or browsed before, and there will be selected searched. You’ll also see bumped and newly listed items, so you’ll have more chance of snapping up a bargain.

I have been buying some particular toys for my daughters, for Christmas, and I now see the latest items on my feed, which has allowed me to find the last few items I was looking for!

Favourite items

When browsing through items you can hit the heart icon to favourite them. This will send a notification to the seller that you’ve favourited the item. They can then choose to select this notification and send you a lower offer price, if they choose to. Sometimes I have this happen, and sometimes I’ll get a message letting me know that they’re posting items today if I’m interested.

Look through seller’s profiles before buying on Vinted

When you find an item that you’re interested in be sure to visit the seller’s profile. Here you can see all of the items that they are selling, you can also check out their recent feedback to make sure they have good reviews from other buyers.

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Make offers

If you have seen a single item that you want to purchase then once you’ve clicked into the listing you’ll see a button that says ‘Ask seller’.

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Click this and then you’ll see an option near the top to ‘Make an offer’ or ‘Buy now’. you can usually make 5 offers per day and there will be a cap on the percentage amount lower than the listed price you can offer. I believe it is 40%.

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Shop for bundles

Quite often sellers are listing multiple items on one day, or have 10s of listings to choose from.

When you find an item that you like you can click the listing and then you will see just underneath the images a button that says ‘Shop’. From here you can browse through items that members have for sale and build a bundle.

Often sellers have an automatic featured enabled that allows you to receive a discount of 5% – 50% depending on their settings and the number of listings that you want to bundle together.

(Video) Want to Sell on Vinted? Here are Tips and Tricks for Beginners!

Once you’ve made your selections the seller will be sent a message, where they have to weigh the items and let you know the postage cost to combine items.

This is a great way to save some money as not only do you get the discount for creating a bundle but you’ll pay less on the postage and buyer protection fees too.

Not all sellers have the discount option on, however you can still create a bundle and then offer a lower price once they have confirmed the postage to you. You could also just message them and ask if they’d be willing to offer you a discounted price.

How does postage work on Vinted – selecting different postage options

Many sellers on Vinted have a variety of different postage options listed. Some offer local collection (although rarely have their location information available annoyingly!) and some will offer Inpost, Hermes, Royal Mail or UPS. This means you can choose from a variety of options, including home delivery and delivery to your local locker or shop to collect at your convenience. (Within a few days usually!)

I’ve seen some free postage methods in the past, though they seem to be very sporadic. I think this may be a promotional offer they do from time to time.

I often opt for £1.99 postage to my local shop, and order a few listings on the same day, then make just one or two trips to collect once the email comes in to tell me that my items have been delivered.

This is a great way to save money and the postage costs can be as little as half the home delivery price if you’re willing to collect from a local shop or locker. It will show you the details before you complete your order too.

Check listings

When you’re ordering items be sure to check the listings. What I like to do, when wanting to make a bundle from one seller, is visit their profile, check the individual listings and then favourite the items that I want to buy. That way I can go back in and make a bundle, and have already checked the item condition, viewed the images and double checked the sizes.

If you can find an item that has been sized incorrectly, for example I found a size 20 dress that was in the size 4 section, then you could get a bargain. Items incorrectly sized may have been listed on Vinted for a few months, and the seller may be willing to take an offer just to get rid of it.

Also, just because an item has been listed for a few months don’t be put off. Some people are just not in a hurry to clear their items out, and will list them, box them up and wait for the right offer to come in. I recently purchased a dress that had been listed 4 months before and it turned up sparkling clean and in pristine condition as described in the listing. It was a bargain too!


Is Vinted safe to buy from?

I would say yes! What happens when you purchase an item is that Vinted hold on to the money. Only once you’ve received the item, or 48 hours have passed since it was tracked as delivered, is the money released to the seller. This gives you time to receive the item and let Vinted know if there are any issues. If you do raise an issue the money is automatically held by Vinted while you try to come to an arraignment with the seller.

I have purchased an item that was never sent by the seller, and I was refunded automatically without needing to chase anything. Vinted gives the seller a set number of days, it seems to be around 5, to send your item. If after this time it has not been sent then you are automatically refunded. I really like this system versus using other similar websites, as there is less manual input required to get your money back.

No returns

Do bear in mind that items are not returnable when buying on Vinted usually. This means that if you purchase a pair of jeans, or a dress, and they don’t fit you, that you’ll either want to sell them on, donate to charity or list on somewhere like eBay, Vinted or Facebook marketplace. I rarely have any issues with sizing, as I tend to order from brands I already use, or sizes I already wear, rather than trying to size down or up.

