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The Toyota Tacoma is a highly popular truck that has different packages and options to choose from.We have researched all the features you can expect in each of the Toyota Tacoma packages as well as their trims to help you pick the best category for your needs.

The Toyota Tacoma has six basic packages featuring a variation of trims and features as well as a considerable price difference.

The Tacoma appeals to a large audience as the lower packages offer a great vehicle for daily driving with everything you would expect in a truck, whereas the higher package levels provide additional safety and camera features and a power tilting moonroof to create a high-end feel.

Toyota Tacoma Packages

The best way to break down the features and technology that are present in each package is by starting with thesix basic packages you can find for the Tacoma, which are:

  • Tacoma SR
  • Tacoma SR5
  • Tacoma TRD Sport
  • Tacoma TRD Off-Road
  • Tacoma Limited
  • Tacoma TRD Pro

Each of these packages has its own set of trims that provide different features and cab layout meaning if you are in the market for a truck with additional seating you may be confused when searching for a Tacoma with double cab seating.

The Tacoma is currently in its third generation and was introduced to the market in February of 1995 as a replacement for the Hilux model. The Tacoma has proven popular and lasted the test of time ever since with greater handling, comfort, safety, and all-over quality.

We’re looking into the available options on the third generation of Tacomas and what you can expect to find in each of their trim options to suit your needs.

Toyota Tacoma Packages And Options Explained - Car, Truck And Vehicle How To Guides - Vehicle Freak (1)

Tacoma SR

Although the SR is the most affordable package available on the Tacoma, this option provides everything you would need in a tough, reliable truck withsix trim options available for the SR.

You can get the SR as an access cab with a 6ft bed or a double cab with a 5ft bed as either a 4×2 or 4×4 with a 4-Cyl or V6 automatic.

The cost can be lowered by opting for the Utility Package which removes the rear seats, cupholders and adds black door handles, bumpers, and mirror caps instead of the upgraded versions that come with the SX package.

You can expect to see 16-inch steel wheels and fabric-trimmed seats and plenty of safety features to make this midsized truck even smoother to drive. There are also plenty of modern interior finishes such as connected music services and powered windows and doors.

Tacoma SR5

The SR5 still sports basic features with some upgrades such as music connectivity to Android and Apple devices as well as other bonuses like keyless entry and an optional technology package for BSM and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert.

In total there arenine trims that make up the SR5 options that vary from a 4×2 or 4×4, access or double cab, V6 or 4-Cyl, and a short or long bed where applicable.

The extra cab configuration is the main difference in the SR5 and SR packages as well as being more stylish overall if that is something that is important to you when looking for a new truck.

You can also expect to find extra chrome to the interior, leather wrapping on the steering wheel, and an 8-inch touchscreen in the latest Tacoma models.

Tacoma TRD Sport

For further improvements to style, the TRD Sport introduces off-roading abilities and a 3.5L V6 6-speed engine with integrated skid plates to keep your engine and front suspension clean without interrupting the aggressive off-roader appeal as well as the highly appealing moonroof.

Toyota Tacoma Packages And Options Explained - Car, Truck And Vehicle How To Guides - Vehicle Freak (2)

There are eight trims available for the TRD Sport varying from a 4×2 access or double cab, 4×4 access, or double cab with either a short or long bed where applicable and a V6 6-Speed auto/manual engine.

The introduction of Smart Key Systems and high tech upgrades such as USB ports, Qi-compatible wireless smartphone charging, LED daytime running lights, and premium audio with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also brings this package and its trims into the higher ranks.

Tacoma TRD Off-Road

For off-road performance, the inclusion of Toyota Safety Sense as well as Multi-Terrain Selec and Crawl Control in the automatic transmission trims make this Tacoma the perfect off-road demon.

There are five trims for the TRD Off-Road package with varying access or double cabs with five or six-foot beds and one 4×2 option.

An additional upgrade package is also available for premium audio and dynamic navigation options or a higher-end TRD premium off-road package for a double cab with options.

If you’re wanting an off-road beast then this is the truck for you with all-terrain tires and off-road traction control to keep you in control without compromising on power.

Tacoma Limited

The Limited provides sophistication with all the gadgets and features you could ever want, with power and larger tires to keep you a step above the rest. Due to its high-level features, there are a limited amount of trims available.

You can only find two trims on the Limited package of a 4×2 double cab V6 or 4×4 double cab V6.

Although there is a significant drop in the number of unique features you can add to this trim package, it is hard to find a gap to fill with premium JBL audio, dual-zone climate control, and Safety Sense included to keep you protected no matter what you throw at your Tacoma.

Tacoma TRD Pro

Toyota Tacoma Packages And Options Explained - Car, Truck And Vehicle How To Guides - Vehicle Freak (3)

Finally, the top-end professional performance model features the widest range of interior and internal features that will appeal to most looking for an impressive truck. From audio, navigation, and finishing touches to the exterior detailing there is a lot to account for.

The Tacoma TRD Pro has such a large variety of features included as standard that there are only two trim varieties of either a 4×4 Double Cab V6 6-Speed automatic or manual.

To name some of the high variety features in this package include the saught after moonroof, leather-trimmed and heated front seats, premium audio, multi-terrain monitors with cameras, and blind-spot monitoring as well as rear cross-traffic alerts to keep you safe in any terrain.

There are also 16-inch TRD Pro black alloy wheels and TRD Pro cat-back exhaust with LED fog lights, unique graphics to the hood scoop, and Black TRD Pro tailgate badging.


What is the highest Tacoma trim?

The highest trim on the 2022 Tacoma is the Limited with an average price of $39,255.

Which Tacoma trim has leather?

Only the Limited and TRD Pro trims come with leather seats in Tacoma. If this is a selling point to you, you could save up to $12,000 and purchase a lower trim level and add in a leather interior or heated seats at a much lower price.

What is the difference between TRD Sport and TRD off-road?

The TRD Sport has a sport-tuned suspension and an improved configuration for towing capacity on the road, whereas the off-road is designed for exactly that with more focus on the features to improve your offroad experience such as Multi-Terrain Select and Crawl Control.

Is Tacoma a good daily driver?

As a daily use vehicle, you can opt for any trims and be comfortable enough for daily use, but the TRD Off-road has several elevating features and comfort levels for daily driving.


The Tacoma has a fantastic variety of six trims from the SR with its affordable price tag and range of cab layouts. To the TRD pro with its top-end features such as a moonroof, leather-trimmed seats, premium audio system, and cameras.

But with the extra features also comes an increase in price, however, if you are looking for a top-end truck with all the bells and whistles don’t let the price put you off.

Now you know everything about the Toyota Tacoma packages and options, it’s a much easier task deciding whether you need improved off-roading abilities or sport and towing features.

If you’re still struggling to find a Tacoma with all the features you want in a truck then don’t worry, we have plenty of other articles with enough information to help you make the best choice picking a new truck.

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