Accepted payment methods

You can pay on Vinted in a variety of ways including Paypal, debit and credit card, prepaid card, Apple Pay or using your Vinted balance for any sales that you may have made.

eBay or Vinted?

I don’t use eBay much for buying bundles, as I just feel that they aren’t always items that I want within bundles. Then I forget that sellers may have multiple listings and it is a faff asking people to combine postage once you win items too. Sometimes sellers have even refused to do this which means I end up overpaying!

With Vinted I love how easy it is to browse other items that the same seller has. They make the combining of postage something that the seller needs to do before you can make a sale and overall it (mostly) runs really well.

I’ve had a couple of small issues, one with item quality when something arrived (not as pictured!) and one where the item was not received. Both times I received a refund and was really pleased with the service.

Final thoughts:

I love how easy it is to see details when buying on Vinted. Often sellers will have multiple images, and it is really easy to scroll through. The site (mostly) works fast and I have found some fantastic items for Aurora in particular.

It is great to shop before the season for bargains, and I bought items for £1 in June and July for Christmas. It is also nice to be able to search for specific brands that you love and trust with ease.

I’ve mostly purchased toys and clothing, and apart from 1 item I’ve always been really happy with the quality. Sellers seem to be clear with any issues, and the condition gradings make it easy to see if the items are going to be in good quality or not.

(Video) How To Make Bundles On Vinted | Sell Or Buy + Bundle Discount

Postage tends to take from 2 – 5 days, so a little on the slow side, but the lower costs when buying on Vinted means that I’m happy to wait. I’ve purchased so many bundles comprising items costing just £1 – £2 that I’ve been able to buy Aurora a full range of clothing in her next size for under £50, with lots of great quality pieces too.

My Vinted buying tips condensed down if you didn’t want to read an essay:

  • Utilise the search feature and filters
  • Pay attention to your feed
  • Favourite items
  • Look through seller’s profiles before buying
  • Make offers for items (including bundles)
  • Shop for bundles
  • Select different postage options to save money
  • Read listings thoroughly
  • Don’t rely on returns
  • Check payment methods
  • Don’t forget to check eBay instead

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How do you ask for a lower price on Vinted? ›

You can negotiate by making an offer for an item you're interested in instead of buying it at the indicated price. This option is only available if the seller has activated the option to receive offers. If they have, you'll see a Make an offer button next to the Buy now button.

How to negotiate on Vinted? ›

Haggling is all part of the fun on Vinted – every item features the 'make an offer' button. Unlike eBay, it's not unlimited. Vinted only lets you send five offers a day, and the biggest discount you can ask for is 40%. However, after you've used up your five offers, politely message sellers asking for reductions.

Is it worth bumping items on Vinted? ›

Bumping your Vinted listings is a great way to ensure that your items are seen by the most people possible. When you bump a listing, it appears at the top of the page for 3 days. This means that more people will see your listing, and you're more likely to make a sale.

How do you select a price on Vinted? ›

Good to know:
  1. Search the catalog for similar items to see how other members price them.
  2. Setting a price that's lower than our catalog average will help you sell faster.
  3. Keep seasonality in mind. ...
  4. You can set a selling price between $1 and $1000.
  5. You can change the price of your item by editing your listing.

What do you say when asking for a lower price? ›

Top eight phrases to use when negotiating a lower price
  1. All I have in my budget is X.
  2. What would your cash price be?
  3. How far can you come down in price to meet me?
  4. What? or Wow.
  5. Is that the best you can do?
  6. Ill give you X if we can close the deal now.
  7. Ill agree to this price if you.
  8. Your competitor offers.
Jun 15, 2020

What's a reasonable offer on Vinted? ›

I've just started using Vinted, I've had a couple of offers accepted under about 15-20% of the listing price. Both items had been listed for a little while and not sold so that's why I offered lower. Just remember they still have fees to pay and their post costs aren't always accurate.

How do you stand out on Vinted? ›

My top tips to help you sell successfully on Vinted
  1. Show the whole item. ...
  2. Make sure the lighting is good. ...
  3. Keep your background plain. ...
  4. Display your item as best as possible. ...
  5. If you are showing multiple items in one picture you must say which part is for sale. ...
  6. Take photos of any defects.
Mar 29, 2022

What is the best time to post on Vinted? ›

So it is necessary to put the ads online preferably :
  • in the evening (between 21h and 22h30)
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays.
  • on days when there are significant temperature variations.
Jun 11, 2020

Why is everything on Vinted so cheap? ›

Prices in general are quite low on Vinted. Because sellers have to add shipping and the Vinted fee, they sometimes pay 15€ for an item and you only receive your set price of 10€. As a result the prices on Vinted are lower to keep clothes at an acceptable price.

How long should you leave items on Vinted? ›

Items not sold after 30 days will be deactivated and marked as “Expired”. This helps keep the platform from getting overloaded with old items. You will be notified by email and/or push notifications when items are deactivated. Just click on the link in the email to reactivate them.

Should you message before buying on Vinted? ›

We strongly recommend that you contact sellers to ask about their item(s). It's a great way to find out about defects that may not be clear from the photos, exact measurements or anything else you're unsure of. However, you cannot message a seller privately.

Is eBay better than Vinted? ›

When it comes to costs and a straightforward process, Vinted wins. Vinted charges no fee to sell on the platform (a big tick), and they take no commission, so you take away the full amount of what you sell. On eBay, you can sell your first 1,000 listings for free, but after that, you pay 35p per listing.

How do you negotiate a price without being rude? ›

How to Negotiate Nicely Without Being a Pushover
  1. What the Experts Say. ...
  2. Make small talk. ...
  3. Don't try to buy love. ...
  4. Be creative. ...
  5. Stress “we” over “I” ...
  6. Ask questions… ...
  7. Walk in the other person's shoes. ...
  8. Principles to Remember.
Apr 9, 2015

How do you politely bargain? ›

How to Haggle in 10 Easy Steps
  1. Always tell the truth. Keep your character intact, people. ...
  2. Time it right. The end of the day is a great time to get your haggle on. ...
  3. Ask for a discount. ...
  4. Use the power of cash. ...
  5. Use your walk-away power. ...
  6. Know when to be quiet. ...
  7. Say, “That's not good enough.” ...
  8. Let them know your budget.
Oct 26, 2022

How do you negotiate a lowball offer? ›

So you could say something like, “I'm sorry, but the current offer you're making is low, and I'm not will to accept anything below (your minimum salary).” Be sure to keep a polite tone and face when rejecting the offer, as you don't want to come off as high and mighty.

Can a seller cancel an offer on Vinted? ›

Canceling a sale on Vinted is not impossible. Provided the item has not yet been shipped to the buyer.

Do people actually sell on Vinted? ›

While there are various other similar apps like Depop that you can use, Vinted offers a really good buying and selling experience which I have found really easy to use and make additional income from. If you are someone who would love to resell your clothing and other items online Vinted is a great place to start.

Do things actually sell on Vinted? ›

Vinted is becoming an increasingly popular way of selling your unwanted items. The adverts for the app makes the process look fun, easy and with a high selling success rate. But just how easy is the app to use?

What does it mean to bump on Vinted? ›

Bumping an item translates to boosting the exposure of your listings to more platform users literally. Meaning the more you bump an item, the more visible it gets to potential buyers. Item Bump on Vinted is a paid feature that sellers like you can purchase for three calendar days or seven calendar days.

Are there fake sellers on Vinted? ›

Active in 15 countries in Europe and North America, Vinted is popular among sellers and buyers - and lately, fraudsters as well.

Can I sell on Vinted without a printer? ›

Easy for sellers

Ship to your Vinted buyer in seconds without even needing to print or use a label. You can skip the usual queues and drop off your parcel with just the scan of a QR code.

What happens if you dont ship within 5 days on Vinted? ›

Sellers have up to 5 working days to ship the item, depending on the shipping method their buyer has chosen. If the seller fails to do so within 5 days, the order will be canceled, and the buyer will be issued a refund. Shipping time varies depending on the package size and its destination.

Is Depop better than Vinted? ›

Depop also requires sellers to make their offers look more professional, which is why it's better suited for small businesses. Vinted is more transactional. It incorporates fewer categories and focuses more on a buyer experience, allowing users to make offers faster.

What does a red exclamation mark mean on Vinted? ›

A red exclamation mark will appear in your settings if confirmation is required. your bank account number is invalid. Your identity may be verified but if your bank account number has changed, the transfer may have failed.

Are you protected as a buyer on Vinted? ›

You pay a buyer protection fee but in reality there is no buyer protection.

What happens if you don't send an item on Vinted? ›

If the seller hasn't posted within a certain time frame then vinted will automatically cancel and refund you.

Who are Vinted competitors? ›

co. uk's top 5 competitors in November 2022 are:, thrift. plus,,, and more.

Why do people like on Vinted? ›

Vinted allows buyers to find smaller, lower priced goods and build bundles. Buyers can pay for buyer protection. Vinted also allows sellers to sell items safe in the knowledge that the fees will be received.

Do hashtags work on Vinted? ›

Yes, Vinted uses hashtags too! Pick 3 to 5 relevant hashtags per description for maximum benefit.

Why is Vinted so successful? ›

The company makes money via its buyer protection service. The buyer pays a fee to Vinted in exchange for services like customer support, insurance, and tracked shipping; Shipping costs; Wardrobe Spotlight (helping users boost the visibility of their items). And Bumping listed items.

Can you go lower than asking price? ›

As a home buyer, you have every right to offer less than the asking price if you feel it's too high. On the other hand, the seller has every right to reject your offer, if they feel it's too low. So be sure to do your homework and tread carefully.

How do I change the selling price on Vinted? ›

Click on the item you want to change, then click Edit. This will open the page with all the item information you added. You can edit any field: you can add/delete photos, change the section or category, correct colours and set a new price.

How do you negotiate a lower price via email? ›

  1. Set the Stage and Bring Feeling Into the Conversation. ...
  2. Express Empathy While Taking Your Bargaining Partners' Pulse. ...
  3. Mention the Feelings That Business Communications Usually Lack. ...
  4. Stress Your Confidence That You Can Find a Solution That Pleases You Both.
Sep 9, 2022

How do you tell a buyer their offer is too low? ›

Acknowledge it's a low ball offer

One approach is to simply say that you're willing to negotiate, but that you need to hear a serious starting offer. Another is to counter-offer with a price that's slightly lower than your asking price – even just $1,000 below it.

How do I make a low offer without insulting? ›

Lowballing 101: How to Avoid Insulting a Home Seller when Making a Low Offer for Their House or Condo
  1. Make a List of Necessary Improvements. ...
  2. Explain Any Issues with the Location. ...
  3. Provide Pricing for Comparable Homes in the Area. ...
  4. Consider the Seller's Reasons for Selling.
Aug 20, 2014

Is 20 below asking price too low? ›

Typically, a lowball offer is considered to be at least 20% below the asking price. If you're offering 10% below, the property should be in a good condition but may just need some cosmetic work done.

How do I become successful on Vinted? ›

Here are some ways to increase engagement on your vinted shop:
  1. Follow the reviewers of vinted shops that sell similar items to yours.
  2. Follow other vinted users.
  3. Like people's posts.
  4. Send messages to people that have liked your item on vinted.
  5. Send offers to people that have liked your item on vinted.

Is it worth spotlighting wardrobe on Vinted? ›

Is Vinted Spotlight worth it? There is a spotlight feature, where for £6.95 you can have your items promoted in the feeds of others, to help you find new followers and reach more potential buyers. I've bought a few items that were on the promoted section of the feed, so I would say that this works!

Should you negotiate over email or phone? ›

Negotiating salary expectations over the phone is more likely to be successful than email because you get the chance to have a real-time conversation. Phone conversations allow for more back-and-forth, which is better than providing a list of demands and making a salary request over email.

How do you negotiate effectively? ›

What to do when negotiating
  1. Be the first to make an offer. Part of being a good negotiator is taking control of the deal. ...
  2. Provide set terms instead of price ranges. ...
  3. Use words wisely while negotiating. ...
  4. Ask open-ended questions and be a good listener. ...
  5. Offer a win-win scenario.

Is 50% a lowball offer? ›

There is no set definition of a low-ball offer, but most real estate experts place it between 20 to 50 percent below the asking price.

How do I convince a seller to accept my low offer? ›

Winning Strategies for Lowball Offers
  1. Find Out the Seller's Motivation.
  2. Write a Clean Offer.
  3. Always Counter the Counteroffer.
  4. Divert Attention Away From Price.
  5. Give a Logical Reason Why Your Lowball Offer Is Fair.
Jan 24, 2022

What percentage is considered a lowball offer? ›

What is considered a lowball offer? As a rule, anything below 10 percent of the initial asking price is considered a lowball offer. A lowball offer for a house listed at $500,000 would fall around $450,000. That being said, the market determines what is considered low balling.


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